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Disneyland begins charging for Fastpass+ called Maxpass

Disneyland to begin charging for a version of Fastpass+ to be called Maxpass

For the first time in Disney Parks history, Disney will charge for a version of its popular Fastpass ride line queue system.  It will unveil a new product which will be called “MaxPass” that bundles Photopass and Fastpass+ into a daily or yearly option for its visitors.

As Disney Parks rolls out this new MaxPass option they will add two more rides to its Fastpass options.  The rides which will be added are Toy Story Midway Mania in California Adventure and Matterhorn Bobsleds at Disneyland.

Later this year Disneyland Resort will roll out the new MaxPass product that bundles PhotoPass and Fastpass+ in a smart phone application option that will cost $10 per person per day.  Disney has said that they will offer a yearly option for Annual Passholders, but hasn’t released the price point.

Guests will be able to book Fastpass+ (for ANY Fastpass enabled ride, not just the two new ones!) using their phone, in a similar fashion to what happens at Walt Disney World, but rumors say it will limit the user to one Fastpass+ at a time, versus the 3 per day that Walt Disney World users receive for free.  Disney hasn’t confirmed how many will be allowed in advance at this time.

Guests at Disneyland will be allowed to continue to use their park ticket to acquire Fastpass return paper tickets at the various ride kiosks in the same fashion as they do today.

As for the PhotoPass part of MaxPass, guests will be allowed to edit and save digital images that they have taken within the park and on various rides with unlimited downloads.

  • One person will be allowed to make Fastpass+ choices for the entire group, once each person has paid.
  • You will be able to purchase in advance, but each person must be in the park before that day before you can begin reserving Fastpass+.
  • You MUST be inside one of the Disneyland theme parks in order to make Fastpass+ reservations.
  • You will only be able to reserve ONE FASTPASS AT A TIME.

In summary, you receive the digital PhotoPass and Fastpass+ service for $10 per day and an unknown fee for yearly access.  The service rolls out “later this year.”

What do you think of Disney charging for the new Fastpass+ style system at Disneyland?


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  1. I understand that the title is technically accurate… but for the professional internet trolls, who are going to comment based on title alone, I think it would better to focus on the cost of the photopass more than the FP+. Based off what I pay for Memory Maker at WDW, $10/day/person for photos alone is a steal! And as a bonus you can now have mobile FP+ access? I think that’s a better way to portray this… because while people are going to complain about “the Disney money machine” this is actually a better price that what you would pay now for the same service + an additional service thrown in. You’re right that, very quickly, this could price jump to a complaint worthy level… but this is certainly not that point.

    • If you have 4 people in your family and visit for 3 days, you’ll spend $120 on that photo package with this offering vs $39 for one day or $78 for a week currently. Also, this in an “introductory” price. You’ll pay more in 2 days of visit for the photos. All the digital fp will do in Disneyland is minimize walking a bit.

  2. The official statement from Disney is : ”Later this year, we will launch Disney MaxPass, which will allow guests to maximize their experience by providing unlimited downloads of their high-resolution PhotoPass images and by enabling the convenience of mobile booking and redemption of Disney FASTPASS return times – all by using the Disneyland App.”. I can be wrong (English is not my first language) but to me it doesn’t say that photopass is included it says you can download your photopass images with the app. Since one day photopass is 40$, I would be surprised if it is included.

    • Means the same thing. Photopass is a free service for the taking of the photo. You pay to purchase or download the photo. Could easily buy the $10 for one person and get access to every photo and still use the regular Fastpass system.

  3. There has got to be more unfriendly details coming; it would be worth the $10/ day to have the photos taken in the parks; I won’t pay one dime for fastpasses and the day they switch to reserving in advance like WDW is the day the park stops getting any of my $$$

  4. Ummm, I just bought a Disneyland Annual Pass (Signature) and it already has Photopass. I’m not sure I’d pay for the ability to book a single FP in advance, though, so maybe it won’t matter to me. My concern is that this means those people who can afford to pay more will now scoop up all the FP and there won’t be any paper FP left when I arrive at rope drop. That will seriously change whether I renew my AP next year. I actually prefer the paper FP at Disneyland over the plan your entire trip 30-60 days ahead of time at WDW. Friends and I often joke that we’re waiting for the FP for the bathrooms….then the plan can be complete. :)

  5. I’m assuming it is $10/person/day. For the PhotoPass and FastPass combo, $10/day for a group could be quite a steal. Any indication of this being usable for groups?

  6. This seems really inexpensive. Isn’t this less than purchasing a day of Photopass photos alone? Maybe I’m misunderstanding.

    • The price point quoted is lower than Photopass access. I could see this price jumping really quickly after they get a series of positive reviews.

  7. Just another step in the “Profits above all” Disney machine. All of the creative energy for the parks seems focused on getting people to pay more and giving them (or others) less. Moves like this erode the good will that consumers have for Disney parks. This is unsustainable and the decrease in attendance that results will further destabilize the parks. Management is only thinking of short term stock profits. Management is selling out and coasting on a reputation that they are placing in decay. Not Good!

  8. I hate it. As soon as Disney sees charging for Fastpass services as a money-maker for them, it’s all over for us. Fastpass becomes one more way to nickle-and-dime guests that are already paying a lot for a vacation there.

    I feel that all of these “special” pay-for services (VIP tents, express transportation, etc.) create almost a class system in the parks, instead of allowing everyone who enters these magical worlds the chance to encounter the same experiences once inside.

    I love the Disney parks and though it’s an expensive vacation, I always felt it was worth it because you got to experience so much in the parks. But once every little thing has a price, it becomes harder to justify the cost.

    It makes me sad to think that Disney has come to this. I expect so much more from them.

  9. I…like it? I guess? We’ve been AP holders at Disneyland for as long as I can remember, and of course if you have the Signature+, you already get PhotoPass, which is nice. I’d pay for an additional yearly option for the FPs; I don’t see how you can’t, really, given that there’s a chance the addition of FP’s to TSMM and Matterhorn may in fact make lines longer.

    If we did not already have APs, and had to pay $10 a day on top of park admission, I think I would be upset.

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