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We now have a release date for the next Castle Collection

We now have a release date for the next Castle Collection
Credit: shopDisney

Have you been a fan of shopDisney’s Castle Collection? The newest collection finally has release date and we have the date right here.

Castle Collection

ariel castle collection
Photo: shopDisney

Castle Collection: remember that or did you give up on this collection? It has been a long time since the previous release, which was Ariel’s castle collection back in June.

That is nearly SIX months ago! These collections all feature a high-end light up castle figurine, a castle ornament, journal, and a hinged castle pin. These collections are also limited releases.

Items generally sell out fast, with the ornaments and pins being the first to go out of stock.

Merida Castle Collection

Credit: shopDisney UK

To take a look at all of the previous Castle Collections released thus far and to see what items are in the Merida collection, see this post HERE.

We saw a preview of the Merida Castle Collection from ShopDisney UK earlier this month. Collections have been typically releasing from the UK before the United States.

Credit: shopDisney UK

This collection features a Ravensburger 1000-piece puzzle, a Merida pin, an ornament, light-up castle figurine, and journal.

Merida release date

Credit: shopDisney UK

shopDisney has finally revealed a release date for this collection! If you have been collecting items in this limited release, be prepared to either stay up late or set an alarm, particularly if you are on the East coast.

shopDisney’s Merida Castle Collection is scheduled to be released on December 4th at 12 am PT.

That’s 3 am for everyone on the East coast! In previous collections, the ornaments have been quick to sell out first. I (Maggie) have seen pins still available later in the early morning, but if you are a collector of this series, it is probably best to get it quickly rather than wait.

Will you be setting an alarm for the Merida Castle Collection when it is released? Have you been collecting items from this collection or have you given up? Tell us about it in the comments below or on our Facebook page.


  1. Quality of first 6 pins os poor. The pins front and back are offset. The hinges would break if try to straighten. The last few are better. Purchased the frame with first pin and now waiting for last 2.

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