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RUMOR: Doc McStuffins to begin appearing in “early 2014”

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As far as I’m aware, Drew81 broke the news last week on a web forum that Doc McStuffins will be coming to Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios in early 2014.  He didn’t provide an actual date and the thread failed to mention that Doc McStuffins will be an exclusive character for Hollywood and Vine character breakfast and lunch.  She will take the place of one of the other characters in the rotation, likely Agent OSO (sorry) or June.  I’ll let you know when I hear the proposed date that she will begin and other details.  I wouldn’t want anyone to book an expensive meal just with the hope that she might appear.  Of course, you could always cancel by midnight the night before your reservation with no penalty.

I’ve also heard that we should expect Doc to appear in the Walt Disney World Christmas parade, the segment is supposed to be filmed this Saturday.

Doc McStuffins as she appeared for her mobile tour.
Doc McStuffins as she appeared for her mobile tour.
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  1. So glad I read this! You are always super helpful! My DD (and our entire family as I am a family doc) are huge fans of Doc McStuffins! I think I will book an ADR at H&V in case this does end up happening for our June 2014 trip! I can always cancel if it doesn’t happen. Thanks for the info!!!

  2. Sophia will not as I have heard her dress is too big to accomidate a character meal. Sophia does meet outside Disney Jr Live on Stage each day though.

  3. Yay, thanks Kenny – you always have the best info and have helped in planning our last two trips (and next years trip…lol). I have learned so much character info from you. Hopefully Doc and Sofia will join Jake and OSO at Hollywood & Vine (fingers crossed!)

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