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A quick late night trip into the Magic Kingdom

A quick late night trip into the Magic Kingdom

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I arrived at the TTC about 9:40pm to a light rain that quickly became a heavy downpour with high winds. I decided to duck for cover over by the Ferry landing dock. At the precise moment that Wishes began at 10:00pm it totally quit raining. I headed down to the lower Ferry landing and took a few snap shots of the fireworks with the wind blowing them…

DSC01081 DSC01082 DSC01088 DSC01096



After watching Wishes from the TTC, I decided to hop on the monorail and spend a little time in the Magic Kingdom.  The regular close time was 11:00pm with EMH until 1:00am for onsite guests.  I am offsite, so I thought I’d do a few things until 11:00 and then just walk around snapping some pictures.  There was a posted wait of 5 minutes for the Big Cheese, so I dropped in for a quick visit and do some testing with my new app.DSC01115 DSC01116

After meeting Mickey, Celebrate the Magic was showing for the second time on the castle.  I haven’t seen this version, so I stopped to enjoy it.  My favorite scene is when the pirates take over the castle of course!DSC01129 DSC01133

I liked the way this photo with Merida turned out.DSC01135 DSC01142

I thought this was an interesting photo of Walt on the castle with the partners statue in silhouette.DSC01147 DSC01148 DSC01151 DSC01152

After watching the show I decided to take a ride on the world famous Jungle Cruise.  I was hoping the “Cruise director” might go off script some, but she didn’t.  She really had poor comedic timing and blew a few jokes with messed up punch lines too.  Oh well, I’m in the Magic Kingdom!DSC01167 DSC01168 DSC01169

After completing the 8 minute tour of the world’s rivers, I chose to make Pirates of the Caribbean my last ride of the night before they began Extra Magic Hours.DSC01174 DSC01179 DSC01188 DSC01190 DSC01193 DSC01198 DSC01204 DSC01210

Speaking of Extra Magic Hours, I heard an interesting rumor last night.  The CM I spoke with said that once the MyMagic+ stuff is completely integrated, they will cease to offer Extra Magic Hours.  The CM said that there will be no way to tell the difference between day guests and resort guests since most people will be wearing the new wristbands.  I guess we’ll see how it all pans out in the next year.DSC01216 DSC01217 DSC01222 DSC01223 DSC01225

I thought this photo was interesting because it was actually taken in pitch black darkness and looks like it was in the late evening around sunset.  At this point my camera battery died.  I walked around a bit and then headed for my resort.  Needed some sleep before heading back to Magic Kingdom this morning.


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Monday 15th of April 2013

On the topic of EHM: What about the keys to the room? Unless your band is also your key to the room?


Monday 15th of April 2013

When the system is completed it will offer bands instead of keys. The bands will have all kinds of variety of color choices and styles. They would have to return to offering paper arm bands to offer EMH after the change over is completed. There won't be Key to the World once it's all done. It's more like Band to the World. We'll see if they keep it, but that CM wasn't just a bus driver or guy selling ice cream bars ;)

On Mon, Apr 15, 2013 at 9:22 AM, Kennythepirate's Disney Character

Kyle Wilson

Monday 15th of April 2013

I thought they had announced that off site guests would have grey bands and on site guests would have colors. I'd think that the new system would make telling the difference easier for them and not harder.


Monday 15th of April 2013

What??? No EMH??? Off with their heads!


Monday 15th of April 2013

Surely it wouldn't be that big of a deal to continue to have a card or something to indicate a resort guest. EMH is the biggest draw for me to stay onsite. Take those away, I'll find somewhere cheaper to stay.

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