Home Disney World Daisy leaving Animal Kingdom with Tarzan coming.

Daisy leaving Animal Kingdom with Tarzan coming.

Daisy Duck preening for the camera at Animal Kingdom

EDIT:  Daisy disappears from the Animal Kingdom’s schedule at Discovery Island Boat Landing tomorrow, December 7, 2014.  Rumors are pointing toward Tarzan coming to Animal Kingdom for regular meets.  There’s no public listing for this change, but it seems likely that a change (for the positive) is taking place.

  • Daisy will leave.
  • Pocahontas will move to Discovery Island Landing
  • Tarzan will move to Pocahontas’ location

DAISY WILL continue to meet at Tusker House for character meals.

Rumor source:  @dcharacternews



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  1. Really hoping the rumor is true! Would love to meet Tarzan since we didn’t make it to the Halloween party the last several years. Look forward to an update before we head to Animal Kingdom on the 15th.

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