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Disney Dining Plan Credits Now Distinguish Between Adult and Child Entitlements on App

Disney Dining Plan Credits Now Distinguish Between Adult and Child Entitlements on App
my favorite disney dish, Yak and Yeti Chicken Tikka Masala credit: Rebecca

In what could be described as a change to the way guests utilize their dining plan, the My Disney Experience App now differentiates between adult and child credits.

Previously on the Quick Service and Deluxe Dining Plans, credits were pooled between adults and children. This allowed guests to use credits however they wanted to, for instance paying out of pocket for inexpensive children’s meals and saving credits to pay for adult meals.

New Year's Eve at California Grill to offer "Baby New Year" meet and greet?

While the credits were always intended for use in this way, this would disallow guests from pooling the credits and using them interchangeably. For example, your family could dine at California Grill (a 2 credit signature restaurant) and pay out-of-pocket for the child’s meal. The change wouldn’t prevent you from doing this, but it would disallow you to use the credits accumulated by the child to pay for an adult meal.

For simplicity’s sake, consider a one night stay with the Deluxe Dining Plan for a family of 4 (with 2 children under 10). Previously, the credits would be issued in a lump amount, 3 per person (4) per day (1)=12 credits.

Now, the app clarifies that they in fact have 6 adult credits and 6 children’s credits. They could not do 2 signature (2 credit) meals without paying for an adult out of pocket.

My family often utilizes the Quick Service Dining Plan and I found the simplicity of being issued a lump amount of credits made it easy to use! However, with quick-service dining plan, I’m nearly always using mobile order, so I am sure the app will credit my account properly for me.

I am a little disappointed because we would often share an adult quick-service breakfast and save our credits for later. It appears we would run out of adult credits if we did that, not having enough for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

I never saw it as a “loophole” for the QS plan, given that they issued us 36 Quick Service credits for a 6-night stay (family of 3). I simply saw it as maximizing our credit usage to share an adult breakfast in the morning since we are light eaters.

If you are not sure that the Dining Plan is even worth it to your family or need help with some math to figure out numbers, we have written up an article that goes into more detail and helps you figure out if it’s right for your trip.

What do you think? Will this clarification change the value of the dining plan for you? If you are heading to Disney World soon let us know in the KtP Crew facebook group how this change plays out for you after your trip.

-Rebecca W Davis


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  1. I’m pretty sure they will let you do that. And many restaurants will make you an adult version of a “kids meal”, a large portion at a higher price. If that helps you (leftovers or you want some chicken nuggets too), you can also do that. This type of item is not on the menu. Just tell your server your needs, and they will usually do their best to help you out.

  2. Could you still order a kids meal with an adult credit?? i.e. use an adult credit on a children’s meal? We are travelling with a 2 year old who won’t be on the plan as he’s under 3, but if my husband and I wanted to share an adult meal, and then order a kids meal for our 2 year old (he’s fussy so wouldn’t share ours mostly) then is this still ok? Any help appreciated! I know it may be considered a ‘waste’ of a credit but for us it really would not be a waste! It would save us paying out of pocket for a kids meal.

  3. We will be there for Food and Wine this year, and my plan was to convert most of our QS credits to snacks at the booths; I’m guessing that won’t work with kid credits now? Bummer! Would it be better to drop the meal plan and stock up on gift cards instead?

  4. Can the quick serve credits be used any way you like? For example, can 2 adults and 1 child use 3 child credits for breakfast and 3 adults credits for lunch or supper?

  5. do you mean that I can order something for my kids off the adults menu and get charged a kid credit if there is no kids menu? I’ve never used the disney dining plan so I’m trying to figure it all out. Also, on the kids menu if it’s offered that they get a drink (milk or juice) but the restaurant offers smoothies/milkshakes can they get the smoothie or milkshake instead? THANKS!

    • They are supposed to allow you to order for a child when there are no child options. There are only a few counter service places like that though

  6. Does anyone know how this works for locations that don’t have a kids menu? I have 5 adults and 2 kids traveling in May. I DO NOT want to be charged 7 adult credits at a place like Polite PIg that has no kids menu for all 7 of us to eat! Anyone know how Disney is keeping track of this?

  7. We are from the Uk and have the dinning plan for free but on past trips we have shared adult meals and used credits to split for snacks. What has been the feed back on places that don’t have a kids option such as caseys corner (my sons favourite and from what I can see online no kids option?!)

  8. Reports coming in that an adult meal credit still converts to 3 snacks and a child meal credit can not be converted to snacks – it can only be used for a child’s meal from the kids menu. Since credits weren’t differentiated before all credits being converted we’re probably seen as adult credits.

  9. This is a tough one. I feel if Disney is going in this direction they need to expand the options for the children’s menu. Mac n cheese, hot dogs, and chicken tenders are not a good source of nutrition. Especially if one plans to be in the parks for an extended period of time.

  10. We were planning on getting the dining plan for our November trip but don’t think it is worth it now. Not a good variety for kids on kids menus. They get tired of chicken fingers and macaroni

  11. So if I am understanding this correctly, you have to use all of your points daily or lose them ? If that is the case then it is so not worth it ,I was considering getting the plan again but I think I will just save my money

  12. Being they are making a difference on how we are using adult and children credits are they going to make a price change on the children’s food credits . Are the children’s going to be cheaper than the adults!! Just something to think about !!!! Going in October 2020 !!!!

  13. Doesnt surprise me. Thats why we started staying off property. Its so much cheaper and we dont have to deal with transportation issues! Even the free dining isnt worth it because they give you quick service with a moderate hotel now……ridiculous!

  14. I 100% agree with this – we usually split an adult quick serve for breakfast and then one for lunch so that we had much more of a variety of foods to eat. I really don’t want my son eating chicken fingers and mac and cheese all week long. I hope that Disney starts adding more variety to the children’s menus!

  15. That’s the same question I had as well? Is it all the plans or just the ones mentioned above. We are going in February and this may change things up for us.

  16. With this new change, I don’t see how they can justify a 2 credit signature meal for children. If you look at the menus a child’s Mac n cheese at Jiko is $9 and $10 at Tony’s town square but Jiko will cost you 2 credits. Imo This type of craziness was ok when you had some flexibility to make up for it with the occasional adult meal. My kids would never eat adult meals all the time but it was nice to have an option to not eat only kid food. I booked our next trip with deluxe dining and now I am seriously considering cancelling the dining.

  17. You mentioned the quick service and deluxe plans. Are quick service credits on the standard plan also separated by Adult/Child?

  18. And I have a 16 year old who often eats a child meal. And that’s why the Dining Plan doesn’t work for us.And it sounds like that would make more sense for you too. If you want to buy your 5 year old an adult meal, you certainly can by just paying for what you eat rather than getting the Dining Plan.

  19. My child won’t touch a pre-packaged peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and nor would I want their main meals to contain that much sugar (we’re from the UK and it’s just not a thing that we’d eat here).
    Mac and cheese would get boring quickly when it’s two meals a day for 14 days. And she would be terribly lacking in nutrients after two weeks of that diet.
    Also I have been told that the speciality drinks won’t be included as they would need to be part of the child menu (and none are as far as I can see for QS restaurants) so despite what Disney’s website claims, she has only the choice of milk, juice or water to drink.
    I’m saddened that the menus are so very poor.
    Fingers crossed they start offering smaller portions of the adult meals instead so she can have a healthy and varied diet.

    • With some planning and researching of current menus you’ll see that there are actually many choices available to children beyond uncrustables and mac & cheese. Look at the menu at Sunshine Seasons for one example. Many great choices for a quick serve kids meal. You could also buy an adult meal to share with a child if they prefer adult meals.

  20. With the separation between adult and kids dining credits, will the conversion from a QS meal credit to 3 snacks be the same for adults and kids?

  21. My daughter is 5 and she doesn’t like the child meals. She would rather eat adult meals. This change seems like it may pose a problem for our family.

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