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What date will Seven Dwarfs Mine Train open and When can I get Fastpass+ for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

when to ride the seven dwarfs dwarves mine train

The two biggest questions I’ve been asked since Anna and Elsa moved to Fantasyland surround the opening of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.  We all love to experience new attractions and wish to be among the first regular park guests to ride the new Dwarves Mine Train in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.

When will Seven Dwarfs Mine Train open?

The 7 Dwarfs Mine Train will officially open on May 28th, 2014, but soft opening previews may happen at any time between now and then with no advance notice and may close shortly after offering a few guests at a time a ride on the Mine Train.

When can I reserve my Fastpass+ for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train?

The same basic rules of Fastpass+ apply to the 7 Dwarfs Train.  Walt Disney World onsite guests may book FP+ 60 days in advance and Annual Passholders and those with tickets added to the My Disney Experience website may book 30 days in advance.  The first date listed on the site for booking Fastpass+ for the Mine Train is May 28th, 2014.  The first date that the Fastpass+ appears is May 28th and it only appears on the WEB VERSION, not on the APP as of 9:25 am on May 2, 2014

seven dwarfs mine train fastpass+ opening date

The ride will offer much more capacity than the Anna and Elsa, Ariel, Cinderella/Rapunzel and Mickey Mouse meet and greets and Enchanted Tales with Belle, but will still be very popular.  I expect the stand by wait times to be significant, so book this Fastpass for the 7 Dwarfs Mine Train as quickly as you know what day you’ll be at the Magic Kingdom.   The best trick to using Fastpass+ for the Mine Train would book be to book it earlier in the day and allow yourself the flexibility of using the 4th and subsequent FP+ for rides like Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear, Tomorrowland Speedway, Big Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain etc..

Will the Dwarfs appear at the Ride?

Nope, only for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Site is Confusingseven dwarfs mine train sign ups

There’s a countdown on the Disney World website for the Mine Train that is confusing people.  The countdown is currently pointing toward “Training Begins…”  It basically is equal to May 15th.  I’d guess that the site is basically saying that they will add more content to this mini site on May 15th, not that the ride actually opens that date.

When I took the little quiz I was given the name of “Feisty” Dwarf.  Kinda sounds like me too.  The dictionary refers to this as being “Lively, determined, and courageous.”

seven dwarfs mine train dwarf name feisty


The mini site also contains this “Miners Handbook” as a download in pdf format.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Miners Guide page 1 Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Miners Guide page 2 Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Miners Guide page 1 Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Miners Guide page 1

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Miners Guide page 5I’ll be there on the first official day and hope to catch some previews as well.

Are you looking forward to experiencing this new attraction?



  1. Hey Kenny! Is this coaster big enough to have 2 trains on the track at the same time…one riding and the other loading more guests? Or just one?

  2. Do you know if the opening of the Mine Train on May 28 will include some type of special grand opening festivities?

  3. I’ve tried changing one of our fast passes over to the mine train but it doesn’t show up as an option? Does that mean all the slots are full? We’re going the second week in June and I’m using the website- not the app. Just wondered if I was doing something wrong? Thanks!

  4. We’re headed down on June 2nd, so I’m very excited it will be open. FP+ already snagged for the first evening we’ll be there!

    For the record, I’m “Geeky” dwarf. Pretty accurate. :)

  5. Can you explain a little bit about how the soft openings work? You know I’ll be there in about a week until May 17th. What should I look for? Is it just that you have to be in the right place at the right time? I’m stressing about not riding this because who knows when the next trip will be?

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