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Full Frozen Ever After ride through video!


This post contains a link to my full Frozen Ever After ride through video on opening day. I was one of the first guests to ride because I had arrived well before park opening and made sure I was in the front of the crowd. I then used my pre-reserved Fastpass+ to ride a second time. I’ll provide a detailed review and lots of great photos very soon. Enjoy the video!

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  1. Great job, Kenny! Arrrgh! I give it an “A” from your video. A million times better than the short lived Little Mermaid attraction, which mercifully closed.

  2. Thanks for this Kenny.

    I think it will be great for Norway, doubt they mind be associated with Frozen.

    If prone to travel sickness would you say this is a ride for before lunch please?

  3. What is your suggestion for fitting this ride into a touring plan, assuming we want to ride all the major rides? If we have 8:10 reservations at Akershus, is it a good idea to try and do Frozen first, then the meet and greet, then rush to Test Track, and FP Soarin’ for later?

    • Assuming you’re leaving breakfast early, you could rope drop Frozen, FP Test Track and ride Soarin’ Stand By

  4. Do you get wet at all on the new ride? My son has autism and sensory issues and needs to be prepared with a rain poncho in advance if there is any chance of water on his clothes. Thanks!

    • I read on another forum that someone got pretty wet in the front seat. So maybe if you request a seat farther back, you will be ok.

      • Thank you both for the info! I’ll put a rain poncho on him just in case. We just watched the ride through video together and he is very excited.

  5. That was awesome!!!!! I have chills just from.watching the video. Thanks for posting this! Soooooo excited to ride this on our next visit.

  6. It me, it looks like a great ride for HS, not Epcot. This shows nothing about Norway or the history of Norway at all. Pretty disappointing to me. I would be furious if I was from Norway and THIS was representing my country and then walk to China and see that beautiful area. Yes, Mexico has the Donald Duck movie, but at least that shows many different parts of Mexico while Donald is on the run.

    • I like how they are bring life to Epcot with all of the rides now. I wish they would put more characters back in Epcot and maybe fill in a couple more rides. The Belle encounter could have been in Epcot. There is a lot more potential down this route of putting in more kid friendly rides and events in the showcase area. Anything to help spread the crowds is a good thing.

    • I really think Disney was trying to have more for the little ones in the Country section. Maelstrom was a bit to scary for our little ones. I loved the video and can’t wait to ride it myself.

  7. Thanks for sharing! Looks like a lot of fun and a breath of fresh air for Epcot;) Kenny what were the wait times when you left after you used your fastpass?

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