1. Kenny,
    Is there anyway of knowing which characters would be showing up at the character palooza?
    Thank you for this great site.

  2. Had a great time at character palooza today. 4:40pm. It had rained not much earlier and they still had it. It even started to sprinkle during it. Whew! What a magical time, thanks to you Kenny!!!

  3. We were at character palooza the same day/time! I actually prefer this location over the Streets of America. I think it’s fun to see the gate swing open!

  4. Hi, two questions. Did you use your pop up flash or external flash for the fill flash. I always have issues with shadows and need to start using fill flash but would prefer not to have to take external flash to the parks. Second, is characterpalooza at t of t quieter than when it was on streets of America? It seems more tucked away. Love your blog and app, couldn’t go to disney without it! Thanks.

  5. Kenny – is there a photopass photog at character palooza? We’re hitting it and a couple weeks and thinking about buying memory maker.

  6. I know they mix them up from day to day/set to set, but does this mean Robin Hood is more of a “regular” at Character Palooza during October? He is my absolute favorite but I’ve never met him.

    • Yes, and it’s marked on the map and mentioned in the link I highlighted. However, everything is subject to change without notice at WDW

  7. I checked your crowd calendar & Character Palooza not listed for November. Then I checked your main page—typically not in winter which isn’t until late December. So no CP in November & December ever? Thanks

  8. Hi Kenny. Love your photos! Typically, how long does the Character Palooza last?I ask because we have an ADR at Mama Melrose at 15.30 on 29 Oct and I’m wondering whether we’ll be able to catch it before or after? Thanks.

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