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Fastpass+ offering the ability to use more than 3 FP+ in a single day and park hop.

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Today, April 28, 2014 Walt Disney World began a new phase in Fastpass+ (FP+) offerings.  Guests are now allowed to choose more than the original limit of 3 Fastpasses per day with some limitations.  Guests can even use Fastpass+ for park hopping to a degree.

1.  Guest must book 3 Fastpass+ selections from the Disney website, My Disney Experience app or in park kiosk.

2.  Once the 3 FP+ have been used OR the time frame expires on your FP+ selections, a guest may go to an in-park kiosk and book ONE additional FP+ from any available at that time.  (High demand attractions like Anna & Elsa, Toy Story Midway Mania, Soarin’ and Test Track could be gone by the time you try this).

3.  Once the 4th FP+ has been used or the time frame expires, you may book another FP+ and continue this process as long as FP+ is available.  (The additional selection can take place in the same park, or a different park)  There will be no limitation on how many additional selections you can make, but they must be made one at a time.

4.  At this time guests can ONLY book the additional FP+ at an in park kiosk.  Walt Disney World plans to allow the flexibility to use their app for the additional FP+, but this feature is not currently available.

5.  Any ride can be chosen as the 4th (or more) selection, including the ability to re-ride the same attraction you chose earlier based on availability.

6.  The guest can choose any attraction as the 4th (or more).  The tiers that are a part of Epcot and Hollywood Studios will not apply to the in-park kiosk selections of number 4 or more.

So, what does all this mean?  Guests will be allowed to pick over any available attractions that remain, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get to re-ride Toy Story Midway Mania and it doesn’t mean you’ll find Anna and Elsa FP+ in the park.  This feature is going to be most effective at the Magic Kingdom which has a wide variety of Fastpass options.  This feature will also mean that wait times at rides like Pirates of the Caribbean, it’s a small world and Haunted Mansion could actually increase later in the day because more people will be using FP+ for these attractions.

If you choose a late FP+ for things like Main Street Electrical Parade, Wishes, Illuminations or Fantasmic as part of your original 3 FP+, you’ll be locked out of being able to make the additional FP+ choices.

I recommend that you continue to use the Touring Plans that I’ve written exactly as they are presented, because they work.  If you’d like to make use of the extra FP+, just book them after using the 3 outlined in the plans.

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