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Main Street Electrical Parade will end its run at Walt Disney World

Main Street Electrical Parade to return to Disneyland with another hard ticket event

Disney just confirmed that the Main Street Electrical Parade will end it’s run at Walt Disney World.

October 9, 2016 will be the final performance of the Main Street Electrical Parade at Walt Disney World before it returns for a “limited-time encore engagement” at Disneyland.

Rumors have been circulating since Disney announced that Paint the Night would end its run at Disneyland in early September.  Many prognosticate that the terrific Disneyland parade will make its way East to Walt Disney World to appear nightly at the Magic Kingdom.  It would be an exciting move for Disney World guests as the parade is light years ahead of the classic MSEP.

Update – Disney just announced that Paint the Night will end its regular run on September 5, but will “return on select nights during the holiday season later this year.”

Main Street Electrical Parade

I’ll remove MSEP from the Crowd Calendars after October 9, 2016 and hopefully Disney will provide some good news on the replacement soon!



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  1. Is there currently an evening parade at Magic Kingdom?
    Looking at your Crowd Calendar in October 2017, I see Happily Ever After. Is that a new fireworks show replacing Wishes or is the new parade since they were ending the Main Street Electrical Parade last year? Thanks for your info, Kenny!

  2. We will be at Disney world from oct 8-14. 10 days away! I’m traveling with my wife and 2 kids (ages 5 and 7) it seems we lucked into being there the last electrical parade ever and already had a crystal palace reservation scheduled for 7:40 on that night (oct 9). I expect this parade will be jam packed. Can u give me your best advice on where to position ourselves after coming out of crystal palace at that time ? We are quick eaters but how long is a usual meal here to enjoy the characters? Is heading towards Liberty square best? How bad will the town square be as a quick getaway is nice but also if crazy crowded maybe not so nice. Thanks for your help!

  3. Hey Kenny thanks for all the help, this is such a great site!
    What have previous parade closures been like in terms of crowds? We are at Magic kingdom on the 9th, will the crowds during the day be much worse in your opinion. Will the parade in particular be a nightmare? Lastly we have a 740 dinner reservation for crystal palace on this night, do you think this is good fortune or a huge mistake given the parade news? Thanks for the help.

    • I cannot remember a long term period without a night parade. 9th will be normal until around 7pm, then lots of people will arrive to view the final night of MSEP. Rides should see lower waits during parade and fireworks.

  4. Will they move the fireworks time up or will it remain the same? Any update on what happens to parade dining reservations? Sad to see MSEP go, hopefully something new will come soon. Thanks!

    • Disney called me yesterday to change our Tony’s dining package from the MSEP to the Festival of Fantasty parade instead. We will still be at the flagpole reserved area, but now for a different parade. The Disney rep said there is still no word on whether Paint the Night will be in place for January 2017

  5. I am so mad my kids have been waiting to see it and we are going Oct 15 please reconsider it staying till the end result of the year.

  6. I am going to miss seeing it by just a few days! Boooo! Ends the 9th, and we’re getting there the 13th. We’ve never seen it and we’re looking forward to it!

  7. wish they would stop moving it. just build the same floats for DL and be done with it. this is the best parade. I love it each time I see it

  8. I’m so sad I came to Disney World to see the parade. I loved it as a child and was about to show my six year old for the first time in January ☹️☹️

  9. Can’t believe WDW would get rid of this parade….it’s the perfect magical ending for all at the end of a perfectly magical day !

  10. I have such great memories of this parade !! It’s the last parade I got to spend with my family and my dad who passed away 24 hours afterwards! Will always be so special to me! Will miss it!! Wish I could come see it one more time!!

  11. What about the new Main Street dining package for Tony’s town square. And what about the MSEP during very merry Christmas. Isn’t that when it snows?

    • I just called Disney dining to see what they were going to do about the MSEP dining packages. The gentleman wasn’t even aware of this change. I had to make him go on the Disney site because he didn’t believe me. He stated “it’s still on our calendars so that must be false information.” The gentleman even went to consult his supervisor. The end result was giving me an email address to guest services for me to email regarding the change.

      • I spoke with a Cast Member today and she had just found this out last night and was still in shock. No one had a clue. She did ask me if I had reservations for a parade dining package which, thankfully, I did not. This is not a good move. If you call them again I am sure they all know by now.

      • I live in NJ/Phila area. They just announced on our ch 6 abc (parent company is Disney). They announced that the parade is ending in Oct 2016 and will be shipped to Disneyland, no known replacement for Disney World’s parade.

  12. We’d be excited if ‘Paint the Night’ made it’s way east once it’s completed it’s encore performances in DL! Here’s hoping!

  13. What about the Tony’s dining package? Think Disney will replace it with something else or just make it a regular meal at Tony’s? I don’t think I would want to do lunch there without the added benefit.

  14. We were just there in July. Glad our daughter got to experience it. I grew up watching that parade, and loved it. Will miss it, but I am sure Disney has something magical to replace it.

  15. What about the Tony’s parade dining package? I have one booked for November. Do you think if Paint the Night comes it will be by then and transitioned to that or should I find another dining option for that day?

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