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Disney introducing new “Disney After Hours” events at Magic Kingdom

Disney After Hours coming to Magic KIngdom

Do you want to stay in the Magic Kingdom with no crowds, but don’t stay in a Disney Resort?  Well, Disney World is about to allow that opportunity with “Disney After Hours” program. 

Guests will pay a fee to stay in the Magic Kingdom only for up to 3 additional hours after regular closing and include select attractions and meet and greets.  No word on what characters will be present.  I’ll update when tickets actually become available.

Cost: $149 per person plus tax (unknown if it included daytime admission)
Dates:  April 14, 21, 28.  May 5, 8, 12,19
On Sale:  April 6, 2016

This feature would be available to all guests. At this price, you’ll almost have the park to yourself!  I think they better march out some AMAZINGLY rare characters for this event.   What do YOU think of this offer?

Source: WDW News today



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  1. I had sent Disney a suggestion several months ago to sell after hours passes for photographers to be able to stay in the park after it closes so to photograph in a empty park. No rides or attractions just for photography. Looks like they took it a little further 149.00 is is crazy tho.

  2. I am not going to even think about booking this until you tell us that (and I quote) AMAZINGLY rare chatacters will be out!

    • just go for the Halloween celebration they have so many rare characters out and it is lot cheaper than that. My kids have pictures with all 7 dwarfs

  3. So hello Disney, REALLY? If you are staying off property it’s much cheaper to buy a room on site for one night and voila, your whole family had emhs for up to 2 days!

  4. They have trouble keeping non-paying guests out of the holiday parties. How are they going to manage that for this special?

  5. Do you have to purchase a ticket for that day as well or can you just purchase the EMH ticket for $150? Will an entire day that day at DW MK cost around $250? That is beyond outrageous. Or does the $150 include all day and the EMH?

    • Yes, you would need to buy an admission ticket plus the 149.00 unless you enter the park at 7:00pm then you pay the 149.00 only. However yes there is a however, if you arrive at 7:00 all the other guests will be there until 10 or 11 whenever the park is scheduled to close so you would not be having any advantage over those guest until closing

    • You will have to pay the regular admission fee for the day. Then if you want to stay for a whopping 3 extra hours you can pay in addition. So you will pay around $250 for the entire day. Talk about a bargain! SMH

  6. If they want to lower crowds. Maybe it will be great that they give Americans and US Residents sames benefits as people who live in South America.

    People from South America get Free Dinning almost year around. Yeap! Yeap!

    Original from S.A so I know their cost. And UK also has great Promos

    Anyways if trying to control crowd fair promotion to everyone and not trying to squeeze US residents to give away park.

  7. Kenny, I love the people who complain about costs, then say they pay $800/night to stay in a resort!!! Also, this is not something you HAVE to do, it’d merely an option…..if you don’t want to pay the price, don’t do it. Disney can be as cheap or as expensive as you make it, no one twists your arm to spend the extra $$.

    • $800 a night for a suite was worth it for my family and I never complained once about the cost during the three visits I’ve had in the last 2 years BUT it seems like some of the Magic that Disney has come to be known for is now going to be at an additional cost. I’ve heard about a lot of fees and additional costs over the last few weeks and also about the additions Disney is making…but what has people talking the most?

  8. I think I understand; Our family will be at Magic Kingdom on May 19th staying on DVC points. We have lots of reservations and plans already scheduled. The park was supposed to close at 11 p.m. There are no extra magic hours that day. So this does not affect our vacation unless we wish to purchase the extra time that is available to everyone..for a fee? Is that correct? And thank you KtP for the website! It has been so helpful in our planning!

    • Wondering this too for the same day… We are scheduled to do a lot this day at MK and it’s too late to change it all. As long as they’re open until 11, I’ll be fine. I’m worried they’ll close earlier

      • I think we will be ok, you are correct we can’t change our plans now we could lose all of our reservations and FastPass Plus. It should be quite a show if people recieve that 3 hour pass and a whole herd of folks enter the Park while the majority of us are leaving! Interested to see how this is going to work. This is our first time as DVC members and we’ve only been to Disney one time before that, so we’re still newbies at this. ;D. As they say; faith Trust and pixie dust! It’s still magical to me! Best of everything to your family while you’re there :D

  9. Disney is so GREEDY! There service is going downhill at WDW, after I got home from my last trip in January I didn’t even want to go back. I won’t go back til they add some new E-tickets. Even then, I am think about a much shorter stay.

    I miss how it was back in the day. When they cared about the little things. Now they just build Meet and greet’s. Now they want to charge an extra 50 dollars an hour to be in the park after it closed to the regular guests. I hope people don’t do this. There has to be a limit.

  10. This is a pathetic attempt to squeeze more money out of guests. They haven’t even bothered to theme these nights … just “after hours” you know … basically just like EMH, except you get to pay $150/person. Just sad. And yet kool aid drinkers will lap this up I am sure.

  11. At $150 for three hours of rides, compared to a “party” where it’s $75 for five hours with party extras, I don’t see this as cost effective.

    Clearly, it’s a way to help monetize the EMH benefit of staying in the on-site hotels.

  12. With the possible exception of the first date (Star Wars half marathon), those dates are pretty much all low crowd MK days to start with. With regular closing times of 10-11pm, you really would find yourself in an empty park. Tempting, but not for the price tag.

  13. That was my thought – do EMH guests come too? Because I think the lines would be looong. But I am guessing this is during off-peak season? April May then maybe again in September October? The parks are already open until midnight and later in the summer, but I can see this being an option in off-peak season. I would do it for sure, I take an afternoon nap at Disney everyday anyway – but it would up free up time which I might spend in MK during the day to do other parks – like Epcot F & G or F & W (if they have it then) or AK. I won’t feel like I am missing the MK if I can go back late that night and walk right on!

  14. I LOVE Disney and look forward to my trip every year but all of the extras Disney is charging for lately better lead to even more exceptional service then before-which is hard to do because they are at the top of their game! I understand making money but not at the cost of making their vacations out of reach for their loyal customers! I love my Villa Resorts and I do not believe I should have to pay $15 additional per night on top of my over $800 a night room. I also do not believe people who do not stay in Disney resorts should get to pay for extra magic hours-that was a special perk you got for staying in the $800 a night room! I hope that if all these charges go into effect-all of the stained carpets in the resort hallways from the bleach used to clean the resort, better be fixed and the bus driver who told me that he appreciates white shirts when it rains in front on my child, better choose his words better to make my day more magical and less creepy. More fees equals more judgement and more eyes looking for the perfection they paid highly for and the less they are apt to overlook the less then magical touches while in the happiest place on earth. Good luck Disney! I hope the fees are worth it to you in the end.

    • Even value guests who pay $100 a night off season get EMH though – not just 800.00 a night villas. So it is a perk – but not just for the very expensive rooms
      I don’t believe DVC points users would pay the $15 resort fee (you mentioned Villas).

  15. I agree with most of the others, just another way to nickel and dime (or $50/hr) guests. I would not pay that much for 3 hours (when the ticket for all day is only $100ish), It seems like in the last 2 months, it’s just upcharge, upcharge, upcharge but more and more things seem to be going away. Disney is going to price themselves out of the market at some point for families that have saved and saved to be able to afford it in the first place.

  16. I stay on property and depending on how this is receive and if the park truley is empty I would probably do it in place of a party. Just to run from ride to ride with no Waite and meet characters with no Waite. You can meet a ton of characters in 3 hours with no lines. And hit the long Waite rides. If I did it I may shorten my trip by a day.

  17. I’m there on May 19th… and have plenty of things booked. I seriously hope this isn’t true!!!! Because there’s no way I’d pay that for all of us (it would cost almost what the whole week costs just to be there for 3 hours). I’d be really upset if they did this after people already have travel booked!!

    • I’ve made some changes to our May 19th schedule. Our ADR for Tony’s has been moved back a couple of hours. Then if the crowds get to be a pain in the rear after 7:00 PM when they can enter the park we can hop over to Epcot or DHS for the rest of the night and leave MK to those who choose to throw money at Iger and his cronies.

  18. Wow, this seems excessively expensive, especially when compared to the other nighttime parties (MNSSHP, MVMCP, Pirate and Princess Party) that were a fraction of this cost for essentially the same thing. Maybe the extra money guarantees no lines??

    I agree with Jane, I’m not a fan of all of these new “changes” that are really new charges to make more money from loyal fans and guests. I thought Disney was above all of this nickel-and-diming. This makes me sad.

  19. While I probably would pay to do it, it irks me just a tad. I can’t help but think that they could have longer hours that everyone could attend (thus increasing the value of your ticket) if they didn’t have these after hours events. But then I guess they wouldn’t be raking in the extra dollars, huh? I’m really getting tired of feeling like the value is being squeezed out of the experience.

  20. Are they kidding? $150 for three extra hours? On top of the $100+ ticket price?? Or is that price for the whole day INCLUDING the three extra hours? With Disney these days it’s hard to know….

  21. $50/hour to go to a Disney park? Thanks but no thanks! Even if I could walk on every single ride I could not justify a price like that. For those who can great, but I don’t think the average person could/would pay this for 3 hours in the MK.

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