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POLL: What Is the Best Form of Disney Transportation?

POLL: What Is the Best Form of Disney Transportation?
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There are so many ways to get around the Walt Disney World Resort. You can fly high above the magic with the Disney Monorail or Skyliner systems, hop aboard a Disney bus, take a tram to the front of the park, or glide peacefully along the lake on Disney watercraft. Each method of transportation has its pros and cons, but which one is the best? We need YOU to decide!

Disney Transportation

As previously stated, there are pros and cons to all Disney transportation. Some are too slow, some don’t have a high capacity capability, and some are limited in the locations they travel to.

There is also the new/old factor. While some will cling to the nostalgia of the monorail systems, others prefer the newer Skyliner option. No matter where you go in Disney, you have probably ridden at least one of these iconic transportation systems.

Credit: KtP Writer Christina

So which one is the best? We need YOU to tell us what is your favorite method of Disney transportation! Do you pick your resort based on accessibility to certain transportation?

Do you plan your park day and factor in how you will travel throughout the day? Do you avoid certain transportation like the plague? Let us know what you think is the best way to get around Disney!

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Some things to consider when deciding which is the best Disney transportation system:

  • Location Accessibility: how many places can you use this transportation at?
  • Capacity: do you have to wait a long time for this transportation due to low capacity?
  • Speed: how fast does this transportation get you to where you want to go?
  • Wait time: how long do you have to wait to get on this transportation?
Credit: KtP Writer Christina

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What is the Best Form of Disney Transportation?

Stay tuned for the results! What did you choose as your favorite Disney Transportation System? Let us know what you voted for in the comments below and on Facebook!

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  1. At this point, most of my choices (transportation and rides) are directly connected with ease of potential evacuation. I travel with multiple people who utilize scooters and I can only imagine the difficulty in getting evacuated from the skyliner or monorail! I definitely choose the buses on this list :)

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