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What’s the Deal With Same Day Park Re-entry?

What's the Deal With Same Day Park Re-entry?

My family and I like to take mid-day breaks, especially in the summer. I promised our readers I would get the scoop on park re-entry and how that will work with the new system! Read on for details.

When Disney announced yesterday that the new park reservation system would be going live on Monday, June 22 a lot of us felt like we came away with more questions than answers.

Among the confusion that came up was that with guests being asked to choose a park entry time, did that mean that guests would have to arrive at a specific window? If yes, does that mean that reserving a park for the day means that guests can only enter that park one time?

Like me (Rebecca), many of our readers prefer the ability to leave the park and come back for various reasons. We need a break to cool off and change clothing.

Other guests would like to have lunch at a nearby resort and then head back to the park. Still others are smokers that want to know if leaving the park to smoke, as is now required, is still an option.

Parks are smoke free as of May 1, 2019

I found a tweet with the above information! Someone had gotten guest services on the chat feature and asked the all important question regarding park re-entry!

Guests will be reserving a single park and the reservation will span the entire day. This will allow guest reentry to the same park on the same day!

This is a big relief for those of us who need to come and go. I personally had been concerned that it might not be permitted due to the severe reduction in hours for the next few months.

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I feel relieved! We can have lunch at the Contemporary, we can go swim at our resort and head back, and guests who use tobacco products won’t have to go without for the full park day.

Do you normally exit and re-enter the park on the same day? Let us know in the comments on Facebook and in our Facebook group!

-Rebecca W Davis


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