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The Best time to meet Anna and Elsa from Frozen at Epcot

Meet Anna and Elsa in Epoct

I receive a lot of questions concerning when and where to meet Anna and Elsa from the movie Frozen in Epcot. We know the ladies will be relocating to the Magic Kingdom on April 20th, but what about those who plan to travel to Walt Disney World before April 20th? When should you meet them?

Option 1: Extra Magic Hour Plan

If you have extra Magic Hour privileges, you should use that hour to wait in line for Anna and Elsa and use your FP+ wisely to ride Soarin or Test Track and two other favorites later in the morning. It may seem silly to waste an hour standing in line because the girls don’t arrive until 9:00AM, but that will probably be the shortest wait you’ll see for them in Epcot. I would arrive at least by 7:30 AM and make a beeline for the Norway Pavilion. The meet is in the Princesse Plass, which is on the left hand side when entering the pavilion.  One person could hold the spot while the others do some rides, if you wish.

Option 2:  Book a breakfast dining reservation at Akershus before park opening.

This one might be pretty difficult at this point in time, but is the most popular way that people have used to save time for this meet.  Many people will book a pre-park opening reservation between 8:00 am and 9:00 am, eat some breakfast, then dart out to get in line.  Some have even booked the breakfast, then skipped it entirely absorbing the $10 per person fee.  The gate Cast Members do check for reservations before entering the park.  This group of people are the reason the wait time is already at 2 or more hours when the first of the rope drop crowd reach Norway these days.

Option 3:  Try the late afternoon.

This one isn’t guaranteed to work, but many people have reported success getting in the line after 4:30pm.  Of course that success could still result in 1 1/2 to 2 hour waits, but it’s worth a try if you arrive early in the morning and you’re quoted a 5 hour or more wait.

When Anna and Elsa move to the Magic Kingdom, my current recommendation will be either go straight there at Rope Drop, especially on an Extra Magic Hour day, or use a Fastpass+ for early in the morning. Perhaps my How to Find Difficult Fastpass+ Reservations could help.  I’ll be there the first day and several days after the April 20th move to report the best way to meet them in the Magic Kingdom.

How long did you wait to meet them?  How long would you wait?


  1. If going first thing at rope drop in June should we use a fast pass too? (thought I posted this a while ago but it did not show up)

  2. Kenny, any idea why I can’t find the Anna/Elsa greet on MDE app? I’m an annual passholder and can schedule FP+ 30 days in advance. I literally check every single day and have yet to see it once.

      • Oh my goodness, I didn’t even realize there WAS a computer version!
        I’ll check it out now. I’ve been getting frustrated thinking the FP+ have been used up before I can even get to one! Of course with all the insanity surrounding the sisters, I’m not exactly surprised. ;) Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

      • Okay I checked the computer version. It *shows* the meet but it’s faded out and says “standby only.” Ugh! SO frustrating! Looks like the only way around this is to stay on property and get the 60 day reservation schedule.

      • Yes, I always just do it for one and then copy to the others :) I live closer so I can go on any day – so I’ve been trying every single one. Thanks for getting back to me! I really appreciate everything you do on this site.

  3. They are still showing on the Disny website as being at teh Norway pavillion beyond April 20. Can anyone verify this?

  4. I have met Anna and Elsa twice, since January the first was around 11 and my family and I were given the last slot at 3 pm (which was evidently a good time). It was worth it to wait since it was our first time meeting them and I had to have them sign my Art of Frozen book.

    The second time was only a few weeks ago after I had read about their moving to the Magic Kingdom on the 20th of April. My sister and I woke up at 5 am and made our way to the park as early as we could get in. We waiting and cleverly titled our endeavor as Anna and Elsa: No reservations as almost everyone waiting with us had breakfast reservations. When the park had opened we ran the the Norway pavilion and to our surprise we ran into many of the people who were in line for their breakfast reservations. We ended up getting in line and only had to wait for 45 minutes to meet them. It was definitely worth it but the two hour nap I took when I got home wouldn’t be the best for resort guests.

    Both times we visited it was an awesome experience and just getting there was a fantastic story! I hope after time I don’t have to take these crazy measures to meet them but it was still a very good time!

  5. We met them March 13th. We were there at 815 (first bus from our hotel to E PCOT). My husband ran at rope drop with one of our daughters in the stroller. He was one of the first that was not from the breakfast. We waited 50 minutes. When I got there, walking with the other daughter, it was about 7 minutes later than my husband and the quoted wait was 2+hours. We were lucky but they were the best interaction my girls had the whole time. My girls were dressed up like them (wigs and all) and they had so much fun comparing matching shoes and hair and everything! The interaction they had would have been worth a several hour wait for me anyway

  6. Okay – so we will be going after April 20th and would like to use one of our FPP for Anna and Elsa. I will go online at midnight to try and get one right as it becomes available at the 60-day mark – but is there a time that will be best for getting the Anna/Elsa FPP? I know you can’t predict, but in your expert opinion, do you think even the FPP line will be an hour or more wait like what happened on valentine’s day? Should we get the FPP for 9am so the FPP line doesn’t have time to build up? Any advice is ALWAYS appreciated :) Thanks Kenny :)

  7. We were there Sunday March 30th, I took cab to gate at 8am, family arrived 8:45. I was one of first throught the gate at opening & ran to Norway, line moved quickly & met them by 9:25, not bad at all. Send a runner & have rest of family come after.

  8. We met Anna and Elsa last Thursday and really lucked out with our wait time. My husband left the hotel very early and waited around at the gate because we hadn’t been able to get an advance Akershus reservation. A cast member did call back to the restaurant and offer him a reservation that morning, but he felt guilty taking it and it wouldn’t have worked out well for us since we my 3-year old and I came separate from him and expected a wait.

    At rope drop he ran to Norway and was the first person in line that hadn’t attended the breakfast. I really had to hustle to get there in time. By the time my daughter and I reached Norway we waited less than five minutes with him and were finished by 9:30 am. We really enjoyed meeting them and our daughter loved showing them her ‘Marshmallow’ figurine!

  9. We saw them January 26th, a Sunday. It was our first day at Disney and our first anything……..we arrived at our hotel, The Boardwalk, and went to Epcot and went directly to Norway. It was a misty rainy day…..got in line at 5:30pm and saw the girls at 6:50pm. Our girls, ages 4 and 6, were so excited! And they stood in line and suffered with us. The only thing that bothered me,……..not the wait, but the people waiting and saving spots. I don’t think that should be allowed. It’s not fair to the kids that are waiting. I am very happy to hear they will be in MK for our visit back next year, but I am sure there will still be a wait. We fast passed Rapunzel this year and still waited 40 minutes.

  10. I tried multiple times every day for a pre-9 AM breakfast in the month leading up to my trip last week. Three days before the trip, an 8:30 AM reservation opened up for 2. My son and I got to Epcot and walked to Norway at about 8:20 and we were third in line.

    The breakfast crowd started filling up the line at about 8:40. The first runners made it back shortly before 9 AM and were about 15 people back.

    I was there last Thursday and lines stretched 6+ hours by later in the day.

    It was a lot of work but this was easily the best Character Interaction I had on the trip. Anna and Elsa were delightful and spent so much time with my kids. We never felt rushed and we felt like they were really interested in interacting with the children.

    Thanks for your tips!

  11. I have seen them twice (Nov 17th before the movie opened) and waited about an hour. Saw them in mid January and did the rope drop and run method. They started at 11am back then and all told (from park opening) I waited 2 hours 27 minutes to see them then.
    While in the Harmony Barbershop on Sat, a lady said she only waited 45 mins this past Saturday afternoon. She said the rain caused many people to bail from the line so they lucked out (if standing in the rain = lucking out. ;) )

    I also have fast passes for April 20th (9:30 am) and also for the following Saturday and Sunday for 9am and 9:15 (Have a 2 year old that LOVES them and she will be dressing up). But had to work pretty hard to get those FP+. I got online after midnight and had to do the one person at a time method and shift around times like mad (even for our party of just two) and still for the three days we have FP+ for, we didn’t get a single set with exact times for the pair of us, but luckily they overlap by ten or fifteen minutes.

    I’m really anxious (and nervous) to see what kind of chaos PFTH will experience when the girls move in. I can really envision the FP+ return line being bad, not to even mention standby…

  12. I have a fastpass for may 24th at 10am…when I booked it I forgot about the 24hr day that day :-/ hope my wait with FP+ isn’t terrible

    • How did you find that FP option on your Disney App? I’m trying to book for our trip in early June which we just became eligible to book for and can’t even find that option to even check availability on the app. Any help would greatly be appreciated, thanks.

      • If you can’t see Fastpass+ on your My Disney Experience app, you aren’t eligible. You need to have a resort stay booked, be an Annual Passholder or have a valid ticket added to your profile.

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