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This Debated Classic Will Now Be Returning at this EPCOT Reopening

This Debated Classic Will Now Be Returning at this EPCOT Reopening
Credit: Disney

This summer Guests will enjoy 2 great new reopenings at EPCOT. Many questioned if a debated classic would also be returning this summer with these new refurbishments. Disney has confirmed to answer all of our inquisitive minds.

2 Great New Refurbishments

The first refurbishment would affect the fan-favorite shopping location, Mouse Gears. EPCOT fans were sad to hear that Mouse Gears would be closing for a refurbishment. This area has not only been reimagined but also re-named as well. Guests will now enjoy the “Creations Shop” this summer.

This is not simply a shop to purchase merchandise, but the goal is to also allow Guests to experience “the park’s vision and tradition.” Guests will enjoy great merchandise that will continue their creative journey at home to extend the magic of EPCOT. You can check out the new design of this new shopping experience HERE.

The second new refurbishment coming to EPCOT is to Club Cool. Club Cool is adjacent to this new “Creations Shop” and it has been reimagined. Don’t worry, Guests will still enjoy the great experience of sampling Coca-Cola products from around the world. 

To add to this fun location, Disney Parks shares, “This space will also have some new magic to bring the global experience of Coca-Cola to life for you.”

Club Cool

When we first shared the news of the refurbishment of Club Cool, many Pirate Crew members questioned if the “Beverly” selection would still be available. I think Disney fans are equally divided on the taste of “Beverly.” It seems Disney Guests either love or hate this interesting drink option.

To many, enjoying or maybe choking down a cup of “Beverly” is a rite of passage while visiting EPCOT. Would Disney take this refurbishment as an opportunity to change out this much-debated soda flavor option?

Walt Disney World has answered this anticipated question. In fact, “Beverly” will be returning when Club Cool reopens this summer.

Disney Parks confirmed that “Beverly” will be returning to Club Cool this summer.

Are you a fan of “Beverly”? Will you be heading to Club Cool to experience “Beverly” once again? What is your favorite flavor option at Club Cool? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.

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  1. Two things to note: (1) the cups are microscopic in size (well, historically speaking) … better suited to bathroom use for rinsing after brushing teeth or a gargle. (2) I’ve never seen Coke or Sprite or anything mainstream being offered as a sample … you have to pay for those in typical bottles like elsewhere … the free samples include the internet sensation “Beverly” and IIRC an apple tasting beverage and other “interesting” choices. Some people might say that the park guests should be paid to drink some of these. But that’s the fun!

  2. I too miss the ice cave. The oversized snow-mobile thingie outside. Going inside thru those thick plastic strips hanging from the ceiling that keeps the cool air inside, much like I imagine a meat locker may utilize. There was a vertain charm. It had a theme. Then it got taken away for a store that peddled regular coke drinks in those fancy bottles and also stuffed polar bears etc etc. Yes the free samples of drinks from around the world were there. But the earth tones and wood panels/flooring didn’t say “Club Cool” to me.

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