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Some observations from our Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom evening January 3, 2015

Some observations from our Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom evening January 3, 2015

My girls wanted to drop into Hollywood Studios to check out the Comedy Warehouse Christmas Special, meet Hiro and Baymax, dance with some characters and ride a couple of favorites.  We then decided to hop to the Magic Kingdom to see the Jingle Cruise one last time.  I thought I’d share a few observations from the day.

Comedy Warehouse Christmas

comedy warehouse disney hollywood studos walt disney world

I can’t believe I never went to see this before.  It was stinkin’ hilarious watch the talented improv actors ham it up on stage.  We never visited Pleasure Island, so we didn’t see the original versions, but this was great family fun.  Next year we plan to take this in a few times.

Hiro and Baymax

hiro baymax big hero 6 disney world hollywood studios character meet

In case you missed the update yesterday, Hiro and Baymax are said to be extending their time at Walt Disney World.  They are now said to be staying until at least March 2015.  When I posted this on Facebook yesterday, it led to some wondering why characters have such a short run some times.  I can’t tell you the reasons, but I know that many characters in that exact location have been out for only a few months to a year like Meet the Robinsons, Bolt with Rhino and Mittens, Up with Russell, Dug and Carl, Lotso and Chicken Little to name a few.  That’s why I recommend meeting a character when you have the chance!Hiro and Baymax Big Hero 6 disney hollywood studos walt disney world (3) Hiro and Baymax Big Hero 6 disney hollywood studos walt disney world (2)

We waited a total of 58 minutes that included their 15 minute break that causes the line to move so slowly.  They often don’t complete the 45 minute set before leaving early too.  My girls didn’t mind the wait and we got to speak to a wonderful family who follows the blog and subscribes to Character Locator.  Someone asked if there is a way to avoid waiting an hour here.  My reply is not really.  People arrive early, arrive early again after their big break and stay in line.  It’s a popular meet.  Perhaps WDW will find a way to at least keep Baymax around since he is the star of the meet.

Hiro and Baymax Big Hero 6 disney hollywood studos walt disney world (1)

My little girl enjoyed a couple of fist bumps and a big hug and watched as Baymax began looking for Butterflies.  I told Hiro they should move to Epcot in the Spring to allow him to chase them.

Hiro and Baymax Big Hero 6 disney hollywood studos walt disney world (4)


We then headed over for some dinner at Rosies All American Cafe which consisted of sharing some chicken nuggets.

Baymax Souvenir Drink Cup

After meeting Baymax, my little girl was excited to get a Baymax Souvenir Cup.  They cost $9.99 and come full of a choice of soft drink.  I’ve heard they are currently in short supply and don’t know if they will get more.  Hollywood Studios is your best bet right now.  We ordered ours with the drink on the side to see if you come out ahead or behind this way.  You get more drink by allowing the Cast Member to fill the Baymax.  These are the things I do for quality reporting :)

Rock n Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror Photopass usage

We then used our Rock n Roller Coaster Fastpass, waited a few minutes and then used our Tower of Terror Fastpass.  If you’re wearing a Magic Band, the photos and videos (when provided) are automagically adding to your mydisneyphotopass account.  If you are only using a park ticket, you must tap your card at the exit under the appropriate display.

Please turn off the goofy lights that are meant to ruin this photo!  You’ve placed enough text to mess it up already.

Rock n Roller Coaster Photopass Tower of Terror photopass

Rock n Roller Coaster currently only offers the photo that is taken as you enter the chute, screaming your lungs out, smiling or face frozen in terror.  If don’t know the single rider beside me.  I think she didn’t speak english because she just stared at me.  Either that or she was taken by my ravishingly good looks?

rock n roller coaster hollywood studios walt disney world

The photo for the Tower of Terror is taken as you reach the top point for your first drop.  You overlook the park and you’ll see a flash.tower of terror photo

I’d show you the video, but I didn’t pay for the Memory Maker package to test it out.  Just can’t bring myself to pay for this to test it.  The video basically includes the photo above and the photo that is taken on the very first stop on the ride.  It includes those photos with some stock video footage that is actually pretty well done.tower of terror video hollywood studios walt disney world




Bolt at the Holiday Dance Party

We wanted to see if Bolt might be out dancing at the Hollywood Studios Holiday Dance Party.  He was!  My little girl didn’t remember having ever met Bolt previously.  It was 2008 and she was a little tot back then.  We were fortunate enough to meet Mittens and Rhino at the same time!

Walt Disney World, Hollywood Studios Characters, Bolt, Mittens, Rhino

2008 – We met Bolt, Mittens and Rhino all at the same time before they were retired shortly after. I’ve been told that Bolt makes surprise appearances at Hollywood Studios and Epcot

She enjoyed a little dance time with Bolt.  We saw Max, but he left before we could approach him.  She tried to run ahead, keeping her distance to say hello to him, but the Cast Member must have thought she was one of those kids that grab and tackle characters.  She just yelled “Hey Max” and he waved back as he departed.Bolt at Disney Hollywood Studios Dance Party Walt Disney World character meet

Bolt is quite a dancer!

Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights

We then headed over to catch the Osborne Lights as we call them.  I wanted to catch “What’s This” as I hadn’t seen this display before. It was the second one offered, so it didn’t take too long.  It could take 30 minutes or more to go through the entire rotation of songs on the Streets of America.  It’s just a camera phone video, but it gets the point across.

Do you want to build an iceman?

My little girl then wanted to go “Build a snowman.”  We entered the Oaken’s Trading Post area near the Mike and Sulley meet and greet and she was able to walk straight into the “snow” area.  This video tells the story better than I could.

Goodbye or Good riddance to the the Sorcerer’s Hat?

hollywood studios sorcerers hat


We stopped for a quick picture with the Sorcerer’s Hat in the background.  It kind of ended with a big thud because the screen on the stage is really bright and there was no lighting on the hat, but I’m actually happy to see the same entrance that I saw on my first trip in 1990.  Now if they would just bring Roger Rabbit back!

We then park hopped over to a busy Magic Kingdom.  I had already told the girls it would be full of people wanted to squeeze as much fun out of their vacation as possible and I was correct.  Wait times were 30 plus minutes after 10pm and stayed that way pretty much until midnight.

A Frozen Holiday Wish

If you want to catch the Holiday Castle lighting ceremony, you’re in luck as they extended until January 12!

Cinderella Castle, Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World, Christmas Lights


Want a unique view of fireworks?

View from Swiss Family Treehouse


If you want a unique view of the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom, you might try climbing the Swiss Family Treehouse a few minutes before it begins.  You’ll be able to see the Castle and fireworks from a side view.

Get a Dole Whip with little or no wait.

Unless you’re just dead set to pick up that non-dairy pineapple specialty that is a Disney craze at the little shack across the bridge in Adventureland, you can now get one for the same price at Sunshine Terrace next to the Magic Carpets of Aladdin.

Sunshine Terrace menuWell, that’s all the news that I have today.  I’m sure I’ll be back in the parks soon and I’ll take my real camera with me.   Oh, I still owe you guys a Disneyland Paris report too, huh?


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Thursday 8th of January 2015

I feel like HS put that ugly stage & screen up just to make the Hat's final day easier to process. I used to like the Hat....but, the Hat with the sage in front of it is just....Yucky. Also, if they brought Roger Rabbit back, THAT would be awesome!!


Thursday 8th of January 2015

They used the stage for dance parties and the frozen stuff they did earlier this year.


Thursday 8th of January 2015

I heard this was the last year of the lights :-(


Thursday 8th of January 2015

I've heard that 5 straight years. It's a huge draw for DHS and WDW, so it seems unlikely to remove it.


Monday 5th of January 2015

My kids loved bolt when that movie came out and we saw all three of them back in 2008 as well. Would be neat to see them again.


Monday 5th of January 2015

We saw roger rabbit last year at DL. He was out with all the other rabbits for easter. Except it was June.


Monday 5th of January 2015

Yes, it was a special event. He's not out on a regular basis

Rob S

Sunday 4th of January 2015

Thanks for sharing. I do wish there was SOME Roger Rabbit somewhere in Florida, I'm happy he's still at Toontown in Disneyland.

The more I see the Osborne Lights the more I want to schedule a trip around the Christmas festivities. What time of year would you recommend to see the Christmas things for lowest crowds. Support

Monday 5th of January 2015

His ride is in DL, he isn't.

Right after Thanksgiving is the best time to visit.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.