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Take a Peek at New Holiday Decor at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Take a Peak at New Holiday Decor at Disney's Animal Kingdom
Photo Credit: Disney

Nobody does holiday decorating like Disney! Disney has released a sneak peek to plans for Animal Kingdom’s holiday decorations.

This year Disney has announced that the holiday decor for Animal Kingdom will be new. These new holiday decorations will be in every land. I can’t wait to see what they have in store!

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Discovery Island will be the center of a winter celebration. Animal inspired luminaries and white holiday decorations will be all around for guests to see. During the day, you will see holiday gatherings of winter animals in the form of artisan-sculpted puppets.
Disney Parks Blog released a video of behind the scenes. Check it out here:
The tree of life will come to life every evening with winter tales. A new winter musical score will accompany this show. Disney Parks Blog writes that the tree of life :
will sparkle and shimmer throughout the night, alive with the magic of nature and the spirit of the holidays
Each land will have a holiday overlay. In Asia, guests will be able to see the theater district decorated for Diwali, holiday festival of lights in India. Dinoland plans to have holiday tunes played by Truck-O-Saurus. Meet and greets for our favorite characters in Dinoland will have holiday decor and accessories. The holiday decor will reach all the way to Pandora.
Will you be visiting Animal Kingdom to see the holiday decorations? Are you excited to see these new decorations? 
-Heather Alosa
Source and Photo Credit: Disney Parks blog


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