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Early Morning Magic for Toy Story Land has extended dates through Summer

Hollywood Studios Early Morning Magic returns

The popular Early Morning Magic for Toy Story Land in Disney’s Hollywood Studios has extended dates through summer 2019.  Here’s the details:

Early Morning Magic allows guests to enter as early as 7:00am and ride Slinky Dog Dash, Alien Swirling Saucers and Toy Story Mania over and over until the park opens around 8:45am.  The event also includes a special breakfast.  The cost is $79 per adult (ages 10 and older) and $69 per child (ages 3 to 9); tax not included.

Breakfast is now served at Backlot Express near Star Tours and is available for you until 10:00am.  During June, July and August Early Morning Magic will be available on Mondays and Wednesdays through August 21, 2019.

Here’s my review of the event:

Hollywood Studios Disney Early Morning Magic Review

You can reserve your spot(s) here


  1. What do you think thelikelihood is that they will extend early morning magic for toy story land into September? We are planning a trip for late September and are obsessed with toy story land and want to avoid Star wars like the plague!! Or do you think they will move to a daily extra magic hour thing for a couple of months at Hollywood studios to help with star wars crowds?

  2. It does affect everyone else because they seem to be doing less extra magic hours and as EMM is getting more popular there will be a lot of people in the park before I am even let in. Also, a lot of people eat at BOG for breakfast and they used to let you ride 7DMT before rope drop but since EMM started they no longer do that. Dont even get me started on Disney making money. The cost of tickets is double what it was just a few short years ago. I get frustrated when a lot of people have to save for years to go to Disney then our hours are cut short by EMM mornings and nights. Disney used to open at 8 and close at midnight. Now they open at 9 and close at 10. Wonder why? Hmmmmm

  3. Kenny, we are coming in september. Do you think they will continue EMM past August? I know you cant predict all things disney but just curious of your thoughts if you think they will. Thanks!

  4. I think its ridiculous how Disney keeps coming up with all these extra events thst only the rich can afford. Why not offer unlimited fastpass for the hotel guests and let offsite guest purchase more fastpasses over the firsr 3? Other theme parks have done this and it works well. Its insane to pay over 400.00 for my family of 5 to ride unlimited rides for an hour and 15 minutes! For now I will continue to get up super early and get to the parks for rope drop and try to avoid EMM!

    • I absolutely agree with you!! I think that this whole idea is ridiculous. We spend enough going to the parks…why add all these additional costs that not everybody can afford.

      • Resort guests already have an advantage in earlier FP selection, and day of FP selection is skimpy aside from those due to cancelation, so they couldn’t in good conscience sell additional FP. Yes, early morning is a bit pricy if you have more in your party, but why complain? They’d just open at 9 otherwise. It’s not hurting you if you don’t do it and it can help those who decide to spend the money on it. I’m all for more options that don’t punish people who don’t or can’t do it. Lots of people, even not rich people like myself, think it’s a good idea and a neat experience, and Disney is allowed to make money after all.

      • I totally agree with you both! We’re seniors on S.S. and haven’t been to any of the parks in a couple of yrs because of the cost. I love Disney parks but sure can’t afford them any longer.

      • So, should Disney just close since not everyone can afford to go? Disney is a business and their profits have only increased but offering resuced regular park hours and charging for these extras. As long as guest keep paying they’ll keep charging. Simple supply and demand.

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