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Hollywood Studios special meets may be offered in November

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Updated 11/2/2013

According to a trusted source, Hollywood Studios is experimenting with the idea of continuing Character Palooza during the month of November on days when there are TWO Fantasmics! scheduled and only when there are two Fantasmics.  The source specifically mentioned November 8th and 9th as already being scheduled for 3:30 PM on Streets of America.

This is a possible schedule that MIGHT occur in November.  Character Palooza is an unannounced meet and could be canceled for a number of reasons including inclement weather.  Don’t shoot the messenger, if it doesn’t occur on one or more of these days.

Possible November dates and times for Character Palooza


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  1. I understand this is only a possible schedule, but HS closes at 4 on 11/14. Would there really be one at 3:30? Also, with 2 Fantasmics and EMH, there wouldn’t be one scheduled on 11/11? Thanks Kenny! Love this site!

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