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Magic Kingdom Welcome Show to undergo changes


With the Walt Disney World Railroad scheduled for a lengthy refurbishment, the Magic Kingdom will experiment with a new setup for the Magic Kingdom Welcome Show.Beginning January 9, 2017 the Magic Kingdom Welcome Show will move from the train station to Cinderella Castle stage.  In previous years the Welcome Show continued to be offered at the train station.

With this closure the park wants to experiment with a new procedure that allows guests to enter Main Street early and perhaps do some shopping before opening the Magic Kingdom attractions after the welcome.

“With more guests arriving early to the Magic Kingdom park, we are enhancing the morning arrival experience by opening Main Street USA earlier than the rest of the park.
Guest will be able to get a head start on their day they as enjoy the early morning charm of Main Street USA with photo opportunities, breakfast options and shopping before the park officially opens.  A new welcome show will debut at Cinderella Castle stage January 9.”

Source: Disboards


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  1. I’m not with anyone on this im against it. The Magic Kingdom welcome show should be at the park entrance now that the trains are up and running. The locomotive Lilly Belle is back up and running after so many years. She’s the one who pulls the train full of Disney characters to Main Street station. Plus you could be selected to help Mickey open the park. I bet that’s not offered on the castle stage welcome show.

  2. I’m concerned about how early to get to TTC from Bonnet Creek to then take ferry or monorail to,gate for an 8:10 breakfast. I’m thinking leave resort by 6:30 or 6:45 and hopefully be a gate by 7:45 at latest for bag check then straight to Crystal Palace. Then alow 45-60mins to eat and be to Peter Pan by 9:15 . This is so stressful! Help please!

  3. So, will this kill the early morning magic hour for resort guests or will that be pushed another hour earlier? I mean that’s supposed to be a perk for staying on site?

  4. so what time are they letting people in now? it kind of trashes the effort i made to have an 8am breakfast to beat the crowd…. coincidentally my breakfast is Jan 9!!!

  5. So disappointed! We are 60 days out and my 6 year old daughter was so excited to be there again for rope drop, this time with her dad and brother. Her and I got there early by accident last time and saw it, I had never heard of it before. She also had this crazy idea in her head that she wanted to try be the the first family. She saw it on YouTube. I guess they will do away with that now?

  6. And there goes the importance of the pre park breakfast reservations for photos and such too. Wonder if they will also do away with early morning magic too.

  7. So sorry to hear this…there goes the Magic of Rope Drop. The Anticipation of the arrival of the train…And then the excitement of strolling down Main Street…I suspect it will be so different, and not in a good way…Will be there in January to see how it goes.

  8. At first I loved the idea! Starbucks before rope drop!!! But then, on second thought… I feel like on top of spending more $$$, we’ll now have to get there even earlier for rope drop. I see mornings in the park becoming more crowded now. I hope I’m wrong. I love the parks in the mornings and late at night. Especially Magic Kingdom. The Welcome show belongs before you enter the park IMO. It’s magical. On second thought, it seems the magic is slowly giving way to the money.

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