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Watch: “A Frozen Holiday Wish” First Castle Lighting

A Frozen Holiday Wish Castle Lighting Show Returns For 2019!

The Holiday Season has returned to the Walt Disney World Resort! What better way to celebrate than with a live stream of “A Frozen Holiday Wish” in which Cinderella Castle receives an icy blast from Queen Elsa herself!

A Frozen Holiday Wish is a nightly show at Cinderella Castle during the holiday season in the Magic Kingdom. Queen Elsa uses her magic powers to transform the castle into a glittering shimmering ice palace for the holidays with help from her sister Anna and friends Olaf and Kristoff!

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As previously reported, the first castle lighting of the season will take place on November 3.


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Don’t let this go! Visit Disney Parks Blog this Sunday, November 3rd for a special live stream beginning at 6:10 pm EST presented by “Inside Disney Parks.”

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We can’t hold it back anymore! The KtP Team is excited to watch! Will you be joining us?

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