Home Disney World Walt Disney World and Disneyland will ban smoking in theme parks

Walt Disney World and Disneyland will ban smoking in theme parks

Walt Disney World and Disneyland will ban smoking in theme parks

Walt Disney World and Disneyland will ban smoking in all theme parks.  The ban will include Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon.  In California it will include Disneyland, Disney California Adventure and Downtown Disney in California.  Here’s the details:

The complete smoking ban will be in effect beginning May 1, 2019.
Designated smoking areas will be available outside the entrances to the areas listed above, and at Disney Springs in Florida. For guests who have room or dining reservations, smoking areas are also available at Disney Resort hotels.

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  1. I’m so glad that the people unaffected ( by and large) are happy! I’m at the point of Cancelling our trip
    DH is a disabled war veteran who also has ptsd. Being able to go to an out of the way dsa for a quick vape was his lifeline.

    • The problem is that most people are intolerant. We are in the ME, ME, ME time in History where what I want is the only thing that counts. So what if a few smokers are allowed to light up in one or two out of the way areas?!? Why not ban hot dogs, French fries and soda which are also not good for you and your kids… I’m not a smoker but I have compassion for my fellow human beings who are.

    • I’m truly sorry about your husband. Cigarette smoke makes me sick as I’m asthmatic. It will bring on a coughing fit and will have to make me reach for an inhaler. If smokers would stick to the designated smoking areas it wouldn’t be so bad but I think too many people tried to sneak a smoke in other areas. They are the ones that ruined it for those who followed the rules. I just wonder if it will cause even more smokers to try to sneak those cigarettes into restrooms and other areas for a quick puff?

  2. Depends on how far from the front entrance they put the smoking location. I hate it when I have to walk through a haze of smoke to enter a building. I’m thinking about the MK and there’s not a lot of space between security, the magic band scanners and the entrance. If they clog up the entry to MK with smokers that will be more of a headache than it is currently.

  3. This is fine. Although most of the designated spots left are off of the paths enough that the average guests don’t walk past them. My concern is that there will be more people lighting up anyway when they can’t find a designated area. I see more of that since the sites have been reduced. It really seemed like the 2 sites left in each park were working pretty well. The Italy spot was not the best, and Epcot has some areas that would be better choices. Oh well, we will adapt or stop going. so be it.

    • We do the cut through to get to Big Thunder Mtn Railroad and had to push the stroller through the smoke..so disgusting! I’m so glad they are doing this although there will be a lot more people in bad moods..lol

  4. It means smokers will need to leave the parks to smoke and then come back. Which means more people traffic at the front gates. Very inconvenient.

  5. I’m with the majority. Smoking is a health issue not a politically correct one. Just standing near someone who just had a cigarette is awful. Sorry smokers but you have no idea how stinky you can get. Not to mention having the rest of us having to walk through that smoke. Majority should rule in this case. Thank you Disney. Oh, & by the way I’ve never seen a drunk at any of the parks but I’m sure there are some.

  6. Much more important, is the Tomorrowland Speedway. The fumes those vehicles put off is horrendous, not just for visitors but the workers who have to endure it all day long. No worker is ever exposed to customer smoking all day long.

  7. I see both sides as a NON-smoker I appreciate it but understand why those that follow rules could be frustrated. I also know that in my past two visits over the last year I have noticed cigarette buds around the parks in non smoking areas

  8. Both of my parents smoke and this will be very difficult for them to enjoy time with their grandkids. They will have to leave the park and then try to come back and find us. The smoking sections were very few and far between. This will just make smokers retreat to bathrooms etc.

  9. As an asthmatic, this makes me happy. It stinks for people who would actually follow the rules but last November in Epcot I walked into a cloud of smoke more than once at non-designated areas and it would bring on a coughing fit for me.
    That being said, I think even more annoying is the drinking. I don’t mind an occasional social drink and I did have a glass of wine at Epcot on my last trip. But I don’t get why people have to go to Disney (Epcot is the worst!) with the intent to get drunk! I personally think there’s too much drinking in a park full of kids. There was one particular rowdy group of young men and women who were totally messed up, cursing, being obnoxious, and one guy went over to a bushy area and started puking his guts up. My daughter is not little but still not something I wanted her around – nor did I!

  10. Woo hoo! Too bad the pathway from Dumbo to Tomorrowland is closed now. I always hated having to hold my breath walking thru there!

  11. As a smoker who followed the rules, this is disappointing. I understand rules that there must be rules, but this is just political correctness rearing its ugly head.

  12. AWESOME, agree hope it also includes vaping I dislike vapes and people get very upset when I ask them not to do that around me but i don’t want to breath that in any more than I do smoke, who knows what it really has anyway

  13. Hi Kenny! I’m not a smoker but I don’t think that it’s fair for those that are. Smoking areas were very few and in out of the way places to start with. It is very difficult for a smoker to go a whole day without. What exactly is the point of this new measure? To frustrate paying guests?

    • I’d guess it is because many people refused to follow the guidelines and just smoked or vaped anytime they wanted.

      • Unlike alcohol, Disney ain’t making no money with cigarettes. The way I see it it’s just to be politically correct or else they would also ban booze because I see a lot more drunks roaming around the parks than smokers.

      • I don’t think this will change just because they ban smoking in the parks completely. It will only make more smokers break the rules…

    • But, smoking is not something people HAVE to do. It is something they CHOOSE to do. Yes, I know that smokers are addicted, but that is a choice they made.

    • Let’s hope they breakdown on the smokers who think walking along with it cupped in your hand is discreet too! Well done Disney!

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