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Rumor Round Up: Character Changes at Walt Disney World

Rumor Round Up Character Changes at Walt Disney World

One thing is guaranteed in the Disney Parks character meet and greet world:  Change.  Change occurs frequently and some love the changes and some don’t.  Here’s an update on recent and upcoming changes at Walt Disney World, be sure to check this out!

Moana is gone

Moana has left Hollywood Studios.  Rumors are still swirling that she could move to Adventureland in the Magic Kingdom at some point, but no solid word on when or if that will actually happen.  Many things have appeared in someone’s tweet on Twitter that never actually occurred, so we wait and see.  The Adventureland Verandah would be perfect for her though.

Star-lord is coming

Originally, I was told that Star-lord would be a mini-show like the one that Dr. Strange offered at the end of Pixar Place.  Recently, others are rumoring that he could be offering a meet and greet along with Baby Groot in Moana’s former spot.  I had been told that regular Groot would appear in there, but it doesn’t make much sense given the fact that he is tiny in Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2.  I haven’t gotten any solid updates lately, but Star-lord will begin appearing in some way very soon (perhaps early May) and some type of Groot may be in Hollywood Studios.

Rey is being cast for meet and greets

Rey from the Star Wars series recently appeared on stage during Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away for the recent Star Wars paid event in Hollywood Studios.  She was super popular and many guests asked about a possible meet and greet.  It’s been confirmed that Rey is now in internal casting AND she also has a public listing for an upcoming meet and greet.

Rey: Female, slender build. 5’6” – 5’8”. Rey is a Jakku scavenger, a survivor toughened by life on a harsh desert planet.  Despite dismissing herself as a “no one”, she learns that her life is being shaped by the mysterious power of the Force.

I was told they are considering adding her to the BB-8 meet and greet.  That’s a really tiny queue, with an overflow created on the ground in the Cantina.


There is also a listing to offer C3-PO as a meetable character for Hollywood Studios.  Aren’t we all going, “Why don’t you just create a Star Wars park instead of just a land?”

C-3PO: Very slender build. 5’7” – 5’9”. A droid who has seen his share of galactic battles. Candidates will be required to have basic movement ability.

Jawas could be moving or eliminated

Because Disney World is expecting the BB-8 meet and greet (with or without Rey) to be very popular the queue was extended and the Jawas have limited space in which to interact.  If they are kept, they could move to the lower floor outside of the Kylo Ren meet and greet.  They could possibly move to the Star Tours exit area.  During the recent Star Wars paid event, they met along the wall beside the exit area.  They could also be retired.

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  1. There’s another rumor going around
    Two possibilities with this one…
    Stitch moves back to Tomorrowland, Chip’n’Dale move to Town Square, Mr Incredible and Frozone join MISIDPI; or…
    Stitch moves back to Tomorrowland, Mr Incredible and Frozone join MISIDPI, Nick & Judy move to Epcot, and someone joins Pluto at Town Square.

  2. I am not a starwars fan so I am not really into these changes. I wish they would make more of the classic Disney characters available….Anyway,any word on replacing inside out characters with zootopia? Hopefully Moana will be back in November when we go. Characters are BEST part of Disney and the more that keep getting removed makes me sad

  3. Excited about Rey and C3PO! If they are casting for her now, how long would it be till she possibly pops up at training?

  4. I would love to see Rey and BB-8 but I love the Jawas too I don’t want them to be retired! Hubby says I’m a Star Wars Geekette! Moana would be perfect in MK!

  5. Noooo we LOVE the Jawas!!! My girls had so much fun with them. But a meet with Rey would be AMAZING! Hoping the move Moana! We would love to meet her <3

  6. Thanks for the update Kenny! I know there is no way to be certain but is there a general formula/rule of thumb for how long these new meets usually last when they are rolled out with a new movie release? Specifically looking at Star Lord/Groot. Thanks!

  7. Removing Moana is such a bummer!!! We are going to be there next week and were excited to see her!!! My daughter is going to be so disappointed!!

  8. Wow, that stinks about Moana. We are going -tomorrow-, and she was the character my kids most wanted to see! Thanks for the heads-up…

  9. We leave next weekend and my daughter was so excited to see her too. Super bummed they didn’t have a plan in place to move her before they stopped.

  10. So I am going there in two weeks. Where will Moana be??? My girls will be so upset. How do you have a princess movie in November and they are gone by the summer. That was a great movie too…

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