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More Magic Kingdom restaurants to allow alcohol sales

Be Our Guest Restaurant

The Magic Kingdom was alcohol free until Be Our Guest dinner premiered.  Now the world’s busiest theme park is about to expand alcohol sales to additional restaurants.
Beginning December 19, 2016 the following restaurants will offer alcoholic beverages that will range from beer to wine and more.

  • Cinderella’s Royal Table
  • Liberty Tree Tavern
  • Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen
  • Tony’s Town Square Restaurant

What do you think of the move to extend alcohol sales in the Magic Kingdom?


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  1. Unbelievable!!! Well, you go a lot more than I do, and if this is what you witness, then I have to change my opinion. I agree with the other person’s post about MK being for the children. If fist fighting is happening at lunch time, then alcohol should be kept out of MK for the sake of the children!

    • My son and I were in epcot’s America pavilion recently ordering lunch when two obviously drunk women started fist fighting. One of them dropped their beer. World Showcase had only been open about an hour. Security could tell you of those every day disciplined or removed from the park.

  2. The problem at Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios is that alcoholic drinks can be purchased and consumed as you stroll around the parks. I have witnessed and been victimized by drunken behavior in both parks. Right now, alcoholic drinks cannot be removed from Be Our Guest. If that policy remains in effect in the Magic Kingdom then it should continue to be a family oriented experience.

  3. I don’t understand the uproar honestly. Guests can now have a couple beers or wine with dinner big deal. Does no mean they are going to be stumbling around MK! MUCH stronger drinks are served at surrounding resort restaurants/bars and those people “with problems” enjoy a few drinks at dinner and then head to MK for evening.

  4. Jennifer, I’ll preface this by saying I’m not a drinker. Maybe I’ll have one a year (the orange slush drink in Epcot’s France is particularly delicious). With that said, I’m not crazy about the idea of drinking in the Magic Kingdom myself, but I would say it’s not about people “not being able to go a day without alcohol,” but for a lot of people I think it’s about splurging on vacation.

  5. We visited Be Our Guest for lunch. No alcohol served until dinner. Didn’t bother us, because would rather have a soft drink, water, or juice. I have friends who like to have a glass of wine with dinner. I myself only drink a few times a yr. Usually a holiday party, and one to two other days during yr. My limit is usually one glass of wine or beer, and done! Softdrinks or water after the one and done….
    I have no problem at dinner if is done in moderation. Unfortunately, some adults over indulge. Disney is supposed to be about family. So, people need to control themselves, or not drink….. Remember people, children and families are also at this park. Don’t ruin their time because you can’t control you actions! Save it for adult places like bars and nightclubs in other areas of Orlando! Families with thank you by not ruining their time in the park.

  6. I have NO idea WHAT WALT would have wanted to have happen in the theme parks. BUT I do know, when I go on vacation, esp without kids, grandbabies, a glass of wine, or a beer is nice, as an adult to be able to have.

  7. I think as long as they keep it to restaurants it should be fine, also only evening meals as alcohol and hot daytime Florida sun does not mix well.

  8. I’ve never seen anyone stumbling around any disney park, not even Epcot! It is weird to see people holding beer in AK, but geez give a parent a break, it’s a vacation. when it comes to MK, I bet the CMs will be able to stop service to anyone who seems as though he/she has has too much. Plus, Disney pricing is outrageous anyway. Who will even want to spend that one a measly beer?

  9. I don’t like it either….I love drinking at epcot don’t get me wrong!! but there’s no reason for it at magic kingdom….that park should belong to the children ;)

  10. I agree 100%! Our last trip Epcot at night was a nightmare – to the point where we agree we would never bring our kids on a weekend again. I am sure it’s all about the bottom line but 1. This is not what Walt would have wanted and 2. If people can’t go a day without alcohol they should realize they have a problem.

  11. Not happy with this. They stated it would only be BOG but we knew it would spread. I hope late nights at Magic Kingdom don’t become the same as Epcot. Family time is becoming a thing of the past.

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