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Elena of Avalor a Royal Welcome at the Magic Kingdom


Elena of Avalor made her debut at the Magic Kingdom yesterday.  I was there to cover the event.  I also picked up a rumor on Elena’s possible future meet and greet.  Here’s the details:

Let’s begin with yesterday’s A Royal Welcome for Elena of Avalor event and how it will be presented on a daily basis at the Magic Kingdom.  It began with a royal footman stepping forward to announce the beginning of the show.  It was all running about 15 to 20 minutes behind as they lined up the dancers, musicians, carriage and loaded Elena in Liberty Square.

Elena of Avalor a Royal Welcome (1)

The footman announced a Vice President for Walt Disney World who did a brief introduction and attempted to do his speech in English and Spanish.  The Spanish speaking contingent, which was strong, enjoyed the attempt.  Next a representative from the Girl Scouts of America presented the first ever Elena of Avalor Scepter of Light Award and Scholarship to Ashley Chico.  
Elena of Avalor a Royal Welcome (6)

The Vice President Speech and Girl Scout award will not be part of the daily Royal Welcome.  Each day from now through August 27, 2016, Elena will join Cinderella and Prince Charming on the Cinderella Castle stage for this brief introduction to the new Disney Jr Princess.Elena of Avalor a Royal Welcome (7)

Elena was preceded by banner carriers and musicians.

Elena of Avalor a Royal Welcome (2)

Dancers and singers appeared on stage for the grand welcome.Elena of Avalor a Royal Welcome (3)

Elena rode along in an open coach, covered by many colorful flowers.  She was excited to meet her new fans.  The Elena of Avalor show, which I haven’t seen, has been renewed for a 2nd season.Elena of Avalor a Royal Welcome (10)

Following Elena was a large group of Girl Scouts.Elena of Avalor a Royal Welcome (11)

Then more musicians.Elena of Avalor a Royal Welcome (12)

And more dancers.Elena of Avalor a Royal Welcome (13)

Prince Charming and Cinderella officially welcomed Elena to their kingdom.
Elena of Avalor a Royal Welcome (16)

Elena then broke into a song called “This is My Time.”  Elena will actually sing the song live.  You should expect Cinderella, Prince and this song each day for about a 6 minute show.  Schedules are always on Character Locator.Elena of Avalor a Royal Welcome (21)

Elena then demonstrated her scepter.Elena of Avalor a Royal Welcome (23)

Streamers flew and the cast smiled and waved for the large joyous crowd.Elena of Avalor a Royal Welcome (24)

Elena then made her way down Main Street.  Most guests had no clue anything was happening until she passed them.  One woman grabbed her small child and ran down the street with her to try to let her get a view of the newest Disney Princess.Elena of Avalor a Royal Welcome (25)

It may seem overdone to some people to take a character from a Disney Channel show and make a big processional and stage show, but for Latina girls it was a true joy to see “one of their own” being introduced as a Princess.Elena of Avalor a Royal Welcome (26)

One little girl, standing near me in the beating sun near the Castle said, “It’s great to see a Disney Princess who looks like me.”  Disney World is a place of all cultures and I can see her point in wanting to see a live, human representation of her culture on stage.Elena of Avalor a Royal Welcome (27)

Elena seemed as happy to greet her new fans as the fans were to see her.Elena of Avalor a Royal Welcome (29) Elena of Avalor a Royal Welcome (33)

Someone asked me if I could capture a shot of her hair, so she can style her daughter’s hair in a similar fashion.Elena of Avalor a Royal Welcome (35)

Okay, for the meet and greet rumor.  Remember, it’s only a rumor!  I was told by several different people that Elena could be making her way into the Princess Fairytale Hall rotation very soon.  It could be by late August or early September.  I was told she could begin meeting with Cinderella.  If that is true, then Aurora would be back in Fantasyland for meet and greets.  It’s all just chatter until we see something happen, but I know guests are clamoring to meet her.


  1. Hi, Kenny. Have you heard anything about an Elena meet-and-greet? This is my daughter’s #1 wish! I have FP+ booked for both the Cinderella and the Rapunzel meet and greets, just in case. Thanks!

  2. I cannot find where you have the schedule listed on the Character Locator. I am a full member but can’t seem to see the times of this Eleana show. I just saw on another site that it was extended bc it has been so popular. We will be there next week and would love to see it. Is it listed under shows?

  3. Thanks for the rumor, we just left two weeks ago and completely missed out on her. But Elena does look nice and cute in person. If that rumor is true then i might be up to actually meet her maybe next May(my parents are currently talking about a weekend trip there).

  4. That is wonderful!!! My son has been asking me over and over again if he will see her when we go to Disney (we aren’t going until October 2017) and I kept telling him I don’t know maybe. This will make his day when I say she will be there. (I think someone has a crush )

  5. OH I hope she meets with Cinderella at princess hall. Would rather know that they can meet her than to stand in line and she has to go take a break.

  6. I really hope they get a meet and greet for her. I was going to say this to guest relations, but the line was too long. Thank you for all of the pictures, Kenny. You are the best!!!!

    • I agree to an extent, Elena is supposed to be 16 – it would be nice if she looked like a 16 year old. However, so is Ariel, Aurora, and Jasmine. That would be A LOT of 16 year olds for Disney to hire full time.

  7. Thanks for keeping us in the loop! This is a huge deal in our house. My daughter was beaming yesterday watching the live stream. I hope the rumor is true and just in case I switched our fast pass and we will be ready!! Thank you

  8. This will certainly make my DD quite happy – hoping for a meet & greet in December. Thanks, KtP for always keeping us in the loop!

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