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Worldwide Wednesday: Jafar with Iago

Disneyland Paris characters meet and greets

EuroRob presents a fun photo of Jafar with Iago from Disneyland Paris today.  I met him with Iago on his shoulder at Disney California Adventure’s old Halloween Party, but Iago is with Jafar is pretty rare around Disney World and Disneyland these days.

Jafar with Iago at Disneyland Paris  copyright EuroRob
copyright EuroRob


  1. During a 2015 WDW Halloween party, I was able to get a Photopass magic shot on Main Street, where they perched Iago on my outstretched arm. Jafar was also greeting that night. Just an FYI.

  2. Sorry, these are the questions I put on the main page.

    1. Does Flik meet where Daisy used to meet at AK?

    2.Where and where can Character Palooza happen these days?
    There is 1 more but I can’t think of it right now, sorry.
    I am such a pain.

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