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Another major character being cut from Magic Kingdom

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Another round of character cuts is coming very soon.   This one will affect the Magic Kingdom. 

Lady Tremaine is  going to be removed from the Magic Kingdom.  Her last date for meeting guests in this location is February 21, 2016.  She will continue appearing at 1900 Park Fare for dinner.

We’ll wait and see if the Magic Kingdom adds some other characters in April, which seems to be the time frame for a lot of upcoming changes.


  1. We met them at the Dinner with the Princesses and they were the best, felt like they walked right out of the movie…sorry to hear this!

  2. We were at Disney World in November and lady Tremaine and her daughters spent a lot of time trying to engage my daughter Patty who has autism in conversation. She was very kind and patient! She will be missed at the park and:(

  3. At least the character will still be in the parks/resorts in some way guys.
    Not like other characters who have been cut permanently who can rarely make it back in some way aka John Smith, Hercules, Meg, Hiro, Milo, Kida, etc. These characters are considered dead basically until Disney decides to bring them back.
    As the post says, she’ll still be in 1900 Park Fare.

      • AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH NO! My favorite meet!! Please bring them back Disney!!! Is it just Lady Tremaine or will her daughters just be there without her.

      • I know. But I did say characters who are cut and rarely appears. RARELY.
        That includes John Smith and Hercules.

        Lady Tremaine won’t be rare or cut off like those two and other characters cause she’ll still be available daily (for dining)

      • That would be a never appears :) John Smith and Hercules were both out recently. If I was going to list every character that ever appeared, it would be a massive list

  4. I don’t think this is accurate. Its only Lady T leaving right now and that is STILL a HUGE mistake on Disney’s part. These are the BEST characters in the park with the funniest interaction. I can not tell you how extremely disappointed in Disney I am. It’s not often they FAIL miserably but this is indeed one of those cases!!!!

  5. Did any of the people commenting actually read what was written or just look at the picture?! Anastasia and Drizella will still be there. Lady Tremaine will no longer be with them.

  6. Nooooooo!!!! This is very sad and disheartening news. Lady Tremaine is one of my favorites to meet! I even got to ride the carrousel w/her on one vacation! I always look for a specific Lady Tremaine too – she plays her so spot on!!! Lady Tremaine makes the Tremaine family. I don’t understand what is going on w/Disney lately – taking away too many great/fun things and not putting out enough new or replacing with new and raising prices. Meeting characters is one of my favorite things to do at the park – I don’t want to necessarily have to pay for a meal to meet them. Well hopefully they bring her back soon!

    • Yes, I know who you are talking about. She plays her perfectly. We have seen her at Park Fare and in parades and such. I guess next time we will have to go back to Park Fare

    • Yes I ahaga itsi such a Shane they are taking her away from the park :( she is such a great character and I’ve seen slot o amazing interactions had with Lady T she is a real hot. I really hope they bring her back one day also

  7. If you really want to know where all the characters are all the time, subscribe to the Character Locator by Kenny. It’s PRICELESS. Totally worth the small user fee.

  8. Sad. Again. It seems Disney is making hard to visit the parks. Again this was a great meet and helps disperse the crowds and line some. I don’t get why they are diong all these cuts.

      • This is why I’m not in business as it doesn’t make sense to me. I am a AP but now seeing how busy it always is even at slower times of the year. I won’t be one again. So they are losing money.

  9. Looks like the move is if you want to see characters you are going to pay a little more to see them at a meal! I hope this is not the case.

  10. I had the pleasure of meeting them in October. They were great. They were really entertaining and funny. Our family enjoyed them immensely. This is a shame.

  11. NOOOO!! They are so funny – I hate that Disney is going to cut them from the park!! UGH. As always thanks for the intell (even if I didn’t like it)

  12. I can deal with a lot of changes at Disney, but don’t mess with the Tremaines! They are by far our favorite characters at MK & I have a 3 year old little girl who will be devastated to find this out. Their interactions at 1900 aren’t nearly as good. So bummed

  13. Its not to hard see what is happening at Disney soon the only way to see Disney characters will be if you are willing to pay to see them at Disney meals…..I remember when they just walked around the parks

      • up until about 7 years ago the characters did roam the parks in randon meet and greets perpetuated by the need to dispurse crowds or entertain lines of park goers that may have been caught in a delay for technical reasons. It was not uncommon to have charactters just appear and meet and greet. Then Photo pass took off and the dollar facilatated the move to structured , timed , location specific meet and greets. Remember, Disney is a business and when a dollar is to be made it trumps experience every time

      • I’ve been attending multiple times per year since 2003 and moved here 2 1/2 yrs ago. Characters never roamed wdw during that time. They were just more prominent

      • Ya, I found pictures of when I went in 2006 with Mickey, Minnie, Max & Goofy together, Terk, Robin Hood, LITTLE JOHN, and Suzy & Perla in the background all in the same day in small MAIN STREET (town square). And the next day we went to Animal Kingdom and met Prince John and Br’er Bear at the entrance. What happened Disney. I was planning on going to Disney in two weekends, planning to meet them and now I am changing plans to next weekend.

      • Some of us HAVE been going a long time! I also remember Disney being more spontaneous. I am glad I was able to take my kids then, as compared to now. But all of these changes have not stopped us big kids from going back again and again. Still our happy place.

    • Assuming you can GET a reservation and/or afford the meal. By making it meals only Disney will, in effect, be creating a two tier type of vacationer. One who CAN meet characters and one who can’t. Directly against what Walt wanted.

  14. Nooo!! They are our favorites and there is nowhere else to meet them all together. Their meet and greet is so popular! I don’t get it.

  15. That’s awful! My girls loved watching their antics near the castle. Anastasia came over and tried to steal my daughter’s chocolate bar. We weren’t even in line for autographs. It was just a spontaneous, fun, memorable moment. Very few characters did that sort of thing during our week long visit. We also had fun with them at 1900 Park Fare, but that shouldn’t be the only way to meet them!

  16. Kenny, is there a page that has the removal/start dates of the characters? i’m going in April and people I know are going in July. It would be nice to know where people (Elsa & Anna in particular) would be. Thanks.

  17. The step-sisters have always been the funniest characters. We really enjoyed running into them. Glad they are still at 1900 Park Fare but sorry to see them go out of the park.

  18. This is absolutely crazy! Meeting the characters is my favorite part of going to Disney World. What can they be thinking? Does this have something to do with the fact that they are firing the American workers and making them train their foreign replacements before they leave? Thank you for sharing with us, I follow your posts on Facebook.

  19. That sucks! my little cousins once rode the carousel with them and afterwards when my cousin tried to hug lady Tremaine she he poured ice down his back ! it was hilarious, I’m going to miss them

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