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Kingdom Keepers Series has been Updated and How to Get Your Copy of Kingdom Keepers: Disney After Dark

Kingdom Keepers Series has been Updated and How to Get Your Copy of Kingdom Keepers: Disney After Dark

Fans of the popular Kingdom Keepers series have something to look forward to! Read on for the latest developments in the series and see how you can get a copy of one of the books!

Kingdom Keepers is a popular series of children’s novels, written by New York Times Bestselling author, Ridley Pearson. Each book in the series follows adventures of teenagers and takes readers on thrilling adventures that take place in the Disney parks.

The series debuted in 2005 and took readers on exciting journeys and readers were often given a glimpse of what might happen in the parks after they close.

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Now, readers will be excited to learn that the series has been updated, so that everything in the novels is up to date with what are in the parks today!

“A great deal can change over the years, especially at Walt Disney World: new technologies, new attractions, and whole worlds. As a Keeper of the Kingdom, I felt so much has changed that it was time to update my stories to reflect those changes,” Pearson recently told D23.

“Sometimes I changed only the name of an attraction or the description of a waiting line, but I often rewrote chapters or even whole sections of a book. The fun of that is, you are holding a new and updated Kingdom Keepers novel (and the first editions remain available for those who like things just the way they were).”

How fun is that! Maybe we will be able to see some stories taking place in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge or Pandora, perhaps?

The first three books in the series have all been updated and also include new covers.

The new updated editions include, “Kingdom Keepers: Disney After Dark,” “Kingdom Keepers II: Disney at Dawn,” and “Kingdom Keepers III: Disney in Shadow.”

If you are interested in getting a copy of your own, you can get a copy of “Kingdom Keepers: Disney After Dark” for just $0.99 for a limited time from May 11-15th, that’s this week! Get your copy here.

Will you be reading any of the newly updated editions of the series? Are you a fan of the Kingdom Keepers series? Tell us about it in the comments below or on our Facebook page! You can share your comments with us in our crew on Facebook too!

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