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Rumor: Monster’s Inc Monstrous Dance Party

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(Rumors: There is no guarantee that anything will happen at Walt Disney World until it is officially announced or actually happens and is subject to change at any time without notice)

2011 Pixar Weekends - Smitty and Needleman.  I really wish they would offer Pixar Weekends on a regular basis!  It would be great to add them in February to Hollywood Studios.  They could offer all the great characters, movie props, discussions etc...
2011 Pixar Weekends – Smitty and Needleman. I really wish they would offer Pixar Weekends on a regular basis! It would be great to add them in February each year to Hollywood Studios.

While I was at Star Wars Weekend a few weeks back I heard a couple of different versions of a similar rumor that I thought I’d share with you.  It appears that there has been some discussion of presenting the Monsters Inc characters in a new way.  The first rumor I heard pointed to the Monstrous Summer Monster’s Inc Dance Party being presented at Hollywood Studios.  If that is true, they would just make use of the stage that is currently constructed in front of the giant Sorcerer’s Hat.  The story goes that Disney would allow the characters that used to be in the Countdown to Fun parade to come out and offer a dance party with guests in Hollywood Studios.  This does make sense, fits the Monstrous Summer theme and makes use of current characters who aren’t available to be seen currently.

The other version of the rumor that was presented to me on a couple of occasions was that this same Dance Party concept with the Monsters Inc characters may be presented in lieu of the current 626 Dance Party on the Tomorrowland Stage.  I’m not sure if either rumor is correct, but it certainly sounds like an easy “Limited Time Magic” opportunity and guests would love to have some contact with more of the Monsters Inc characters.  The only other interaction guests have had with many of these characters was on Pixar Weekends in 2011.


  1. As this summer is all about promoting Monsters U, I highly doubt they’ll have any of the characters from the original (but later in chronology) movie. Just Mike and Sulley seems most likely.

  2. This is going to sound completely stupid, as the upcoming Monsters U movie is obviously a prequel BUT…do they ever bring Boo back into Meet & Greets? My daughter was the real-life Boo and we’d love it if she could possibly get a photo with her!

    And the Monsters summer of fun is sure to be over by the time Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween happens, isn’t it?

    • Boo has only done meets at the Pixar Weekend in 2011 at Walt Disney World. She used to march in the parade. No way to know who will appear if they do the Dance Party idea. Adam below said it would just be Mike and Sulley, which would be lame IMO. It’s possible that Boo and other Monsters characters could appear around Halloween, maybe even during MNSSHP.

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