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Walt Disney World to test NO HOTEL KEY stays at Pop Century Resort as a part of Fastpass+ rollout

Will this change in Fastpass+ increase line jumping?
WDW – MagicBand-Only Testing Begins at Disney’s Pop Century Resort

As part of our test-and-adjust process for MyMagic+, Guests arriving at Disney’s Pop Century Resort beginning November 14 will be issued only a MagicBand for use throughout their stay at the Walt Disney World Resort.

  • Guests will continue to engage in MyMagic+ testing in the same way that all other resort Guests do.
  • Upon check in, Guests will receive their MagicBands if they did not receive them at home after customizing them in advance using My Disney Experience.
  • Front Desk Cast Members can provide an RF-enabled Key to the World card if a Guest requests it instead of a MagicBand. The RF-enabled Key to the World card functions the same way a MagicBand does at touch points. Guests with RF-enabled Key to the World cards will touch to enter their resort room and theme parks and water parks (with valid theme park admission), touch to pay (optional) and touch to redeem FastPass+ selections

Reactive Guest FAQs:

Why am I only getting a MagicBand and not a Key to the World card? 
As part of our test-and-adjust process with MyMagic+, we are conducting a test where Guests staying at Disney’s Pop Century Resort will be issued only a MagicBand for use throughout their stay.

If I am issued a Key to the World card can I still get FASTPASS tickets when I’m in the park in addition to the FastPass+ selections I make on My Disney Experience? 
No. Because the mag stripes are not active on Key to the World cards issued to Guests participating in this test., they will not work in FASTPASS machines. By staying at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel, you have the benefit of reserving
access to some of your favorite attractions ahead of time with Disney FastPass+ service.

Can I make FastPass+ selections for more than one park on the same day? 
You can make FastPass+ selections for only one park per day for each day of valid theme park admission.

KtP NOTE – Now the cries of “This stinks!” will begin, but it’s all part of the process of pushing people over to the Fastpass+ system and weaning them off the Paper Fastpass system that will be removed in 2014.
This information was found on the disboards thread located here.  It appears that it came directly from the internal Cast Member site known as “The Hub.”

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  1. Hi Kenny! Thanks for all the great info! You said that if I have a paper ticket I can still use FP, got that. Just wanting clarification. I bought ours from AAA and have the paper (card) tickets. We have RO at POR for two nights – tickets are for 8 days (staying off site remainder of trip). So I have made FP+ selections already for all 8 days and tickets are linked to my band. Can I also pull FP using the paper (card) ticket too? When I enter the park, do I need to use the paper ticket or band? I always thought you had to have your ticket “activated” at the gate before the FP machines will give you one.

      • If the CM police don’t stop you :) I hear that they’re starting to stop resort guests at the FP machines who have bands on, letting them know they should only be using FP+, not both systems. (I’m at POP but have paper tics with me, so may try it just once, although I risk the WOD (wrath of Disney) :)

  2. As a POP guest in Dec, I’m definitely bummed out at the inequity between all other WDW resorts and ours. If only they had disclosed it ahead of time…no one told me and there was no notice on the site, like there is with All Star Sport’s food court refab or other changes.

    • Unfortunately, they rely on third parties like me to notify people by finding the information. The Pop thing had very little advance notice. I expect other resorts to receive the same treatment soon.

  3. Was just told today by pop century’s back end management team that the magic band only test at pop was a one week thing, and due to the fact that it did not succeed, it will end tomorrow and pop guests will once again be given kttw cards that scan in fp machines. This is for to the overwhelming response that those staying there feel they could have done better staying off site. The feedback overwhelmingly was “take paper fp away from offsite guests before you take it from onsite guests.” I am supposed to call back tomorrow to confirm, but this is the information they have been given. Had it succeeded they had planned to roll it out to all resorts.

    • If the information proves true, it’s nice to see that Disney can change based on feedback. It wasn’t intended to be a one week test. It was designed as the stage one rollout with other resorts to follow after Thanksgiving. I would have been furious to know that offsite guests and other resorts were treated better than I was treated. How is one supposed to feel when they book 6 months out and then find out when they arrive they are on the short end of the stick. Eventually the plan is to remove all the paper machines, but even that may be struck with a great deal of vitriol. They had hundreds of guests requesting transfers to other on site hotels and even had to offer upgrades to get people back in good graces. It’s just my opinion, but I think the paper machines should stay, perhaps remove a few? And then offer FP+ as a bonus to onsite guests and annual passholders. It builds good will and offers a true + to the stay instead of being limited on FP usage.

  4. Has anyone heard of any rumors of when other resorts will follow this test?? (Will be at POP weekend after Thanksgiving, thinking of changing resorts and wanting to see if I would just be wasting my time.)

  5. Not happy about this change but it is what it is. Checking in at POP Nov 23. I have some old room only KTTW cards which as I understand have been working in the FastPass machines. To your knowledge, is this still the case? This is something I never would have considered doing but will now if possible due to this test putting us at a disadvantage to other guests at other hotels.

      • Just returned from Pop Century. My stay was Nov 22-30. Was not offered KTTW card and did not ask for any. Accessed old fastpass system using old, room only, KTTW cards that never had any park media attached. And I mean old: 1 from 2001, 2 from 2004, 1 from 2007, 3 from 2010 and 1 from 2011. All 8 worked everywhere we tried.

  6. Hi….just wanted to find an answer to this ticket issue…..so i have the bands right now and i am familiar with the 3 fastpasses per day per park..but lets say i change mind and get a refund for my park tickets and then go to an online vendor and purchase the paper tickets…..does this mean that then i will be able to use the machines in the parks and get fastpasses like the old days and in multiple parks if im going to be hopping?

  7. I have a RO reservation in dec at Pop followed by a package reservation at pop. I will pick up my package tickets a day early to use. MDE doesn’t let me select fpp options for that day because the package has actually started and now since I won’t be getting a ticket, will I not have any access to fast passes plus or legacy?

  8. I think I’d be changing my hotel reservations, if I had them at POP! Anyway, I wonder when the APs that they issue will no longer work in the FP machines. Our APs expire in January.

  9. So I have 7 day paper tickets through undercover tourist and 1 night at pop. Am I going to be able to still use my paper tickets? I’m linked to mde.

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