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Full Time Union Workers Offered Temporary Position Changes

Full Time Union Workers Offered Temporary Position Changes

Local 737, the union representing Cast Members in Hotel and Restaurant positions announced that full time Cast Members are being offered a one time opportunity to change positions in order to come back to work.

Starting on July 26, some Cast Members are being offered a very limited time opportunity to change roles to meet Disney’s needs.

The Orlando Hotel and Restaurant Union announced that Disney was offering a chance to change roles for full time workers.

Commenters on the Facebook post above indicated that some previously recalled Cast Members are working excessive hours, hence the need for more workers to come back to the parks.

Cast Members are eager to return to work! One even stated she’s in for pooper scooper duty if that’s what it takes!

Disney will begin calling furloughed, full-time employees to offer temporary transitions based on park needs.

The calls will go first to union members in the same union classification and will go by seniority.

Then, union members in alternate classifications will be offered the opportunity to move into a new role, again in order of seniority.

The catch is that the union member only has 30 minutes to return the call and accept the position before the company will move on to the next Cast Member in line.

If an employee declines the transfer, they will not be offered another voluntary, temporary transfer in the same classification (i.e. restaurant).

The employee will need to pass the training for the new position and must be available to work on the recall date.

The employee’s wage will be determined by their new, temporary classification. This means some Cast Members would have to temporarily take lower paying jobs.

Any Cast Member who takes a temporary position would have the opportunity to change back to their old classifcation within 30 days of the classification becoming available again, in order of seniority.

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Although it seems like Disney is trying to bring back as many Cast Members as possible, many part time Cast Members expressed concern that they will not be able to resume work any time soon.

What are your thoughts on the employment issues surrounding reopening the parks? Let us know in the comments on Facebook and in our Facebook group.

-Rebecca W Davis

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