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Nordstrom’s new pop up shop offers vintage Disney tees

Nordstrom's new pop up shop offers vintage Disney tees
Credit: Nordstrom

A new collaboration with Nordstrom features a wide variety of vintage (read:used) Disney tees. The prices will make you do a double take.

Nordstrom’s newest pop up shop features none other than the sensational six. I (Rebecca) found myself wading through pages of vintage Disney tees and upcycled Disney tees.

Nordstrom’s Secondhand Tees

Mad props to whoever wrote this copy. They’re really selling it

While it isn’t uncommon to see vintage clothes being touted as environmentally friendly, it still seemed odd to see Nordstrom selling what amounts to used clothing.

Truthfully, at first I assumed that “Secondhand” was a fashion house that I hadn’t yet heard of. Nope, they actually mean secondhand Disney tees.

As previously stated, copious pages of options feature items that range from “pretty cute” to “but, why?

For instance, take the $120 sweatshirt with a huge stain on it. I’m really unsure who the target audience is for this piece.

To get this look on the cheap, go to Goodwill, buy a sweatshirt for $5, and run it over with your car.

Some of the tees are cute, but it would be tough to find one in your size that you liked since nearly all of the pieces come in only one size.

A regular secondhand Disney tee, like the red one above, starts at $65.

Upcycled Tees

The collection also features a number of upcycled tees. These tees are made from several old tees being stitched together.

This one is kind of fun because Euro Disney has since been renamed Disneyland Paris, but the seams would bother me:

And it’s a good thing they’re not my favorite because the upcycled tees cost $150 each!

In a similar vein, the collection includes several Levi’s Denim Jackets that have been “reworked“.

The above jacket, along with similar Levi’s styles, will set you back $499!

However, I do like the idea to add some Disney patches to an affordable denim jacket for a little extra warmth at the parks this fall and winter!

Brand New Items

The collection also has plenty of brand new items, such as hats from Love Your Melon, Pop Sockets and Society 6 home decor.

Personally, at the same price point as an upcycled tee, I’d much prefer to buy this adorable end table!

You can also find some cute beach towels, throw pillows and shower curtains!

Head over HERE to shop these vintage pieces.

What do you think? Planning to check out the new Nordstrom collection? Let us know in the comments on Facebook.


Photos: Nordstrom


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