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Darth Vader to cease his regular meet at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disneyland

Kylo Ren replacing Darth Vader at Star Wars Launch Bay

In February 2016 Darth Vader will cease his regular meet and greet at Star Wars Launch Bay.   There’s a very good reason why he won’t be meeting in at least the regular location.

Kylo Ren is said to be taking Darth Vader’s spot at the regular meet and greet beginning at some point in February, 2016.  Some fans will be terrificly excited to meet this new Star Wars characters, but others may be saddened to lose Darth Vader.  It’s possible that Darth Vader could continue meeting at the Chase Disney Visa location, but that isn’t confirmed yet.  Kylo Ren will be appearing at both Hollywood Studios and Disneyland park.  Chewbacca will continue meeting on the Light Side of each Launch Bay.



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  1. Hm, so do we go early to not hit as long a line to meet Chewie, and come back after 11 to meet Kylo? Or just come once at 11, brave a long line to get in? Do you have to wait in the outside line twice to meet Chewie AND Kylo? Or you can do one, then head back to meet the other? Confused.

    • Kylo will have the much longer line. You don’t have to double back any longer. Back to back. Kylo 1st or end your day here

  2. Well, my DS6 (DS7 by the time we arrive) will be over the moon to meet Kylo Ren (and I doubt willing to stand in any sort of line to meet Vader) so foo on you, haters.

  3. This is really disappointing. There is no comparison between the two. Kylo will never be as popular as Darth Vader and I have no interest in meeting him. Just ruined my trip and I plan on letting Disney know.

  4. Kenny, remember that they still have to take away HALF OF THE PARK to build star wars land, he may appear there. Yet again, Disney is slow at build, they are still building Avatarland, and they have to also make toy storyland. So it might be a while if he shows up, just like new fantasyland.

  5. Would you have to have a Disney visa card to meet Darth Vader? Also I just read all of your new posts and this just ruined my day, but thanks for the info.

  6. Looks like the Disney Blog (official blog) has answered in the comments that Darth Vader will no longer be at the Visa M&G either. It will now be the First Order leader.

  7. My daughter will be over the moon to meet Kylo Ren BUT she also LOVES Darth Vader and was so excited to meet him in MAY. I didn’t know there was a special Visa Card holder spot for him. That will be amazing if they keep that!!

  8. Am I the only person asking why not just have both characters? Surely they can find somewhere else to put Kylo Ren. I don’t understand why Disney is making decisions to change things so much at one park, at one time. Darth Vader is a huge draw for lots of Star Wars fans. This is very disappointing.

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