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Magic Kingdom Hub construction progress, Sunglass Hut and Peter Pan character meet

December 28 2015 Wait times

My son and I dropped into the Magic Kingdom on a busy Saturday holiday weekend afternoon to do some favorite rides and take a look at recent developments with the hub construction and the new Island Supply store.

The crane that removed the Cinderella Castle lighting is still in place and they are using it to do some touch up painting on the various spires.

Magic Kingdom hub construction 2015 (11)


So the crane ruined your photo?  Well, just put a big ole Mickey head balloon behind you and the problem is solved and the vacation is saved.Magic Kingdom hub construction 2015 (2)

The hub construction has spread into the area right in front of the Castle and even taken in the Mickey and Walt Partners Statue, so they moved the Fastpass+ viewing area for the parades to Town Square.  It’s pretty easy to find down in front of the Emporium.

The hub construction is moving along quickly.  You can see the forms in place to pour concrete.  My son and I said Disney must be owners in a concrete company with all the cement they use on everything they build.

NOTE:  Fastpass+ booking for Wishes Fireworks is now listed beginning February 27, which points to us that it will be the first date that the new viewing areas in this hub areas will be used.Magic Kingdom hub construction 2015 (13)

You can see all the pretty new lights with speakers that are being installed along both sides of Main Street. Magic Kingdom hub construction 2015 (10)

Lots of dirt, but more concrete, grass and plants will be coming, but don’t expect any large trees that would block the fireworks viewing areas.Magic Kingdom hub construction 2015 (9)


Those are concrete forms in the bottom right corner for those without a construction background.  They will pour it in there to create little holding walls.
Magic Kingdom hub construction 2015 (8)

You can see how they pour better from this photo.  That big round brown thing on the light pole is a speaker.  I like the light poles, very nice way of continuing the turn-of-the-century look in the area while concealing the speaker.Magic Kingdom hub construction 2015 (7) Magic Kingdom hub construction 2015 (6)

Bored yet or do you like looknig at generators and backhoes?Magic Kingdom hub construction 2015 (5) Magic Kingdom hub construction 2015 (4)

One of my readers on Facebook asked if I could look for Peter Pan.  He’s pretty easy to find as he is just across the Adventureland bridge on the right.  He’ll remain in this location at least until the end of the month.  We’ll see if he stays once the Peter Pan’s Flight extended queue is fully opened.  You can always find his schedule on www.characterlocator.com
Peter Pan character meet Magic Kingdom Disney World Adventureland

The Island Supply store in Adventureland, next to the breezeway has recently opened.  It’s now a “sunglass hut” location.  Expect this company to offer additional stores in other parks if everything goes well.Island Supply Adventureland Sunglass Hut Magic Kingdom Disney World (1)

Did you lose your sunglasses on Space Mountain and need a new pair of expensive shades?  This is the place for you.  I have transition lenses, so I can just walk outside and look like Tom Cruise, but not all are so fortunate.  Prices are the typically high price you’d pay just about anywhere for something that costs their company less than ten bucks.Island Supply Adventureland Sunglass Hut Magic Kingdom Disney World (2)

But you wouldn’t look like this with ten dollar sunglasses, huh?Island Supply Adventureland Sunglass Hut Magic Kingdom Disney World (3)

We enjoyed our evening together, then the girlfriend arrived and I surrendered him to tour with her family for a little while.  The sacrifices we parents make!

I’ve been uploading a bunch of videos to my YouTube channel, so be sure to check out all the new stuff over there.  I’ll be posting more this week too.

Any questions???


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  1. Hi Kenny! Thanks for your awesome site! Does the Move It Shake It Parade still stop for the “street party” in front of the castle, around the hub, during this construction phase?

  2. Are there any walkways closed going into the different lands because of the hub construction? Where would you recommend standing to watch the parade because of the hub construction going on?

  3. Ahhhhh, the castle! Crane or no crane it’s beautiful!! Really it was the ONLY thing I missed last week while at DisneyLand! Awesome place!

    Kenny, do you happen to know when they will be done with the construction in the Hub? (sorry if I missed it written somewhere!!)

    Erica :-)

  4. Thanks Kenny, love your blog! Do you think there is an area that we would be able to get a family shot by the castle with no crane in the frame?

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