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Long-lost Friends Limited Time Magic 2.0. Most aren’t very long-lost at all!!!

Oops, you are offering the same characters twice?
Oops, you are offering the same characters twice?

The Disney Parks blog just posted the voting list for Long-lost Friends 2.0 and it is a pretty bad list of characters in my opinion.  They’ve combined characters that can be found daily/often with some that appeared in February and a few that are actually rare, and they misspelled Flik.  (It was mentioned to me that Horsecollar and Liverlips were also misspelled :)  They could have offered the Hercules group, the Hunchback group, the Jungle Book group, Darkwing and Launchpad, Dumbo, Meet the Robinsons, Snow White’s Witch, Lampwick and so many more!  They could just march out all the Pixar characters who no longer even march in the parade.  We know there are great characters available for meets because the “Disney Dreamers Everywhere” group paid the cost to meet them recently.   C’mon guys, I praised the LLF the first time around, but this is a poor list!

  • Clarabelle Cow and Horace Horse Collar (Can be found daily at Frontierland Hoedown)
  • Robin Hood, Friar Tuck, Sheriff of Nottingham and Prince John (Met them at LLF 1.0)
  • Fifer Pig, Fiddler Pig, Practical Pig and Big Bad Wolf (Met them at LLF 1.0)
  • Clarice, Chip and Dale (Clarice is only rare one, but they would probably be in Rescue Rangers outifts)
  • Wendell, Liver Lips, Shaker and Big Al  (Big AL and Wendell can be found daily at Frontierland Hoedown, Liverlips and Shaker sometimes offer training meets at Epcot)
  • Chicken Little and Abby Mallard  (Haven’t been out for many years)
  • Brer Bear, Brer Fox and Brer Rabbit  (Can be found daily at Frontierland Hoedown)
  • Flick and Princess Atta  (FLIK isn’t long-lost, but Atta hasn’t been at WDW for a while)
  • June and Leo from Little Einsteins  (June is at Hollywood and Vine everyday and both appear for Disney Jr. Dance Party)
  • Tweedle Dum, Tweedle Dee and Queen of Hearts  (Often appear at Character Palooza)
  • Louis the Alligator and Dr. Facilier (Face) (Louis is rare, Dr Facilier is at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party)
  • Penguins from Mary Poppins (Not very rare when they show up often in Magic Kingdom, Epcot Training meets and Character Palooza.  I even met them at Star Wars Weekends)
  • Suzy and Perla  (Rare, but I did see them at a random meet for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.)
Here’s the only character I’ve never met from their list:  Louis the Alligator.  I met Shaker at the Christmas Party years ago, but only have bad photos from the meet.
There’s no limit on voting.  Go here to vote and post your comments, but my comment was deleted almost immediately as they moderate the comments on the page regularly.  Made me want to post my comments on my own blog instead:  http://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2013/06/vote-decide-which-long-lost-disney-friends-visit-walt-disney-world-resort-for-limited-time-magic/#comment-87582    Voting period is closed!
Which characters would you WANT to see?


  1. Thanks kenny for coming through once again!!! Without u DisneyWorld character help isnt mich at all.Like when i go to the parks and ask a character cast member if theres gonna be any rare characters out today,they say yes over in tomorrowland we have buzz lightyear,and in toon town u can see mickey..lol they dont realize this isnt my first rodeo!

  2. Well tomorrow is friday it looks like if theres gonna be a long lost friends monday disney management will have to post it tomorrow sometime tomorrrow..Its crazy that drew81 had that forum he said with the LLF on the 15th is deleted for some reason.Hopefully its not a bad reason?

    • That thread you are referring to is still there. It’s linked to in a post here. LTM, when it’s offered, is announced on Fridays, usually by noon. I’ll post it here when it gets released. If LTM is announced, it is announced on Friday right before it begins the following Monday.

  3. I’m disappointed with how this is being handled, mainly because there’s no ability to plan a trip. The whole Limited Time Magic theme is a big dud. We’d go just for the characters, but living in PA means we can’t just book a trip on a moments notice. And who am I kidding- I wanna meet Dumbo as I’ve met most characters over the years. Do appreciate the info you list here!!

  4. I just am surprised that disney management hasnt even confirmed yet for LLF and today is july 9th..crazy if its on monday the 15th thats not even giving anyone a chance that doesnt live in florida with that incrediable short notice.Thats really wrong because im thinking about driving down from jersey and they make everything difficult.I can hope the 15th is right.

    • They always announce Limited Time Magic on the Friday right before the event begins on Monday. Silly in my opinion. If they actually planned this stuff in advance, they could have released the dates months in advance.

  5. Hi kenny wow pretty exciting news about the 15th.Im driving my family down from new jersey wednesday and i hear from a good source drew81 that rumor characters are robin hood unit,the brers,louis and faciller, and chicken little and abby !!! I hope its true because its a long drive.

  6. Kinda hoping it’s later!! We’ll be there July 29-August 5th and I would be BEYOND thrilled to see some rare characters!! Louis would be awesome!!

  7. Just checked out the mouse wait site. The rumor about August 18th is referring to long lost friends returning to Disneyland that week, not Disney World. Just wish they would hurry up and announce the date for Disney World so I can figure out if I will be able to go or not.

  8. Dont know if its true or a rumor but i was reading on a site called mouse wait and there saying that they hear that lost friends week will start on august 18th.That date falls on a sunday if its true im not definate.Did anyone hear anything about that?

  9. Your right but disneyland isnt much of a park.Its way too small and disneyworld has much more to do.Even though walt did have ideas of disneyworld before he died..I think his nephew roy disney did an awesome job.

  10. Its crazy because it suppost to be a rarer older character and they actually are considering putting easy characters that are easy to find everyday.Chip and dale,leo and june,flik,The penguins with no bert lol who runs these events.Last time they brought out pinnocio,gepetto,and jiminy.The fans saw them enough you would thk stromboli would be in the group..Where was lil john from robin hood.I cant believe that disneyland actually is going to have a better lost friends week than the original first disney park ever created Walt Disney World!!

  11. Huey, Dewey, and Louie? HELLO?!? What about a Monsters Inc. group with Boo, Needleman, etc? And shame on not including Kuzco and Kronk!!! This is a poor list at best.

  12. Here is probally the list Robin Hood unit , three little pigs , the country bears , chicken little , and either the penguins or faciler and Louis

  13. Kenny, I hope that the Robin Hood characters come back again. Friar Tuck, Prince John, and Sheriff of Nottingham I have already, but getting Robin Hood would be one of the grand daddies on my character list, and so would the Three Little Pigs, and the Big Bad Wolf. The last rare character I finally got was the Snow White Hag, and I now have all the characters from Snow White: Snow White, the Prince, Evil Queen, all 7 Dwarfs, and the Snow White Hag. The next time they do Long Lost Friends week, they really need to have Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather. They’re characters too, and I never understood why they were never included in the meet and greets.They should also include the Blue Fairy from Pinocchio, and I remember she was in the character parade back in 2005, which was when I started my character hobby. I’m glad you’re here to tell everyone about the characters Kenny. Take care and have a good day. Jason.P.S. Let me know when the next Long Lost Friends week is so I can plan on making the trip.

  14. Please let me know when you find out about lost friends week because i need to drive down from new jersey and let my job know.Will they post the group characters anywhere earlier or just thr last second??Dont know if its worth the vacation with the same easy to find characters like leo,chip and dale,horace,flick..Its sad the only group i thk is rare going for is the pigs and wolf,robin hood or chicken lil

  15. Wow those groups arent that impressive considering half the groups arent rare at all.I agree hunchback characters along with hercules or launchpad and darkwing would be the best group!! Why on july 8th great once again they give no time to book the trip,take off work.They think we all just live in orlando what a joke.They did that the first time also with no notice.Anyone know how long it goes on for,is it a whole week 7 days???

    • Last time it ran from Monday through Sunday for 7 days, but I cannot guarantee the July 8th date, it’s just an estimate. Yes, the “Limited Time Magic” promotion is VERY poorly planned and executed. If the goal was to get people to book vacations, they blew it with only announcing on a Friday before a Monday start. If the goal is to tell those already coming or locals that they get a bonus, they sort of succeeded, but don’t see how that helps the bottom line.

      Next month this blog will cross 2 MILLION views in a year and a half. People LOVE characters and will book vacations just to meet them, especially if they are uncommon characters. Disney could do SOOOO much better!

  16. Yep, this is a pretty sad list. Really hope there aren’t many people voting for the tweedles or penguins.

    Just a few minor corrections to your otherwise great posting:

    June and Leo are not at the emh dance party. Quincy and Annie are the only Einsteins there.

    Brer Fox isn’t at the hoedown, just Bear/Rabbit.

    Suzy and Perla also do training sets at Epcot.

    And from an earlier comment, the bimbettes did make appearances in Paris for their B&B Christmas event a few years back.

    • You’re correct. Last time I went to Disney Jr Dance it was indeed Annie and Quincy. June is just at HV and Leo is really rare.

      Didn’t even notice the absence of Brer Fox until you pointed that out. He wasn’t in any of my recent Frontierland Hoedown photos..

      Don’t really consider any meets overseas as a part of WDW, so didn’t really consider Bimbettes at meetable at WDW.

      I would only vote for Louis, but don’t plan to drive down to meet him this time.

  17. Louis and Dr. Facilier are the only characters on this list I care about. Yawn. I was hoping they would bring Darkwing out since there were actually a lot of people asking for him last time in the Park Blog’s comments.

    I doubt Disney would put Chip and Dale in their Rescue Ranger outfits. Clarice isn’t from that show. (You may have been thinking about Gadget Hackwrench who is a different character.)

  18. At least some are getting something for limited time magic. Nothing was really offered between the end of the week we were there (arrived on a Thursday) and the full week following we were there (left the following Friday).

  19. I know this is for WDW but as frequent DLRP visitors as well this list isn’t very rare at all most of these characters can be seen daily at DLRP every day. I would LOVE to see Huntchback Notre Dame group or Hercules that would be amazing.

  20. What a disappointment. I feel like the Robin Hood Unit and 3 Little Pigs will surely be in the top 5 vote getters, making LLF 2.0 little more than a rehash of LLF 1.0.

    And to add to just how recently some of these characters have been seen, both Flik and Atta appeared (and posed for pictures and signed autographs) at the LTM week long dance party for AK’s 15th Anniversary.

    • I certainly would love Flik and Atta to appear in AK again daily. It is bound to happen. Because Flik and Atta are my favorite characters along with Mickey and Minnie. And “A Bug’s Life” is my favorite Disney (& Pixar) movie. I saw Monsters University just yesterday!

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