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Walt Disney World Gondolas will NOT offer Air Conditioning

Walt Disney World Gondolas will not offer Air Conditioning

Doppelmayr, the company building the Walt Disney World Gondola system, has confirmed at the European IAAPA convention that the Gondolas will NOT offer Air Conditioning.

In a place that regularly sees temperatures in the upper 90’s with humidity levels that can top 85% when it isn’t raining, a Gondola system with no air conditioning system seems to make no sense.

Doppelmayr has stated that the air will “circulate” in the Disney character themed gondolas to be known as the Skyliner.  Even if a fan were blowing, it seems like a poor choice of construction to not offer an air conditioning system in Walt Disney World.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. So these things don’t have A/C because there isn’t any power to the cars. The Imagineers claim the cars when moving will be 10 degrees cooler than the outside air temp. Here is the real rub. If this breaks down for any reason the only way down is Disney calling Reedy Creek Fire Dept. Once they are on scene they can evacuate one car in about 30-35 minutes. That’s right 30 minutes for one car. Then they have to move their equipment to the next car and start the whole process over again. So the EPCOT line has about 120 cars and the hotel line has about 70. So you do the math on how long it will take to evacuate just one line. Apparently this is okay with Disney because the put survival packs under the seats in the cars with water and bags to relieve yourself in and assorted other things. All while you bake in the Florida sun. In addition if there is lightening within 10 miles of the area the fire department can’t use their aerial equipment so that’s even longer you will be waiting. Good luck if you are brave enough to ride it because you won’t catch me on it.

  2. Good God people. Will the EE in this group who has the technology to keep an enclosed cable car wil 8-10 people in it cool on a 100 degree day PLEASE stand up?

    No. didn’t think there was anyone here, because the technology to do this safely DOES NOT EXIST!
    Now, stop your whining and either get the education needed to develop this, or just don’t ride them.

  3. It’s simply amazing how many fools with make excuses for Disney when they obviously don’t care about your confort! This was only built to push more people into the parks as cheaply as possible! AC exists for these and they could of included it! These don’t because they don’t care!

    I hope those who keep praising this terrible idea enjoy it when it’s in the 90’s and humid out side! The whole “air flow will keep you cool” isn’t going to happen! You’ll all see and I’ll be laughing!

  4. LOL, that’s hilarious! I live in FL, about an hour drive away so I know how hot it is at all those parks. Unless we get snow here no one will have to worry about waiting in line to ride in one. I guess it’s just another way for Disney to not have to spend the extra money. Go figure.

  5. As a 4 year Florida Resident originally from MI, we love joining our friends and family when they come to Orlando on vacation.
    The concept of no A/C in a glass box is unfathomable to me. I can’t ride in my car without air when temps are 90’+.
    How can I recommend staying in the connecting resorts and using this mode of transportation if I think it will put my family at risk of heat exhaustion?
    I guess we will save the gondolas for January-February.

    How about not being handicapped compliant? Many people with disabilities overheat easily. If the system is okay while moving, what is the fail safe solution if it has temporary or long term stops?

    • Liz I agree with your concerns “Many people with disabilities overheat easily. ”

      On a recent visit at the end of August my mom wrote a scathing letter to Disney about the bus stops at Hollywood Studios. There was no covering for any of the Wheelchair lanes and just a few umbrellas for for the regular lanes. She didn’t do it for herself, but for the more fragile folks who could be seriously endangered. Especially when busses are not prompt.

      Luckily her advocacy made a least a minor impact. She heard from several people moving up the food chain at Disney an by our second visit to Hollywood Studios we saw more umbrellas. Especially over the wheelchair boarding lines.

      I am worried it will take people advocating after an incident rather than Disney Imagineering thinking about the full spectrum of guests.

      • This is a potential violation of the American Disabilities Act. Clearly either Disney knew or should have known that failure to provide a reasonable accommodation could result in injury or death of a disabled person. The negligence payout for the first incident will have covered the cost of canopies several times over.

  6. Sounds like the old Skyway…loved that thing. They would shut them down during thunderstorms or high winds. I’m sure these will be the same if open air. If you are hot, take the bus!

  7. No AC isn’t as crazy as it sounds when you consider that there are only two single cable gondola systems in the world that have AC and supposedly the AC system in the one in London doesn’t work very well. The problem is how to power it, you can’t deliver full time power to the cars, solar doesn’t provide enough power, so you are left with a re-chargeable system that has to be constantly charged in the stations. Lack of AC shouldn’t be as bad as people think. Tinted windows will cut down on the sun and the cars run below the tree line in a lot of area which will also help. Passive ventilation should keep the cars comfortable especially since you won’t be in the car that long, maybe five minutes per leg. In the event of a breakdown, AC wouldn’t help much anyway since without the constant re-charging in the station it wouldn’t run very long.

    • Anyone who suggests everything “should be OK” in the no-AC passively-vented gondolas doesn’t understand the Florida summer heat and humidity.

      Check out the Weather Service Heat Index tables and then you’ll understand why the Disney buses, monorails, resorts, and buildings have AC. It keeps folks happy, comfortable, safe and spending money.

      • La Paz Bolivia(one of the longest in the world) and sugar loaf Rio de Janeiro(also the second longest I believe) these are fairly hot climates most of the year. And the trips they make are probably 4-5 times longer if not more. I think it’s hard for people to realize how quick a trip this is going to be and how fast these move. I’m not sure what will happen if it breaks down but I’m going to assume that there’s a plan that won’t leave me roasting for now. I assume that because A.) There are these systems that do run in very hot climates for very long rides and B.) I’m going to remember for just a moment that I’m not one of the elite engineers working on this system and that they actually “might” know what they are doing. Also, I’ve been on a Disney bus where the air was broken and completely off in July, we were packed like sardines and I really thought my 2 year old was going to pass out and may need medical attention. It was scary. There is no system that is foolproof.

  8. This has got to be one of THE dumbest things I’ve heard of. Trying to save money until the hospital bills and lawsuits start rolling in. I’m staying at Pop next year but I’ll stick to the busses.

  9. I personally am looking forward to hanging on a metal cable up in the air in a metal container in the middle of a nice lightening storm! Can’t see how that’s going wrong!

  10. When is this going to be completed? I saw a pic of one of the gondola cars on a truck being delivered and it does look like open air cars

      • I get that they’re not actually open air, but, if they were, I can’t say this comment makes any sense to me.

        If you don’t want to deal with Orlando heat & Orlando humidity, why are you at an outdoor Orlando theme park?

        How is an open air gondola in Orlando any worse than standing around in open air in Orlando?

        There are obvious problems with being in an enclosed (glass) box without A/C in that heat, but to complain about the heat & humidity with regard to it being open air strikes me as complaining for the sake of complaining.

  11. Maybe I’m just crazy for thinking this, but won’t the gondolas have to be constantly starting and stopping to let people on and off like a ferris wheel system? It isn’t like a ski lift where you just “hop” off and move on. The whole gondola will have to stop to allow people in and out at which time people will just be sitting in an enclosed box in the FL sun with no air conditioning. Am I missing something that makes this sound like a good idea?

      • I will bet these will operate like most ski lift gondolas. When the pod reaches a station, it switches from a “high” speed cable, to a slow cable. Then, the gondolas moves very slowly until it’s emptied and reloaded. Then it’s loaded back onto the faster high speed cable. If need be, the operator can stop the gondola from switching to the fast cable if there is a problem. I haven’t skied in a long time, but even 30 years ago, this is how ski gondolas operated (and they were old at the time). I’m going to trust Disney on this one. I think it will work as long as the gondolas keep moving. If they whole system shuts down, the gondola occupants may find themselves feeling like soft-boiled eggs.

    • The cars slow down when they enter the station and they level load, so you can roll a stroller, wheelchair or ECV right on, there are videos on YouTube that show this. Disney will also have a second loop in each station which is believe to be for loading wheel chairs and ECVs which should make the process even easier. The rest of the cars will onload on one side of the station, go around the loop and load on the others.

  12. I thought the idea was ridiculous to begin with, but no AC? I live in the Orlando area. It’s September 25th and we expect it to be in the 90’s with heat indexes around 100.

  13. If the issues that still persist with the Monorail occur with the gondolas, and they surely will, no thanks, I’ll take an air conditioned Disney bus every time.

  14. Oh I can hardly wait to get in a hot car with a bunch of people who are also throwing off heat and fly across the sky dangling from a wire! Uh, no thanks! Give my frosty bus!!

  15. I think its going to get very hot. Having lived in Florida for many years not having air Conditioning seems very foolish. Trying to save money in the wrong places. When they get stuck and people get sick or have a heat stroke. They what. Sorry, will not be good enough. Disney used yo be first class. Not so much any more. Comfort for people who pay lots of money is important too.

  16. I’m sure they will be fine as long as they are moving, but you know those things are going to get stuck… up high… close to the sun… That’s when babies and tourists start overheating. Eeeeek.

  17. Simply ridiculous! The so called improvements Disney is making to the parks do not make me want to return any time soon & normally I visit every year.

  18. If the gondolas will be similar to the sky ride cars at Six Flags here in NJ, then the open sides create enough air flow that you don’t need air conditioning. The sky ride isn’t one place to get a relief from the heat because the altitude provides for some nice breezes.

    • Keep in mind, Emily, that the weather in NJ is not the same weather we have here in FL. These cars will be unbearably HOT unless they’re moving at top speed. But they won’t be because you’d never be able to enter or exit at that speed. And what kind of altitude are you expecting?

  19. My thoughts are that I will NOT be riding in a gondala with air that feels like a HAIR DRYER “circulating” on me. Anyone from Florida knows that after the sun beats down through the windshield of your car, the “vent” setting is NOT enough to get any level of relief in a vehicle that has risen to over 110degrees inside!!! EPIC FAIL!!!!!!

  20. WOW to offer air conditioning here in FL is insane. Especially for the length of the rides. Bad move! I ‘ll stick to the boats and buses thank you!

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