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What happened to Frozone and Mr. Incredible at Hollywood Studios?


I’ve received some information about the Frozone and Mr. Incredible meet and greet at Hollywood Studios.

Unfortunately, the meet and greet with Frozone and Mr. Incredible at Disney’s Hollywood Studios has come to an end.  These guys and Mrs. Incredible will still be available to dance with at the Magic Kingdom for the Incredibles Super Dance Party, but they will not pose for photos or sign autographs at that location.


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  1. Have you heard if they will make an appearance at the Mickey Christmas Party? We go to Disney in three weeks and have only now learned that this M & G is not available. My son is going to be so sad

  2. This explains why they were so much fun (more so than usual) 2 weeks ago. It was one of the best M&Gs we had.

  3. the times guide i got for Hollywood studios today says that the incredibles will be here continuously 11:30-2:30 and 3:30-6:30 on Sunday! So I’m not sure if that is accurate or what. Any input???

  4. I was there on Tuesday and they were there. The greeter said that they are ending but not just yet, they won’t move until Doc McStuffin’s area is completed. I’ll miss them too, Frozone is so much fun!

  5. Bummer. We had the best interaction with these characters. My son has baseball ears, and Mr. Incredible and Frozone acted out playing a baseball game with him. It was AWESOME.

  6. was there yesterday and they were there. The handler told me that they were being replaced and that they were going to another park.

  7. So happy my little guy got to meet his hero yesterday before he leaves! Spent some good time with him, flexing, high five workouts!

  8. This is in sync with what a cast member told me in April. He said Frozone and Mr. Incredible were on the official schedule until sometime the end of May. He also told me that Hiro and Baymax were on the official schedule at least until September. Take it with a grain of salt, but he seemed reliable and was very eager to talk characters.

  9. When do they end? We saw them today at DHS. Baymax and Hironare incredibly popular. We waited for close to an hour to meet them. It was worth it though! Baymax gave me a fist bump ba la la la la!

  10. Bummer! Our first trip to WDW is in June and they keep taking all our exciting meets away from us :( My kids love the Incredibles.

  11. My thought (and hope) is that this makes room for all of the Inside Out gang to appear together (or perhaps more realistically 3 at a time but rotating throughout the day).

  12. Ugh. More character bad news. It’s getting worse, not better. First Characterpalooza, now this. It amazes me how Disney just fails to recognize the popularity of character meets.

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