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Relaxed “Disney Look” Requirements for Cast Members


You will soon start seeing more relaxed costuming on Cast Members at Walt Disney World parks. Here is what will soon be allowed.

Beginning October 28, 2019, Cast Members will be allowed to wear a single necklace and single bracelet. Also, a pendant an inch or less in size will be permitted.

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Cast Members will also be able to grow facial hair, as long as it is less than an inch long. Previously, any beard growing would have to be done on vacation time because visible stubble was not allowed. Now Cast Members can have visible stubble while they are growing facial hair.

The “Disney Look” began in the 1950’s and was strictly enforced for decades. Cast Members were required to be clean-shaved and have a neat hair cut to work at the parks.

What do you think of this change? Do you prefer the more strict guidelines for Cast Members or do you think the “Disney Look” should be a thing of the past? Comment below, on the KtP facebook page, or the KtP crew facebook group!

-Monica S.


  1. I agree. We always make sure we go to Epcot early, and leave early, so our kids don’t have to see the obnoxious drunks.

    • What an absurd statement. I don’t deserve cast members because I want them to look clean-cut and keep the traditional magic in place? Sorry, NO.

  2. I am ok with the changes. I don’t think these small changes are going to in any way take away from the Disney experience. Employees won’t be sloppy by any means!

  3. I agree,,,the customary “clean cut” was a very refreshing thing for me, helped set Disney apart as a top notch company. To often I go pretty much anywhere and wonder if the organization even has a dress code anymore.

  4. I think that the ‘Disney look’ was perfectly OK. Traditions are important and should be maintained. It seems that the current management is determined to undo these traditions. For example, turning the parks into an open bar for drinks while Walt forbade booze because Disney was supposed to be a place for families.

    • Off subject but I hate that I have to make sure to schedule us to leave the world side of epcot by 6 or 7 otherwise we have to deal with stumbling drunks .

    • OMG! Times changed ya’ll! What are we going to do! These changes barely change anything, a necklace or bracelet? Also, until booze stops selling, they won’t stop selling it so I wouldn’t choose that hill to die on. Being tipsy in the parks is always a good time, sorry not sorry.

  5. I always liked the crisp, clean looks of the cast members, I still think that some of the memories that Walt had,should still be in place today.
    The new looks are now like any other amusement parks

    • They are allowed 1 necklace and 1 bracelet? Lol and that’s too relaxed for you people? What a joke. In no way does a cast member having a necklace or a beard affect my day at all.

    • I agree; this is a horrible idea. It set Disney apart to have a Disney Look code that resulted in clean-cut, nicely put together Cast Members. Anyone who disagrees with that just doesn’t see the big picture. Making stubble acceptable while growing facial hair will result in some Cast Members looking like bums because they will keep the stubble ALL the time. Allowing beards of up to 1″ long is the beginning of eventually having NO length requirements, resulting in scraggly-bearded, gross looking Cast Members. Allowing a single bracelet or necklace results in people wearing religious symbols on them, which results in Disney allowing head scarves, yarmulkes, and other religious garb that totally knocks you out of the immersive magic of the resort. And I GUARANTEE that the result of that will be to affect your day A LOT.

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