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Opening and Fastpass+ booking dates announced for Soarin’ Over the World in Epcot

Soarin over the World opening and Fastpass+ dates

Disney officially announced the opening dates for the new Soarin’ film and the beginning of Fastpass+ booking for this new Soarin’ experince!

Disney – Imagine a wind-through-your-hair flight above The Great Wall of China, a bird’s-eye view of the Sydney Harbor in Australia, gliding around the Matterhorn in Switzerland …

These are among more than a dozen breathtaking ways you’ll be able to experience the wonders of the world when Soarin’ Around the World makes its groundbreaking debut across the globe this summer. The next generation of the popular Soarin’ attraction makes its premiere at the grand opening of Shanghai Disneyland this summer as Soarin’ Over the Horizon.

The next day on June 17, guests at Disney California Adventure park at the Disneyland Resort and Epcot at Walt Disney World Resort will be able to board the exhilarating aerial adventure that immerses you in a multi-sensory experience, complete with stunning sights, spectacular sounds and even subtle scents. Fastpass+ will be an option for Soarin’ beginning Thursday, April 21.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll see on Soarin’ Around the World:

In addition to the new film, the Epcot attraction also added a third theater and reimagined its interactive queue.

Are you excited to see the new Soarin’ Over the World?

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  1. I have tried to book FP on and off last night for June 17th, but keep getting the following message:

    Soarin’ – Opening June 17, 2016! FastPass Service not available.

    Wish I knew when they would become available…

  2. How do you project this affects the crowd calendar on the 17th and 18th? Our trip is scheduled for the week of June 11-18.

  3. Don’t trust anything the Disney says right now. Booked May 7 to see River of Lights and Frozen Ride, but neither are going to happen!

  4. Cannot wait!!! I remember standing on the Great Wall with my baby daughter in my hands just days after I adopted her! I can only imagine the tears that will flow seeing this beautiful place again!

    Excited to hear the music. Would love for parts to be the same as the original was so moving!

    September trip for us. Looking forward to seeing how the 3rd theater affects the wait line which I’m sure will be long even with it now that there is a new movie.

  5. Re-imagined the queue line?? So sad. I suspect that means no more Patrick Warburton But I’ll still love the ride/show itself, certainly.

      • Ohmygosh yes the long boring line part needs to go, but I have had a crush on PW for years ;-) so selfishly want him to still be our Chief Flight Attendant.

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