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You can now pay for a Boarding Group for Rise of the Resistance

You can now pay for a Boarding Group for Rise of the Resistance

Rise of the Resistance is one of the most popular rides at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland, but securing a Boarding Group for this attraction is a bit intense. What if you could buy your Boarding Group? Would you do it?

Virtual Queue

We have shared a Detailed Guide for the Rise of the Resistance Virtual Queue System. Even while following each of these steps to obtain a Boarding Group, this can be a very stressful with time virtual time slots at both 7:00am and 1:00pm.

With this new Boarding Group time slot, Boarding Groups are now being filled within SECONDS. One day our very own Kenny the Pirate stated that he couldn’t have clicked any quicker to join a Boarding Group, and he received Boarding Group 57.

What if you could pay for a Boarding Group and bypass the anxiety of trying to enter the Virtual Queue system?

VIP Tours

Credit: Disney

Disney VIP tours were originally started in Disneyland by Walt Disney himself. He wanted to help Guests receive a great day in the Park by having a personal guide to enjoy all of the magic.

This experience does not include Theme Park admission or a Park Pass reservation. Both of these must be obtained by the Guest. A VIP tour may only be booked for a minimum of 7 continuous hours and can include up to 10 Guests including infants.

What is the cost of this tour? $425-$750 per hour depending on the season. With each tour being a minimum of 7 hours this could cost anywhere between $2,800-$5,250 which does not include Park tickets or any other additional fees.

Feeling a bit of sticker shock over that price? Don’t worry you are not alone. That cost may seem a bit high for many Disney Guests, but a new policy change may make this VIP tour seem even more magical.

Guaranteed Boarding Group

On July 11, 2021, those Guests enjoying the VIP Tour will no longer be setting their alarms at 7:00am and/or 1:00pm to try and obtain a Boarding Group. Starting tomorrow, each VIP tour member will receive one complimentary Boarding Group for Rise of the Resistance.

Previously ALL Park Guests had to secure a Boarding Group for Rise of the Resistance on their own. This is the first time a change has been made to this policy.

On July 11, 2021 each VIP tour member will receive one complimentary Boarding Group for Rise of the Resistance.

What do you think of this new policy change? Do you think this is fair? Have you ever been a part of a VIP tour in the past? Will you be looking into one now with this new policy change? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.

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Wednesday 14th of July 2021

You do see that there is a minimum of 7 hours correct? so if you had 10 people ( which I do not think is the normal amount of people for families ... you are talking any where from $297.50 to $525 per person for that 7 hours on top of the ticket price.... no offense but this response id why Disney can get away with things like this... But if people do this then will that limit regular people even more to getting a boarding pass?


Monday 12th of July 2021

My wife and I found out after several failed 7 a.m. attempts, that it is basically a lottery in the a.m. A lottery that you can only get into with fast internet speeds. I suggest you get the speed test app, by Ookla, in your app store and check your carrier's speed in different places where you are staying. Seriously, from our bed in OKW, we were getting 3mbps and from the lanai we got 100+ mbps with Verizon. We got that "a.m" boarding group, but still didn't ride till after lunch. Don't forget, that if you get a baording group, you still may not ride. There are no guarantees. There are a lot of moving parts on Rise of The Resistance and these folks cannot manage to keep the old rides like The People Mover going anymore.


Monday 12th of July 2021

What a friggin rip off! We’re a family of 6 and getting in the cue was easy as long as everyone in your entire party wakes up at 6:45am and gets in the cue at 7am sharp. Our first ride of the day was ROR and then our entire family piloted the Millennium Falcon on Smugglers Run! You need to do your homework before going to the parks, you don’t need to pay someone for a ridiculous VIP Tour which is a huge waste of time and money. Anyway, we had way more fun at Universal’s Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios.


Sunday 11th of July 2021

That's awesome! Please share some of your wisdom with me we've been going to Disney for a long time but new tips and tricks are always a huge help!!We just wanna get on RoR #1 at HS because it opened right after our trip was over. Hopefully we can get on Slinky Dog too.1st time going back to DW in 2 years


Sunday 11th of July 2021

We were a family of 5 and got to choose our seat on Smugglers Run. My daughter and I were the pilots. It was so fun! It was just our family in it. We only waited 20 min to get on. I watched those VIP tour people and its such a waste of money. If you get there early and know how to tour the park its no problem. We rode everything at HS and were done early! That was in mid June too!

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