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Disneyland Resort: Deciding Which Extension Option to Choose for Annual Passholders

Disneyland Resort: Deciding Which Extension Option to Choose for Annual Passholders

Back in September, my family and I became Annual Passholders at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. Unfortunately because the parks closed in March, I became a bit concerned in regards to our monthly payments and what would occur when the parks reopened. Well, yesterday I decided to call Disney to ask what our options were regarding our Annual Pass Flex Passes.

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Disneyland Flex Annual Pass

Updates For Disneyland Annual Pass Extensions

Back in April, I, Marisol, received an email from the Disneyland Resort that they would be stopping payments for our Annual Passes (we are on the monthly payment schedule as Southern California Residents).

Option 1 and Option 2

We were informed that any payments that had been made between March 14, 2020 and April 4th, 2020 would be refunded. In order to receive this option (Option 1, as pictured below) there would be no need to call Disney for any changes.

Credit: Gothic Rosie’s Disneyland Information Page on Instagram

The option would also mean that payments would resume when the parks reopen. Additionally, this option would not affect the Annual Passholder’s expiration date.

However, Option 2 is a bit different.

Although monthly payments are postponed through the closure of the parks, you are able to extend your Annual Pass expiration date. Additionally, monthly payments will resume after the parks have reopened and will be valid through the new expiration date.

I was personally debating which option would work best for our family so I decided that I would call Disney to ask more questions.

Calling Disneyland

Well… literally, 3 HOURS LATER… I did not get a chance to screen shot this magical number, but I was finally able to speak with a Cast Member about our options.

When we usually go to the parks, the majority of the time it is me and our two girls that go. My husband tends to go with us every other visit so he was curious if we would be able to keep his pass at Option 1 and the other three passes for Option 2.

Our passes are set to expire at the end of September 2020.

I was told that because we all purchased our Annual Passes together, we would all be lumped under Option 2. I also asked when our new expiration date for our passes would be, and she could not give a definitive response as the parks only have a “proposed date” to reopen.

She further informed me that after the parks re-open, I would be able to see our new expiration dates within the Disneyland app under our ticket information.

Park Tickets Purchased Outside of the Parks

My last concern I had and wanted to ask the Cast Member was what to do when someone has purchased park tickets from the store that still need to be activated at the gate.

You see… my parents and our family were going to visit Disneyland the weekend that the parks closed… lucky us, right? We had our game plan ready for Rise of the Resistance and were up for the adventure!

My mother purchased 2-Day 1 Park Per Day Ticket from our grocery store. As mentioned on the pass, the card is not valid until activated.

So… the Cast Member informed me that once reservations become available when the parks re-open my mom will have to call directly to the reservation line to make a reservation as she would not be able to activate them online. Lucky her, right?

Disneyland Launches Webpage For Updated Reopening Information

I was informed that it would be on a first come first served basis when she calls to make reservations due to availability.

When will the system become available?

Don’t worry, I also asked the one million dollar question: So, when do reservations begin?

Response: “At this point in time, we do not have a day available as Disneyland only has a proposed day to re-open. It has not been finalized and given the approval.

…again… lucky us?! I might need to jump on a plane to fly to Disney World…but then again, that would be an entirely different ballgame!

Do you have a Disneyland Pass? Which option did you choose? Share your thoughts on our KtP Planning Group and on our Facebook Page.

-Marisol White


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  1. We have annual passes that we activated and used one time, so basically one week of use, in February. We had plans to go again in May and in September, then changed the May visit to October. Due to our ages and a medical condition our son has, we don’t want an extension. He has tickets for his family that he bought at a charity auction, and we bought a two day pass for our daughter, and tickets for the Halloween party for all of us. We also have reservations for both trips and pet resort reservations. All together, we have about $3000 tied up with Disney right now. We called twice to ask about the status of any of this and have no answers or guidance. We love Disney. We were there the first year WDW opened on our honeymoon, and we definitely want to go back, but this is getting stressful.

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