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Pocahontas to receive a new meet and greet area

Pocahontas at Character Palooza in Hollywood Studios
Pocahontas at Charater Palooza 2013
Make Pocahontas your Facebook header
Make Pocahontas your Facebook header

It appears from this document filed with the Orange County Comptroller’s office that Walt Disney World may be planning to relocate Pocahontas to a more permanent location.

Pocahontas November 2010 Rafiki's Planet Watch
Pocahontas November 2010 Rafiki’s Planet Watch
Pocahontas AK 2012 Camp Minnie Mickey
Pocahontas Animal Kingdom 2013 Camp Minnie Mickey

The address seems to point to a location in the Conservation Station.  Rafiki meets there and Pocahontas used to meet there, but she was also available in Camp Minnie Mickey.   She currently meets in one of the kiosks in Camp Minnie Mickey only.  Because they are constructing a meet area somewhere in Animal Kingdom, they may add Fastpass+ to the mix.  Animal Kingdom has very few decent Fastpass+ options.  Mickey & Minnie received FP+ with the opening of their new area a few months back.

After the construction is completed for the new Lion King Theater in Africa, Baloo & Louie, Chip n Dale and Donald will need to relocate as well.  This is so Disney can clear Camp Minnie Mickey and finally begin construction work on the Land of Avatar.


If they move Pocahontas back to the Conservation Station / Rafiki’s Planet Watch area, would you make that a regular part of your touring strategy?


  1. This is the one princess my daughter is dying to see and we missed her last time. We will be in AK Monday 21st. Will she be at amp Minnie/Mickey or the station. My daughter is already asking. Thanks, Kenny

  2. I think we would still do it. My daughter likes Pocahontas and my son seemed to like seeing Rafiki do the ” Lion King ” with his stuffed Simba. Plus, everyone in our family loves trains.

  3. We met her, Rafiki and Jiminy Cricket there in 2006. Have skipped Planet Watch since she moved. We will go back again to see Pocahontas. That may be Disney’s plan, to draw more people back to that area.

  4. Yes, I would totally make a visit to see Pocahontas a part of my AK visits, especially if she had an indoor meeting area at the Conservation Station and if she allowed for a FastPass+. The only time I ever met her at the WDW resort area was when she was at the Conservation Station back in 2011. This year, I missed out on meeting her due to the rain!

  5. Yes, I had forgotten she had moved. We met Rafiki at Conservation Station, but did not have time to get back to Camp Minnie Mickey. I wonder how long it will be. We are returning in Jan. and I’ll need to check on which place has her then.

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