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What is Disney Early Morning Magic – Fantasyland and how much will it cost?

Details on Disney Early Morning Magic - Fantasyland

Yesterday on Disney’s website something called Disney Early Morning Magic began popping up under the dining tab.  I received a lot of questions about what it is.  Here’s the details:

Disney Early Morning Magic – Fantasyland

Fantasyland Fun Before the Park Opens
Make your Walt Disney World mornings more magical than ever with a first-access experience in the park!

Rising with the sun on select mornings, Disney Early Morning Magic gives you the chance to be among the first to enter Magic Kingdom park and experience a trio of Fantasyland attractions: The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Peter Pan’s Flight.

Plus, in addition to the early-morning fun, you can get your fill of a fantastic breakfast at Pinocchio Village Haus—featuring such scrumptious breakfast fare as:

  • Chilled juices, coffee and teas
  • Seasonal fruit and berries
  • Freshly baked pastries
  • Cheese and cured meats
  • Scrambled eggs with assorted toppings
  • Vegetable frittata
  • Smoked bacon
  • Pork and turkey sausages
  • Fried potatoes with caramelized onions
  • Mickey Waffles

Available with the purchase of a separate ticket, Disney Early Morning Magic takes place on select dates beginning at 7:45 AM.  However, admission is limited—be sure to buy your tickets before it’s too late!

Purchase Tickets Online or Buy Phone
Don’t miss this all-new special event at Magic Kingdom park. Purchase your tickets today! Admission to Disney Early Morning Magic is available $69 per adult and $59 per child (tax not included).

Know Before You Go
Learn all you need to know about this special event—including where to check-in and when you can enter the park.

  • Official check-in will take place near the far left turnstiles of the Main Entrance to Magic Kingdom park beginning at 7:30 AM. Ticketed Guests will receive an event sticker for identification.
  • Starting at 7:45 AM, Guests will be admitted into the park and guided into Fantasyland.
  • The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Peter Pan’s Flight are the only attractions that will be operational during this special event.
  • Breakfast will be available at Pinocchio Village Haus from 8:30 AM until 10:00 AM
  • At 9:00 AM, the theme park will open to Guests with standard theme park admission tickets and exclusive attraction access will end.
  • Please note that standard theme park admission tickets are required for this event, in addition to a Disney Early Morning Admission ticket.
  • The number of tickets available is limited. In addition, all tickets are non-refundable, non-transferrable and are only valid for admission during the special event date and hours.
  • All attractions, entertainment and experiences are subject to change without notice.

How does it work?

  1.  You’ll pass through security check point.
  2. You’ll touch your admission ticket or MagicBand with valid park admission (required) at the Mickey touch points.
  3. You’ll be given a special sticker to wear that gives you the ride privilege.  Guests with early park breakfast will not be given the stickers.
  4. You’ll proceed to Seven Dwarfs, Peter Pan and / or Winnie the Pooh as often as you like.
  5. Regular park guests enter at 9am.

Essentially, you’ll be given a special sticker to wear, admitted to the park 1 hour and 15 minutes early and given free reign of 3 attractions and provided a  breakfast buffet.  From what I gather, no dining plans are accepted.

Dates are not yet provided!

It will not replace Extra Magic Hour for onsite guests and will be available for all guests to purchase.  If you do this, use the hour for rides and get your breakfast around 9:30am.

Advance payment is required.

You can now book!



  1. Will we eventually see days split into 2 ticket catergories: 1st shift- 7am to 5pm, and 2nd shift- 5pm to 2pm especially during peak seasons? This Easter week is already 10+s across the board.

    It’s over-crowded now, imagine after 3 new lands open. Extra capacity- yes, but will it compensate for surged demand? Split attendance = shorter lines for guests and more $ for Disney. Bambi’s mother dies a little more every time a guest is denied the privilege to spend at MK during a Phase 4 closure.

    I’m sure Disney noticed people paying out the nose for 1-day 2-park Universal tickets to ride Harry’s Train.

  2. Allison,
    I agree with your every word about the morning hours. Kenny, I simply disagree with you that it won’t affect the average guest. If I am a usual rope drop guest, and I am used to being one of the first in the parks, having several hundred people in the park before me will certainly make a difference. I am not saying that it should not be allowed or will ruin my day, but it seems hard to deny its effects on touring plans.

    By the way, thanks for having a site with the most info on this. (As well as a great site in general). It is so appreciated how you reply to people so immediately in the comments section. We know where to look for more details as they are released!
    Thank you for being a trusted source!

    • Several hundred won’t fit inside Pinocchio’s Village house, so I’m not freaked out by the morning version. It’s like a Wishes dessert party for rides, not grand scale EMH. I’ll drink beverly on camera if I’m wrong :) thanks for the kind words! I try to respond as much as I can.

  3. Am I the only one who thinks this sounds fantastic? I paid an arm and a leg for breakfast at chef mickeys to get 4 characters to swing by my table for a pic with my kids. Seems to me paying for an hour + of exclusive access to these rides (plus still getting photo ops with small crowds at the park in general), plus breakfast is totally worth it. (7:30-9 with exclusive access, breakfast available til 10). As mentioned before if you don’t think it’s up your alley, don’t go! Simple as that…no need for complaints. No one is making anyone do/pay for this.

  4. $69 each for a quick service meal and then three ‘private’ rides within half an hour. Have Disney really lost their minds, it’s not April 1st yet is it?

    Why not just book a much nicer breakfast at Be Our Guest for 8am, then ride 7DMT at 8:45 (which you can do before the park opens) then do Peter Pan at 9am as first in line before anyone else arrives, then do Winnie the Pooh with pretty much no wait at all. Same result, but at a third of the cost, and a much nicer meal too.

    • This is pretty much what I am hoping to do because you know 7DMT Fast Passes were gone & my mom has never ridden it. Thought we could snag our BOG meal at 8:!5 before park opens and then slip over to be first in line for a quick spin before the lines are insane.

    • Great plan on a normal day, but I have a feeling that it won’t work on days that Disney offers this new event because all those people will be in the lines already.

  5. I wonder if they will have photo pass photographers available? Especially at 7:30 am, in front of the castle. We have been there at 8am before for breakfast and there were no photographers to be found.

  6. Interesting concept – it’s definitely a way to maximize your FP+ that day if you can get 2 of the harder rides this way. That said, I think we will stick with our BOG breakfast early and try to hit the same rides at park opening over paying a good chunk of change for a breakfast that we otherwise wouldn’t consider.

  7. Would you recommend waiting to send an email to complain about this once it’s officially released or now? Either way, to whom should I send it to? I think this is getting crazy. I will be canceling pre park ADRs and will think twice about taking our yearly trip next year. I am certainly reaching my breaking point.

    • I don’t typically complain about things I’ve never experienced. I don’t see how it affects anyone who doesn’t go. Pay if you want to do it, don’t pay if you don’t.

    • As long as they don’t offer this every morning, you could still do a pre-RD breakfast and do your plan. I’m all for any extra experiences that Disney can offer that keeps them from raising prices more on the stuff I do want to do.

  8. It makes me think twice about doing a Disney meal plan. If there is no benefit to ADRs in the morning and having a extra step on the morning rush, then what is the point. I love all the restaurants, but this all seems a little out of control. It all just feels like a money grab. I hope I am wrong and they are just trying to find new fun ways to help people enjoy their vacation more. I guess I am ok with extras, but when they start changing thing that are currently free to fee, like Fast Pass. I will be done.

  9. ~$240 bucks for a family of 4 for 75minutes (7:45am-9am) of fast passes for three rides….might be worth it if they don’t sell too many tickets and you can go on each ride at least twice each. otherwise, if you’ll need to stand in line at all during that time, not worth it. IMO

  10. Ok so let’s say I have an ADR at BOG for breakfast, and at 8:30 we are done. I don’t have a sticker on will I be prohibited from entering the fantasyland rides now?

    • While I don’t know the answer for sure. I’ve always looked at them opening some rides for breakfast guests as a privilege, not a right. If they continue the privilege, great. If not, enjoy breakfast and begin touring at 9am.

      • Hi Kenny- I realize that more info has yet to be released about this early morning magic event, but I have a few questions. First, do you think it will be worth it to buy this ticket? I’ll assume they will sell many tickets to this and folks will end up standing in line anyway as there are only three rides, and you really only gain 1hr and 15 minutes, do you agree? Or do you think they will limit it to a low number in that multiple rides of each ride will be possible in that small window if time before the park opens at 9? Second, how do you think this will affect the schedule as you know it to be? We are coming 10/6-12 and we are planning our park visit schedule next week so we can be ready to make our dining reservations when we are at 180 days. Would you say/guess that they will go ahead and schedule these morning tickets for days that you don’t already have slotted as EMH? Thanks a lot, your site is amazing.

      • Based on the fact that breakfast is involved and seating would be required, I doubt they will sell more than a few hundred tickets and there will be little or no line for the rides. Worth it is up to you. I don’t plan on purchasing this, as I could ride these as part of my touring plan, but some might enjoy the exclusivity. they won’t limit the number of times you can ride.

  11. I just called and I spoke to 2 different departments and no one at Disney knows about this. I would love more information as to how to book this.

  12. I so hope the date is not one where I have my pre-park opening ADR at CP in May! I will definitely cancel if it is. We are only doing it to have some mostly empty park time for pictures.

    • Why Kenny why? We all know that Disney Co. has been about making a large profit and keeping the magic alive. Now it seems they’re just in it for the profit and not keeping the magic in mind.

      My family has been lucky enough to visit Disney once a year for the past 4 years. Every time we’ve gone we have been able to score one of the first dining reservations at CRT or CP before the park opens.

      We did it for a trio of reasons, when added together it was magical.
      1) It makes our kids feel special entering the park before the public and gives them a chance to see things without thousands of “behinds” in their way and at eye level.
      2) Great photo opportunities without thousands of people and if lucky a clear shot of main street + castle without anyone in the picture.
      3) Terrific food and character interaction before a hectic day.

      But now that there is Cinderella’s, Crystal Palace, Be Our Guest, Magic Tour, and now this extra morning “magic”… it’s just a huge cluster of people versus the smaller 100 people or so. Granted it’s still a smaller crowd than the park opening, it’s just become less special to try and snag a early morning breakfast knowing that the amount of people allowed in is growing and those photo ops are harder to get.

      In my opinion I’d rather pay a little more for my CRT, CP, BOG reservation before the park opens over more “magic” opportunities that bring more people to pile in.

      • To just play the other side, you have been lucky to get a pre-RD CRT each trip but what about all the people that never get that opportunity because they have slow internet or work during the early morning. This experience will open up more slots for people to be able to experience early morning magic.

  13. I can only assume that at the end of the day Disney’s goal is to increase revenue without alienating the majority of their guests.

    Wouldn’t it be wiser to throw in at least one more character breakfast at MK than to add all these special hard ticket things?

    An all-you-care-to-eat breakfast is probably the least expensive meal to produce. Engender the goodwill of the guests by giving some cooks and servers more hours instead of less, toss in some characters (the options are endless: turn LTT into the Snuggly Duckling in the mornings hosted by Flynn with a rotating array of two or three princes or, if you must include the princesses contingent, hosted by Flynn and Rapunzel with a rotating array of prince-and-princess pairs [even just one guest couple per day]; toss a breakfast into the Skipper Canteen and have it hosted by Hook and Smee with a couple of villainous friends, etc.).

    New character meal experiences would have families lining up to book. A family of 4 might be unwilling to shell out $240 for the new experience. Disney loses their money entirely and they family might end up bitter about it, widely complaining to all their friends about the nickel and dime-ing at Disney and how only the rich get the best experiences. Give them the option for a new breakfast – they happily pay $120 and talk about it to all their friends.

  14. How will transportation work to get (all types of) guests to the MK main gate by 7:30am? This has been a problem for us when arriving early for tours before the park opens.

  15. Sounds interesting but have they given any specifics on what the select dates are? I mean if I was already going to be headed to MK maybe I would be interested but they are not really giving you much to go on are they?

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