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Rumored dates for Walt Disney World Free dining

Free disney world dining plan 2017

I’m asked several times weekly when Disney World’s “Free Dining” offer will be released and what dates could be included.  According to several internet sources here’s the information:

Reservation nights:

  • August 23 – October 1
  • November 15-21
  • November 26-28
  • December 10-21

I have been told to look at a possible launch date of Monday, April 25th.


  1. Hi Kenny up early waiting to see if free dining will come out today ! I was wondering I currently have a reservation from Nov 26 to Dec 1 at the Caribbean Beach Resort is this hotel usually included ? And would it be possible to have the dining the whole length of stay or only those 3 days?

  2. Hi Kenny, I currently have a reservation booked from 9/30-10/14- will most likely modify departure for 10/11. I was under the impression that if we arrived before the predicted 10/1 cut off date, that my entire stay would be eligible for free dining. I just got off the phone with a cast member that said only 9/30 and 10/1 would be eligible, and that the rest of our stay would not fall under the free dining and we’d have to pay. Have the rules changed??

  3. I have already booked a stay that falls within the predicted dates and already purchased the dining. Will Disney discount me or give money back for what I have paid for if I can get the free dining.

    • And keep in mind, only so many rooms at a qualifying resort are in the block — in other words, even if you have an existing reservation, if you don’t act quickly, the “block” can get booked out from under you.

  4. I know the art of animation mermaid rooms are not included in the free dining plan, but I just heard from somewhere else that All Star Movies is not included either, is that true? Those were my first and second choice hotels, lol. Thanks.

  5. I have already booked for 8 nights in November, what happens if these dates happen to fall the same time as free dining, can I ring and ask for it to be added to our package?

    • Hi Kiera,

      As I understand it, if there are FD-eligible rooms available when you call to ask about the promotion, you may switch to Free Dining. In other words, even if you have already booked your November reservation, if there are no rooms within the FD “block,” you will not be able to switch. Does that make sense?


  6. Does free dining tend to increase attendance? I am considering dates that are in green on your calendar. Just wondering if the free dining will change them to yellow or red??

  7. Do you think they’ll offer free dining for the United States? Was thinking about taking a trip down in September 2017 to hit up food and wine

  8. We have never used the dining plan, as DVC members are not eligible. In my opinion, these dining plans only make the parks more crowded. We always go the week before Thanksgiving, which was always one of the best weeks to be there. Now, with the added free dining and now the extension of the Food and Wine festival, it really makes it impossible to get a “no crowds” kind of week.

  9. Haven’t been there in the longest and booking around the November 15 donning time. We may get there on Saturday 12th. How does the free sinning work and what happens if it offered on after I get there? Do I make two reservations/ I am so confused and need help please!!!

    • That has happened to me before. I booked before the offer was released. In order to get the offer, I had to call and they gave me 2 reservations. We arrived on Saturday and the offer started on Sunday. We had to “check out” Sunday morning and check back in. We ended up having to switch rooms, they told us that was a possibility. But since we were only there for 1 night, we didn’t unpack, we just rolled our luggage to the room down the hall.

      • Were you able to add an extra day of free dining for the Saturday that you arrived? Or could you only do it for Sunday through the remainder of the trip?

  10. I just read that the value hotels only get the Quick Service Meal plan for free. We are staying at the Art of Animation. Is that true?

  11. I need your experienced opinion now… We are just about to book a vacation for November 30- December 4 and were planning on buying the quick service dining plan. Now that this information is out, do you think it would be better to wait until we can get the free dining plan? We are wanting lowest crowds possible and are going to stay at the Contemporary. What are your thoughts? Taking a 9 month old so the less stress, the better lol

    • I would contact Mickey travels and have them book the dates. Tell them you want free dining, if it becomes available. Tell them KtP sent you. It’s free.

    • You book a Disney trip during the offer dates, room price is full rack rate. Usually there is a minimum number of nights you have to stay as well as tickets you must purchase. Then, the dining plan is free for each member of your travel party.

      • I have the disney visa but already booked my room. How does that work? Do I just have to prove I have one or do I have to pay for the trip with it?

      • I am about to book the end of August. I would love free dining. If I book before will I be able to change to free dining after? Or should I wait? I’m afraid to wait long because the rooms might sell out. Thanks

    • Most guests won’t travel to wdw for Christmas until after Christmas this year. We used to arrive the final day of free dining and stay a week

  12. This may sound a little contrary to everyone else, but I hope Disney does away with “free” dining all together. Every year the rooms that are offered are lowered in quantity, leaving less and less for the masses to squabble over. Disney obviously does not need to give anything away for a sale price these days and I feel like the sales are slightly false advertising because of the limited availability.

  13. Figures we arrive on aug. 21st and it looks line free dining will begin on August. 23rd. Do you know if they will let me use free dining for the remaining 6 days of my trip?

    • Last August, Free dining started on the 2nd night of our trip. I was able to call Disney and break our trip into 2 separate reservations. First reservation (2 nights) we paid dining out of pocket and the 2nd reservation (4 nights) were included in the free dining promo. We were sent 2 sets of Magic bands, 2 sets of luggage tags, etc. It was certainly worth it.

    • No they won’t but you can make a reservation from the 211st to the 23rd and then from the 23rd to the day you leave. Then you can get the free Dining Plan. The most important thing is that your check-in date Falls within the time period of the Dining Plan. If you did two reservations your second reservation would fall during that time. And every day after that would be on the free Dining Plan

  14. If the free dining is released to the Disney Visa card holders first do you have to pay for the whole trip with Disney visa or just the deposit?

  15. I know they usu exclude some of the resorts, do you know if Port Orleans Riverside is one that typically offers the free dining pkg?

  16. Bummer!! Halloween has been included the last few years and this looks like it’s not this year. Hopefully that will change when the rumor becomes reality. :(

  17. How accurate have these sites that are saying it is coming for those dates been in the past? We are booked from Dec 10-17 and would love to get free dining.

    • We were able to take advantage of Free Dining during that same Christmas period last year, 12/10-21 (-ish), and the year before that as well. If Disney is offering FD at all this year, I’d say chances are pretty good this same date range will be offered.

  18. I guess since October is now “Regular” season, I’m out of luck with my mid-end October trip… no incentive for Disney to offer Free Dining at that time :( Oh well, fingers crossed for the Room discount offer! :D

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