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Anna and Elsa to continue meeting in Epcot

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Anna and Elsa from Disney’s Frozen have been among the most successful character launches in Disney history.  People began lining up early for them before the movie even released in theaters.  Little girls were already wearing their dresses and lines were between 1 and 2 hours.  Well, it’s only become more popular since the movie released.  The wait times for these characters is regularly 2-3 hours or more.  Someone recently said 5 hours, but I wasn’t there to confirm.  I can tell you that my kids and I once waited 3.5 hours to meet Rapunzel and Flynn Rider on the 24 hour day in order to complete an Ultimate Tour attempt.

I’ve recommended that people arrive at the pavilion by 10:00 a.m., but lately it’s become a rope drop attraction despite the fact that they don’t begin appearing until 11:00 a.m. on most days.  (It’s my opinion that Disney should look at beginning at 9:00 a.m. everyday and, if needed, cut the line off earlier in the day.

Well, I’ve had a lot of people asking if they are going to continue the meet and greet beyond the previously announced date of January 4, 2014.  The answer is YES.  The ladies will continue in exactly the same location in Norway until at least the end of January.  Disney Synergy picked up the tab for the cost.  I’ve heard that another Disney property will then assume the cost of the meet in the future, so it doesn’t count against the entertainment budget.  They are looking at constructing another area and possibly even moving to a full-day schedule to accommodate more fans and sell more merch :)   Rumors of the potential new location have been pointing toward the Magic Kingdom’s vacant side of Town Square Theater that the Princesses used to fill.  If they were to stay in Norway, it would require refitting the theater with a meet and greet in the rear area.  The small room they currently use just isn’t very viable for a meet and greet, especially a constant flow one.  Disney looked at the Stave Church, before deciding on the current location and didn’t see that as a quality option.

Have you met Anna and Elsa?  How long would you wait?


  1. We were just there last Monday 2/17. When we walked up at 9:30 AM (the greet didn’t start until 11) the wait was already at 4 hours. Later on (around 3 pm) we walked back by and it was 2 1/2 hours so we jumped in line. The wait had peaked at 6 hours earlier in the day. The characters took frequent 20 min breaks. It was pretty nutty but we accomplished our goal of seeing Elsa and Anna!!

  2. 4 hour wait minimum this week. We waited for an hour and gave up. The line barely moved. I went around and peeked in from the gift shop….People in these lines make me crazy. They get to the Characters and despite being in line for 4 hours — they somehow are NOT READY. Not to mention the GROWN MEN wanting photos with these characters. I get maybe a Mickey Mouse photo or Minnie….but Elsa and Anna? That is just creepy to me..

    • Why do you find it creepy that an adult male would meet them? I met them by myself when they first appeared. Because my kids are in school when I often visit parks, I often meet characters alone. Why would Anna and Elsa be any different than Mickey and Minnie?

  3. We were there both Jan 30th and Feb 3rd. On the 30th we walked past Norway around 11 AM and again 7:00 PM. I asked how long the wait was and was told 3.5 hours at 11 AM and 1.5 hours at 7:00 PM. We didn’t have time to visit them on the 30th. Went back on the 3rd and didn’t bother checking in the AM. Checked the line around 3 PM and it was 1.5 hours. Decided to go see Mulan and went back around 4. CM still said 1.5 hours. We were in with the princesses by 5. The highlight of my 4 year old’s trip. Definitely recommend the afternoon.

  4. We just got back from Disney. We were at Epcot on Tuesday. I got in line at 11:40and we saw them at 3:30. It was crazy. But I knew going there that was I going to have to stand for a long time. I just couldn’t in my right mind leave Disney without my girls seeing them.

  5. Ok, so now I am officially anxious about this meet and greet. We are coming this Saturday, Feb 1st. We planned to start at the magic kingdom, because you have to your kids first time, right? Around 12pm head over to epcot and stick my husband in line with a cold beverage(s) :). We have Akershus reservations at 6:25pm. So, if we are in line by 1:30pm at the latest is there a chance of my daughter meeting them before dinner or do I need to replan our day?

    • Feeling the exact same way about our upcoming trip- Disney shouldn’t be this stressful!! Why do they always ensure everything popular is short in supply!
      I’m reworking our trip for fear that if we’re not in Epcot by opening we won’t have a shot. And for a novice like me, I’m afraid I’m going to miss out anyway since I’m up against the regulars/pros…

  6. Just went to WDW the 15th-19th. The first evening the lines were closed. The next morning we arrived at 10am and told we’d be in the 2pm line (too cold to wait). Next morning (Friday) got to Epcot at opening and ran to Norway. Got there by 9:10am and was 6th in line. Within 15 minutes at least 15 people were behind me all to wait until 11am. By 1030am they were filling the 3pm lines! I talked a couple people out of leaving the 12noon line just because of the wait.
    The wait was okay for just the 2 hours plus we were there. I have a 5 year old (Anna who HAD to meet Anna) and a 1 year old (she loved the characters but not waiting) . I traded off with my mom and looking at the little but of Frozen merchandise left (very little, although my 5 year old got the Anna costume) .
    My girls absolutly loved it so it was definitely worth it. They were patient with my 1 year old and chatted with my Anna about her name.

  7. We went yesterday and I agree that to limit your wait to get there as soon as possible. They people were getting in line for the 6pm around 1:30. We did it a few weeks ago and it was about 2hrs. Well worth it. It was my 4 year old and I. I gave her the ipad for netflix and it was not that bad..

  8. Do you think they may consider working Anna & Elsa into the Princess Dining experience at Norway? I think that would be a perfect fit. We are currently discussing of planning a trip for October. My girls would be crushed not meeting their two new, favorite princesses.

  9. I saw Anna & Elsa yesterday, Wed Jan 15th. I arrived at Epcot for rope drop and all but ran straight to Norway. I was about the 18th physical person in line, but each of those people in front of me was place holding for a larger party (the woman two in front of me was holding a spot for a party of 12). So the cut off for the first meet of the day (11am) was done about five families behind me–and that was shortly after 9am. All told I waited about 2 and a half hours to see the characters. (Our photopass time stamp was 11:27) I didn’t find it bad at all, even with it just being me alone with a busy 2 year old. I made friends in line and chatted with the cast members.

    I saw the girls back before the movie came out, in mid-November, and had to wait about 45 minutes then. My 2 year old LOVES Elsa, and loved her before she saw the movie or knew who she was, so I had to go back yesterday and allow my little one to see Elsa again, this time while wearing her own Elsa dress. Both Anna and Elsa are WONDERFUL, and were so sweet and playful with my daughter. They even gave lots of warm hugs to her plush Olaf and we got adorable pictures and a very decent amount of ‘face-to-face’ time. It was great that this time they had a photopass photographer, back in November there wasn’t one.

    By the time I left Norway, I overheard that the 3:00 line was already formed (and this was around 11:30–and a pretty slow day at Epcot. :/ )

  10. We were in town for marathon weekend. We decided Friday (after the 10K) was our best chance to get to EPCOT and meet the girls. Made breakfast reservations for 945. We got there around 930 and were the 3rd family in line for the 12 set. While the kids and grandparents ate breakfast and visited Mulan we waited. The staff was very friendly and chatting with those in line. While we waited we were told that Elsa would not be there, but they took our phone number and would call us if she arrived. By the time we got through the line, they knew Elsa was coming and we scheduled a time to come back. Anna was so sweet and amazing. My kids (2 G&5 B) had a wonderful time talking to her about the movie and her friend Olaf. We scheduled a return for 7pm that evening after our dinner at Chef Mickey’s. We were about 20 minutes late, and the staff couldn’t have been nicer. We went in the back way (through the shop where you exit) and were the next family in line. Elsa’s dress was incredible. Even though my daughter is obsessed, she was a little nervous to meet. Elsa walked right over, crouched down and spent 5 minutes playing with her and looking over her book before joining my son and Anna. What a pro. The photo pass photographer and handler just marveled at how amazing she is. I’m so happy we went back, and so happy we waited in line. What a great character meet.
    While waiting at 7, I asked how long those people had been in line and they told me two hours. One of the workers said regardless of when you come plan on two hours. So worth it!

  11. My children are obsessed with Frozen. My son had me make a Kristoff costume for the trip and my daughter wears her Elsa or Anna costumes at all times. In their eyes we are going to Disney World to meet them and that is all they care about. We arrive on Feb. 9th. Any word on a new location? I can’t bare to break the news to them.

  12. We were able to meet her on January 2. We had reservations at Akerhus at 10:45, and when we arrived there at 10:30 we were told that there was a 3-4 hour wait for Anna and Elsa. We decided to go do other things and that we would come back another day and get in line at rope drop. After dinner, at around 6:30 that night, we were walking by the Norway pavilion and we were able to get in line right before they cut if off for the night. We finished the meet right around 8:30. Our experience may be different than others because it did rain that day and we heard that some people didn’t want to wait in line since it’s all outdoors and isn’t covered. But it doesn’t hurt to check the line towards the end of the afternoon if you can’t get there early.

  13. So from your answers, am I understanding right that you believe that these girls will be a permanent fixture? Our next trip isn’t until 2015, and I am so hoping that they will still be here! Or do you think that they will only be available in during the winter months like periwinkle since they are a winter movie?

    • Nothing is permanent in Walt Disney World, but they will become more long-term. There’s no plan for them to be Winter only. I couldn’t tell you what characters would be around in 2015, so just keep checking back or sign up for the email alerts!

  14. Went mid December & my husband waited in the line for 2 hr 10 min. I took our daughter to meet Mulan, Snow White, & we waved to Aladdin & Jasmine before heading back to wait the last 30 min in line. Making early reservations at Akershus is not a bad idea to get in line earlier…. I hadn’t thought of that one. Btw it is impossible to find a good Elsa costume anywhere. Disney is totally sold out.

      • You would think but nope. All I can find are cheap versions without the cape. Huge difference in quality between the Disney store dress & the $20 Target version when it comes to Elsa’s costume (& the little princesses notice these things). Btw someone mentioned Periwinkle- is she greeting at MK with Tink now? We are due for a MK visit in the next month. Last saw Tink at MNSSHP when Terrence was there with her. Would love to meet Peri.

    • Erin, I got my daughter’s Elsa dress at JC Penny for around $30 with a coupon. I personally think it is beautiful and it does have the train. She is 5 and loves her Elsa dress. Wants to wear it more than her Anna dress. I hear you on the $20 Target dress and I personally felt the one at JCP was much better and happily paid an extra $10 for it.

      • My daughter really wanted the Elsa costume from WDW but of course it had sold out, as had our Disney Stores when we returned (no way to ebay prices). I will say my Disney Store is awesome. They told me to call and they will hold 24 hours if they have one available. They had just gotten a shipment so the cashier told me to call that night. Got her the Disney Store version with a coupon the next day. So I would call
        the store and ask when they are getting them again. WDW told me March is when they expect theres.

  15. We are headed to Epcot to meet Anna & Elsa at the end of the month. My husband has the task of getting in line while I take the kids to other attractions. We will be there at rope drop, and he doesn’t want to mess this up. :) Does the line start at their actual meet and greet location or outside of World Showcase? Will there be a clear indication of where to line up for the meet and greet or a cast member marking it? Thanks for your help!

  16. How/where do you get in line before the showcase opens at 11? We are hoping to meet Anna and Elsa tomorrow and praying for a less than two hour wait!

  17. Jan 7…on a Tuesday..Epcot crowds were very light compared to the previous 2 weeks!). We were in the line at 10:05 am, We were told by the attendant that we’d make the 11:00 set (1st set). Wrong. We were in the 12:00 set, and we were the very last ones! That guy really was WAY off! basically 3 hours all told. (Freezing temps just added to the “bonding” time).
    But we can now scratch them off our character bucket list. ;)

  18. Any word yet on a location for Anna and Elsa in February? We are of course coming to Epcot one day late, February 1st, and my 4 year old was devistated when I said they might not be there.

  19. I’m going to be eating dinner at Akershus at 5:30 PM in a couple of days. As far as you know, do the crowds kind of give up and thin out later so that I might claim a spot in the last meeting group? Or is that pretty much a “shrug” question?

  20. I am going in October 2014, hopefully they will still be available for meet and greet!! I will be watching closely for locations. My daughter LOVES this movie!

  21. What time does the Anna/Elsa meet and greet end each day? We are going Jan. 18 and have dinner reservations at Garden Grill and were hoping to see them before that, but if such a long line, could we see them after? Thoughts?

  22. We were there in the beginning of Dec (9th- 16th) and the day we went to see them I had someone in our party line up at 9:20 he was the 4th in line and we met up with him at about 10:30 and they had already cut off the 11:00 line. If you want to see them I would recommend getting their early and just waiting, it worked for us.

  23. We do not go until the end of March and meeting Anna and Elsa are high on our list. Please keep updating the meet and greet info as it comes in. I will be checking back!

  24. We were there Christmas Eve and got in line right about 9:15 for an 11AM opening. We had just had breakfast at Akershus so we were in the park early. My husband and I took turns in line (surrounded by others doing just that)..he even went on Maelstorm and my daughter was in the store most of the time – she read one of the many Frozen books and than colored a Duffy the Bear in the Kidcot section. We pulled her back in line for last 30 and she was so excited. When we went in a sweet meet & greet no rushing and they were lining up for the 1PM meet ups…so about 2 hours for us. They also were telling people in the line for 1PM that it may only be one of the sisters and we heard another day that happened without being told? Tons of girls were dressed as both sisters while we were there

  25. Met them the first weekend of December. Waited just over two hours, but it wasn’t bad. I waited myself and DW brought the kids back 30 minutes prior in case we got bumped from the 1pm M&G into the 12:00 noon M&G. We didn’t get bumped.

  26. My daughter asked if we could go do WDW specifically to meet Anna and Elsa. We don’t have a trip planned, but if we did we would certainly be braving the lines for them!

  27. My husband waited in line from 11:30-12:50 so our 7 yr old twins could meet Anna and Elsa on Dec 1st. The princesses were terrific and my husband walked away a huge winner in our kids’ eyes :)

  28. We arrived at 1015 today. The 11am and 12 noon sets were already full asks they were looking people up for the 1pm set. We decided to come back later in the week and hanged someone get in line at park opening at 9 at the cast member suggestion. Crazy.

  29. I have seen the photos and been reading about the parks closing due to crowds, I can’t imagine the wait times right now! Monday after Thanksgiving wasn’t bad at all!!! Hope they give them a permanent home!

  30. Do you think there’s any chance they will be there between February 2-8? That’s when we’ll be there and my girls REALLY want to meet them!!

  31. We were there on Sat. Dec. 14. We got in line at about 5pm. I was told the wait was about 2 hours. I waited for about 5 minutes before I bailed. I just couldn’t do it.

    • Tracey, I was in that exact line! Both of my girls were asleep in the stroller, so we figured, why not be standing in a line? It ended up being close to 2 hours total. We also got rained on!

  32. We followed your original advice and got in line a little before 10am Dec 5. Ended up about 12th in line and meeting sometime before 11:30. 2 hours is my max. Glad we met them when we did.

  33. We were there in November. We waited 25-30 minutes. We lined up after lunch at Akershus. It was about 1:40pm. We were 3rd in line and they came out at 1:55pm. We were done by 2:05pm. We would never line up for hours to meet anyone! The longest we have ever waited was 55 mins to meet the Dwarves at both Christmas and Halloween Parties. We also lined up 45 mins once to get 6 Princesses on the Disney Dream. We got Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, Aurora, Tiana and Ariel.

  34. Hey @KTP – we waited 40 minutes on Nov 17. We totally got lucky though, we had breakfast at Akershus & noticed the line. We were one of the last people to get in for the first set. I wouldn’t wait more than 40 mins.

  35. I hope their extension lasts past the end of January. We don’t arrive until Feb 1st. You mention that on Tuesdays they meet as early as 9am. Is this due to morning EMH? I ask because for some odd reason, Tuesday Feb 4th does not list morning EMH for Epcot. We will go at rope drop and just enjoy the scenery I guess until we meet them at 11am? ;)

  36. We’ll be meeting them on Saturday! We moved our trip a day earlier due to the Jan. 4 ending date, but an extra Disney day is nothing to complain about! :) With the extension, we may be able to come back later in the week when the crowds (hopefully) go down.

  37. We will be there one week from tomorrow. Any tips on avoiding long long Waite because this is a must do for us probably multiple times. My daughter will be taking both dresses! I did make an ADR the day of check out which is a Tuesday for 8am at akershus. Any help would be great.

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