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Where are the best restrooms in Disney?

Where are the best restrooms in Disney?

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While I (Marisol) was recently visiting one of the Disney Parks, another guest approached me asking for the nearest bathroom. For a second, I felt like an honorary Cast Member as I provided her directions. So where are the best restrooms?

Disneyland Restrooms

Credit: Marisol

As I walked away, feeling proud that I was able to help the guest locating the nearest restroom, I began to ponder that if I were ever on Jeopardy and the category was “Disneyland Restroom Locations” I’d sweep the board!

Credit: Marisol

So, I figured what better way than to share my restroom knowledge with you all. This way when you visit Disneyland you will be prepared.

And depending if you can hold it in a wee bit longer… you can make it to my favorite restrooms in the park!

Main Street USA

Credit: Marisol

Immediately upon entering the magical world of Disneyland the first restroom that guests will find will be Town Square, which is located next to City Hall.

This restroom seems to be the busiest as it is the first one that you come across!

Credit: Marisol

The other restrooms that you will find located on Main Street USA will be in Town Square located behind the Disneyana/Disney Gallery and the Carnation Cafe, which is behind the restaurant half-way down Main Street.

It is tucked behind in a corner so it is easily missed. Therefore, there is never a long line!

Credit: Marisol

Lastly, there is a restroom at the Plaza Inn, which is between the restaurant and Star Tours.

This tends to be one of the restrooms that we visit before heading into Tomorrowland. However, it is on the smaller side and sometimes there is a line to get in.


Credit: Marisol

There are two restrooms located inside Tomorrowland.

The first one being near Starcade, which currently is being utilized as the Magic Key Lounge, and the exits for Space Mountain and the Magic Eye Theater.

Touring the New Magic Key Lounge at Disneyland
Credit: Marisol

This is a fairly large bathroom that gets busy especially with people coming off Space Mountain.

The other restroom that is usually overlooked is near Autopia behind the Winner’s Circle Shop. It is a good size and rarely busy.


Credit: Marisol

Within Fantasyland there are three restrooms with one of them being my favorite restroom in Disneyland.

Located on the side of Sleeping Beauty Castle behind Alice and Wonderland is the best restroom in the theme park because of the theming both outside and inside.

Credit: Marisol

Obviously, I’m only speaking on behalf of the women’s side of the restroom, but I would imagine that the theme is also on the men’s side. I’ll (Marisol) have to send my husband in to confirm!

I mean, how adorable are the doors decorated as decks of cards!

Credit: Marisol

The other restroom’s outside façade is adorable. It is located outside the Village Haus restaurant.

Credit: Marisol

This large restroom tends to get very busy especially around lunchtime as it is situated near many attractions in Fantasyland.

Last but not least, outside the Fantasy Theatre is yet another restroom. When performances such as “Mickey and the Magical Map” ended (rest in peace), the lines got quite long.

Credit: Marisol

Mickey’s ToonTown and Critter Country

Credit: KtP Writer Christina

There is only one restroom located inside ToonTown, and it is located near Goofy’s Gas Station.

To be honest with you, I’ve never visited this restroom before as we usually stop by the Fantasy Theatre restroom which is located before entering ToonTown.

Credit: Marisol

Critter Country also only has one restroom located around the area.

It is located on the lower level of the Hungry Bear Restaurant, and this is one that tends to always be the busiest restroom consistently throughout the day!

New Orleans Square

Credit: Marisol

There are three restrooms located within New Orleans Square. However, only one of them is accessible as the other two require reservations.

Located next to the train station and directly across the way from the Mint Julep, this restroom is very large in size. However, depending on the time of day, it may get congested as the other restrooms are a bit of a distance away.

The two restrooms that require reservations to utilize would be located inside the Blue Bayou Restaurant and Club 33.

Credit Marisol

I wish I had access to the restroom and restaurant at Club 33… one day… one day…


Credit: Marisol

There are three restrooms located inside Adventureland.

At the entrance to Adventureland directly across the way from the Tiki Room is a large restroom that always seems to be busy throughout the day.

The other restroom located inside this land is actually very small and is known to Disney fans as a “secret restroom.”

It is tucked away hidden from view making it difficult for guests to see. It is located right off of the outdoor waiting area for the Tiki Room attraction.

Credit: Marisol

Therefore, I’d highly recommend if you really have to go and there is a line at the restroom located at the Adventureland restroom, the extra 10 second walk to the Tiki Room will be worth the short trek!


Credit: Marisol

There are three restrooms located within Frontierland.

The first is located behind the Big Thunder Rach BBQ restaurant. It is a small restaurant that is usually empty because not many people are aware of it.

Ironically enough, the other bathroom which is located between the Rancho del Zocalo and Fantasy Faire is another small restroom that is also not in plain view. Many guests tend to miss it as they walk by.

Credit: KtP

The last restroom that you will find in this area is believe it or not is located on Pirate’s Lair at Tom Sawyer’s Island.

There are two restroom areas on Tom Sawyer Island. One is a companion/family restroom, but the other is a regular restroom. They are located on opposite ends of the Island.

Galaxy’s Edge

Credit: Marisol

The bathrooms of Batuu are something out of this world as there are two situated on Galaxy’s Edge.

The Black Spire Outpost Market and Black Spire Outpost Courtyard Restrooms are located within this galaxy.

The restroom is designed to visually fit in with the theming of being far, far away in a galaxy.

This would be my second favorite themed restroom especially with the sinks that are long communal troughs.

Honorable Mentions

Credit: Marisol

Last but not least, I have to bring in three honorable mentions into the discussion of restrooms at Disneyland. The first one being the child sized restrooms at the Baby Center on Main Street just before the Plaza Inn.

indiana jones adventure
Credit: Disney Indiana Jones Adventure thrill ride at Disneyland

I always wondered what one earth a person would need to do if they found themselves in a long line at the Indiana Jones Adventure attraction. A good portion of the queue is situated inside! Well, I’m here to tell you that there is a “secret” bathroom located within the queue.

Mind blowing, right? The secret restroom is actually at the end of the Indiana Jones Adventure queue. You have to ask the Cast Member for permission to use as it is intended to be used for emergency only.

Do you have a favorite Disneyland restroom that you like to use or visit during the day? Let us know in the comments on Facebook and in our Facebook group.

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Barbara Foss

Monday 8th of November 2021

3 Honorable Mentions but I only see 2 listed.


Saturday 30th of October 2021

all you did was list the restrooms. what is the best one then? the dirtiest is the New Orleans and it smells.

Cast Member

Saturday 30th of October 2021

You left out Lincoln. In Town Square, tucked away on the East side, just after passing under the train.

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