1. Do they meet together or single. Would slow the line if each is single wonder how Elsa is as she lets Elsa do all the talking when lat meet

  2. Does anyone know if they are still handing out the time tickets for a return time. We go in November and I have had no luck with the fast pass+ even when I am on at midnight of my 60 days – ugh!

  3. I was unable to get Fast passes to see Anna and Elsa for our trip in November. My daughter has an appointment at the Boutique at 8:40. If we go at rope drop to see them, in your opinion, would we have time to make it to her appointment?

  4. We are going to MK in Oct and have tickets for “Not so scary”. I was wondering if there was a chance to get in the stand by line, right at or a little bit before, the party as there are no FP during the party. Will the lines still be really long even at the party? What are your thoughts.

  5. I’ve heard that during the test, they are re opening the regular stand by line in the early evening? Can anyone confirm this? We are hoping to catch them late one evening during our trip (not wasting FP+ on them as meeting them isn’t a “must do” for us)

  6. In my humble opinion, they should bring a meet and great with Elsa and Anna back to Epcot until the demand slows.

  7. I wonder how they came up with the 75/hr? That averages 0.8 minutes per guest experience. A family of 5 would be “alotted” only 4 minutes of a visit. However, if they are looking at averages, maybe 1125 (15 hours X 75 per hour) is around how many guests they were seeing per day? We will have to see what the test shows.

  8. We are going this Friday. The last time I had a Fast Pass scheduled for the parade and it was cancelled because of the weather (so we ended up not going anyway that day), I checked my email and noticed one from Disney telling me my fast pass for the parade was cancelled and that I could choose any other attraction. When I went down that list, I noticed Anna and Elsa were on that list..I wonder if that will happen again this Friday, I have been checking the weather and it is a hit or miss. But I wonder if this will make a difference. (I should find that email and just paste it here since this probably does not make as much sense right now…It is late, give me a break! lol)

  9. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m actually GLAD that we are not going again until april (I usually wish I was there NOW). But I am hopeful that all of this will be figured out or at least be drastically improved by then. We absolutely have to see these sisters, so I am so grateful for all of your very helpful information regarding them (and all the other characters, too!). In your experience, can you give an educated guest on how how long A&E will have such crazy demand? Like, is there an average amount of months where newly introduced characters demand an hour+ or 2 hour+ wait? You may have no idea, but if someone would know, I thought it’d be you. ;)

  10. I think it is a good idea, you would be able to do other things in between, good alternative to a very long wait!

  11. Interesting. I can see why they do this, but if you aren’t in the park by 10 you probably cannot see them at all. Whereas before you could bite the bullet and wait if you really wanted to (and obviously many people did or there wouldn’t be a line).

  12. If they keep this it will actually give me a glimmer of hope that maybe my girls can meet them. However I have already spoken to them and they understand if the wait is too long we will not wait. But fingers crossed that this sticks around because I have a few rope drop days planned!

  13. I think this is a great idea. It is similar to what you have to do in order to participate with Jedi Training Academy. It is good to see them try to fill a need–yes, you should be able to do whatever you choose with your park ticket, but I imagine Disney is trying to make your vacation a little better by keeping you from spending half of your day waiting in a single line.

  14. Hmm considering disney expect you to nail so much down in advance what if the return time clashes with another fp or dining reservation? Also whilst standing in lime for 3+ hours is crazy it is each persons own decision in they do that. Disney should not be telling people how to utilise their $100 tickets.

    • That’s the part that remains to be seen, how it will affect people with other reservation types. That’s why they quickly adjusted the sing a long to allow people to choose their time slot.

  15. I’m wondering if I should just break it to my daughter now that she’s not going to be able to meet A&E when we go in October. She was fine when I told her we couldn’t eat dinner at Be Our Guest, but this may just break her little heart. I’m assuming FP for A&E is like ADRs for BOG which means that anyone staying less than 10 days doesn’t have a chance!

    • As stated in my article. This is a 3 day test. No way of knowing if it will be that way in Oct. However, if they are using this system, go straight there at rope drop and pick up a card and you’ll get to meet them.

    • You can still do BOG for lunch! And keep checking the App as your visit approaches. I am still messing around with FP+, and I still see return time come and go. Keep trying!

      • Thanks, Chris. I won’t give up yet but I’m trying to manage expectations. This is her first Disney trip…it will be special either way.

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