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What does a slow day in Disney World look like in terms of wait times?

Peter Pan's Flight and Tomorrowland Speedway to close for refurbishment in 2019

This week begins the off season in Walt Disney World and the parks are almost empty compared to a couple of weeks ago.  I thought you might like to see some wait times from yesterday, September 2, 2015.

Peter Pan's Flight Fantasyland Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World

Animal Kingdom Wait Times

Most of the day all the rides were posted at 30 minute wait time or less.  Kali River Rapids saw a 3pm bump, but quickly fell back.  Not too much stress touring this place in September.Animal Kingdom Wait Times September 2 2015


Epcot Wait Times

Test Track and Soarin’ typically have huge lines, but Test Track rarely posted a wait of more than 30 minutes and Soarin’ was 10 minutes or less all afternoon and evening!  I like how someone always enters an inaccurate crazy high wait time at Mission: Space each day.Epcot Wait Times September 2 2015


Hollywood Studios

Want to tour Hollywood Studios this month?  Either use Fastpass for Toy Story Midway Mania or ride it at rope drop for the lowest waits.  It took 2 hours before the ride faced a decent posted wait.  It’s funny that the Great Movie Ride had longer waits that Rock n Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror at times.Hollywood Studios Wait Times September 2 2015

Magic Kingdom

7 Dwarfs Mine Train, Peter Pan’s Flight and Meet Anna and Elsa were the only real waits.  Isn’t September awesome?  Wait until next week when it gets REALLY slow.Magic Kingdom Wait Times September 2 2015


  1. Hi Kenny! Will be there at the end of this week 9/11 and was wondering if Fall Decorations/Halloween decorations are up at MK? Also, you mentioned the crane would be up getting ready for Xmas lights…did they finish with that?
    Many thanks!!!

  2. Long time reader, first time comment:) love reading about you and your family’s Disney adventures and wealth of knowledge!we will be there the second week of October, are the wait times pretty similar? I know it’s been considered a slower time but with parts of the country( including ours, getting Fall Breaks) I wondered if it was busier?

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    • You can use the email, but you may need to send me an email letting me know if you didn’t receive your password. I can look it up for you.

  4. How would you say this slow time of year compares to the 2nd week in May? That’s when our trip is planned and I heard it’s also a good time to go. Just wondering if I can use this as a guide when planning the ADRs I’d like to make.

  5. Thanks. Really wish I had planned the week before. We wanted to get in the Halloween Party but I didn’t realize the Wine & Food Festival would be going on. We will be at EP Friday night but only for the Princess dinner in Norway. Thank you for all that you do. This site has made is much easier to plan.

  6. Love your site. We are planning a trip the 19th through the 26th. Other than the weekend crowds at Epcot, do you think the wait times will be much different? I am getting soooo excited.

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