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Rare characters appear at Animal Kingdom today


Some characters that are rarely or never seen at Walt Disney World appeared today at Animal Kingdom. 


Gov Ratcliffe, Brer Fox and Meeko also recently appeared


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  1. Brer Rabbit, Fox, and Bear all outside animal kingdom entrance at 2:00 on Wednesday 2/17/16. Amazing so many people not realizing they were there!

  2. We were in AK today (Valentine’s Day) an met Tarzan w. Jane, Flick w. Princess Atta, and Pocahontas w. John Smith. Heard rumors that Thumper was in the park, but we didn’t see him.

  3. Do you know what the reasoning behind all these rare characters appearing today was? Like was there a big event or something?. It seems interesting they were all out on the same day. Does this shed hope for the future like Disney could be testing them out?

  4. Guys they are appearing i believe that they are appearing from now until valentines day. Kenny will guest relations tell you if they call the entertainment department?

  5. We were at AK last week and meet Tarzan and Terk I was joking w the CM about meeting Jane…. He said and I quote… She’ll be here on the 12th. Lol I wish we were still there!

  6. Where would rare characters like these appear if they are not marked on the guide? Or are they just random locations throughout the park for training purposes?

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